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This work is based on her dissertation research, done with the aid of Fulbright and Irex fellowships in the Polish and Czech republics. Herman Kopecek, "Zusammenarbeit and Spoluprace: Sudeten German-Czech cooperation in Interwar Czechoslovakia," in: Wingfield, March , pp. Such cooperation was rare before and rarer still after ,during the undermining of the Czechoslovak state by the Nazi Sudeten German Party led by Konrad Henlein, financed from Berlin.

Luza, see Mamatey and Luza book on the Czechoslovak Republic, above. Wiskemann was a British journalist and scholar; she originally wrote the book for the Royal Institute of International Affairs and it is still a valuable study. Sugar et al, eds. Hoensch, A History of Modern Hungary. This edition covers the post-communist period to mid There is a useful chronology of Hungarian history through July , and a bibliography listing works, most in German. Very good on intellectual history by a Hungarian. A History of Modern Hungary , 2 vols. On Hungarian statesmen of the interwar period , see: Batkay, Authoritarian Politics in a Transitional State: Thomas Lorman, Hungary, The author was then asst.

Press release on book. Ignac Romsics, Istvan Bethlen. Monographs, New York, His own story, written in old age and in exile. His remains were reburied in his native Hungary in the s. Sakmyster, Hungary's Admiral on Horseback: Sakmyster was then professor of history at the University of Cincinnati. This is a balanced study of a controversial statesman.

On Deak, see below. Both he and Horthy refused to cooperate with Germany in its attack on Poland and gave about , Polish troops asylum in Hungary, whence many proceeded to join the Polish Army in France.

Teleki planned to leave Hungary and, with Horthy, to set up a Hungarian govrnment in exile in the U. His reputation is blemished by anti-Jewish laws passed when he was premier in and This information is based on the Teleki biography in Wikipedia. Lorant Tilkovszky, Pal Teleki On Hungarian interwar politics , see: Istvan Deak, "Hungary," in: Hans Rogger and Eugene Weber, eds. Hungary, , is the pre-minent American historian of Hungar, prof.

Columbia University, New York, N. Lorand Dombrady, Army and Politics in Hungary, , ed. See Paul Dunay, Slavic Review, v. Janos Pelle, Sowing the Seeds of Hatred: Swanson, The Remnants of the Habsburg Monarchy: On Hungarian interwar communism , see relevant chapters in: Hungary, , , university studies Toronto and London; was then professor Political Science,.

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On Hungarian interwar fascism , see: George Barany, , b. Hungary, was an American historian of Hungarian origin, author of the classic biography of 19th c. Hungarian statesman Istvan Szechenyi,. Hungary, , studied in Austria and U. S, taught at California State University, Chico, CA; this is an excellent study of the fascist movements in these two countries.

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On Hungarian interwar foreign policy , see: By a Hungarian specialist. Kertesz, Political Scientist, b. Hungary, , educated in Hungary, France, U. He was in Hung. S; taught at University of Notre Dame. This is an old but still useful study. By the prominent British historian of Hungary who agreed with the Hungarian point of view: John Flournoy Montgomery, Hungary: Sakmyster paints a rather negative picture of Hung.

Continuation of the work listed above. Policy and Legislation, , Ramat-Gan, Israel, Ivan Berend and Gyorgy. By two historians of Hungarian origin. Hungary, , studied in Hungary and U. This is a readable and well documented study. On Hungarian historiography , see: An excellent, succinct history focusing on the 20th c. II, New York, , , ch. Davies, a Welshman b. Leslie, The History of Poland since , ch.

Polish Political Thought, , Lublin, Dabrowski in Slavic Review , vol. Schmidt, , was an eminent American historian of international relations. At the time of publication, he was teaching at the University of Chicago.

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The book has valuable short studies of various aspects of interwar Poland by contemporary specialists. Marci Shore, Caviar and Ashes: A beautifully written account of Polish intellectuals, writers and artists, most of them of Jewish origin, who were enamored of Marxism until they met with the real thing in Soviet form.. The story ends in when the communist Polish United Workers' Party waged an anti-Semitic campaign that led to the exodus of thousands of educated Poles of Jewish origin or descent. Stanislaw Stronski, , was a prominent National Democratic politician, opponent of J.

Pilsudski and the post Polish governments. He was a close adviser of General W. Sikorski, head of the Polish government-in-exile, Sept. Grabski was a deputy Premier, , and Minister of Information, These are his views of the two constitutions. For views of interwar Poland from the perspective of , see papers in: The book contains papers by Polish and American scholars.

Antony Polonsky, Politics in Independent Poland, The Crisis of Constitutional Government , Oxford, Balanced, detailed study by a formerly British, now American historian of Polish Jewry and modern Poland;, although not an authority on foreign policy. Holocaust Museum; the author of a History of the Jews in Poland vols 1, 2, published in ; v.

Wynot, Polish Politics in Transition. He shows the rejection of Fascism by most followers of Pilsudski; see: Cienciala review in Reviews in European History , vol. The Eastern Orthodox Church in Poland in the twentieth century Poland and Its Fate, , New York, This is a well written book very sympathetic to interwar Poland, but with the stereotype, negative view of Polish foreign policy in the s.

His other books are: Dare Call it Treason , and Kings Depart , A good, short biography. Harley was an English journalist who worked in the U. Conrad Wrzos was a well known Polish journalist of the time; Edward Raczynski, , was Polish ambassador in London, , also acting Foreign Minister in the Polish government-in-exile, London, 43, and President of the Polish emigre government, London, The book was withdrawn from circulation after the establisment of a new Polish government in France on 30 September Raczynski is the author of memoirs, translated into English, on his work for the Polish government in wartime Britain.

He was a great Polish diplomat and statesman. Fountain's biography up to and works on National Democratic movement Poland, Anita Prazmowska, Ignacy Paderewski: Makers of the Modern World, London, Haus, The inset on Danzig and thePolish Corridor incorrectly states that the Corridor had a German majority in ; according to the Prussian Census of , Germans were Amusing and informative essay on Paderewski's piano playing, the pianos he used on his concert tours of the U.

Adam Zamoyski, P aderewski. New York, , studied in UK, lives in London. He is the author of several books on Polish history. Deals with the period Nov. Poland, - d. Poland, , was at this time a professor of history at the University of Warsaw. This is the translation of an abridged version of his generally negative biography of Pilsudski. Przemyslaw Hauser, a specialist on interwar Polish-German relations, was then a professor of history at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. A Life for Poland , New York, Waclaw Jedrzejewicz, , was a Pilsudski legionnaire in , fought in the Polish-Soviet War of , and held various posts in the interwar Polish army, diplomatic and government services.

A Biography by his Wife , New York, Aleksandra Pilsudska, , nee Szczerbinska, was the 2nd wife of Pilsudski. The book gives her view of Pilsudski, but is also important for the author's own biographical information and see memoirs below.. She worked in the socialist underground for Polish independence before , and that is how she met her future husband.

She was also a member of the Polish Military Organization P. She escaped from Poland with their two daughters in September and settled in the U. She died in London; for her memoirs, see below. Reddaway, , was a British historian of Modern Europe; the book, while partly outdated by more recent research, is still useful. This is a good study, first published in On Dziewanowski, see section iv above. Simoncini is a historian of the Polish Communist Party. This is a bibliography of Polish language works by Polish Communists divided into types of publications, regional, organizational, trial, prison, publications, and works by revolutionaries.

An Historical Outline , Revised ed. Weydenthal, a political scientist b. Henryk Wereszycki and Piotr S. Wereszycki, , an eminent Polish historian, fought in the Pilsudski Legions and the Polish- Soviet War, also in the Polish-German War , after which he was a prisoner in Germany. He was a specialist in 19th c. It was judged as contrary to the communist party line, so could not be published until after the "Polish October" of Poland, , is a respected economic historian; J.

Poland, , has published widely on various historical topics concerning interwar Poland. This is a good, short survey. On Roszkowski, see below. Wojciech Roszkowski, Landowners in Poland, , East. This is an excellent study. Stone is a specialist on modern Polish history; he then taught at the University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Poland , published many works on economic, also social life, e. Women's Life and Labour , London, A Historiographical Review," War and Society , vol. This is a solid contribution to the subject. Biskupski is a Polish-American historian of modern Poland, who taught for many years at St. The author is too harsh on the Polish government for not spending much money on the navy; after all, the Polish coastline was only kilometers long while Poland's land frontiers ran into thousands of kilometers.

Even so, the minuscule Polish navy, evacuated to Britain in Sept. Cynk, Polish Aircraft , London, Warsaw, , joined the Polish Home Army in German-occupied Poland, was arrested and imprisoned for two years, including over a year in Auschwitz. He settled in the U. This is a detailed account of the subject by an expert with many illustrations, drawings, and photographs. The author rejects economic factors as an explanation for the poor state of the Polish air force in , blaming Polish military leaders for not moving beyond the era of the Polish-Russian War of , p.

However, Poland's underdeveloped industrial infrastructure and lack of adequate foreign investment in its armament industry were the key factors in Polish airforce weakness and general lack of mechanized land forces in Poland, , is a psychiatrist by profession and a historian by avocation. He has published on psychiatry and Polish military history. A fascinating account of urban growth and identity, based mainly on the city's press in the period from about.

Gives valuable and interesting insights into the life and views of Polish peasants over a long period of time, including Poland's transition from foreign rule to independence. Rose, a Canadian, was a historian of modern Poland; for a biographical note, see Poland, 4 B above. Warsaw Between Two World Wars: Monographs, , New York, Mainstream and Minority, pp.

Papers by experts on interwar Poland; T. Acta Poloniae Historica vol. Cienciala, Poland the Western Powers, It is scheduled for digitization at the University of Kansas, For her selected Eng. Based on a mss. Roman Debicki, Foreign Policy of Poland Kazimierz Roman Debicki, , was a Polish diplomat; this is a useful, basic, survey. This is a set of useful essays including: The table of contents omits an article by Cienciala, which is in the book. Aims and Achievements , , London, A succinct overview by a master diplomatic historian;. Cienciala, "Wilsonian East Central Europe: The British View with Reference to Poland," in: Current Perspectives , New York, , pp.

See also works by A. He has published and edited works on modern Polish history and political science. British policy is discussed on every aspect of Polish frontiers and security problems in Wandycz, France and her Eastern Allies. The Twilight of French Eastern Alliances, Poland, , educated in France and England, Prof.

Yale University, is the pre-eminent American historian of Franco-Czechoslovak-Polish relations and interwar Polish foreign policy. These two books are the best studies of the subject; each received the Am. George Louis Beer award. He is also the author of an excellent survey: The price of freedom: Poland , has published several works on German history and Polish-German relations; he was then professor of History at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. There is, so far, no satisfactory English language study of these relations for the whole interwar period, but see: Kulski, Germany and Poland: The book covers the interwar years, World War II, and after.

This is a detailed, balanced study of these relations in the pre-Nazi period. Michael Burleigh, Germany Turns Eastwards. London, , is a specialist in modern German history. This book gives a good account of government- financed studies in Nazi Germany on Poland and German minorities in E. The author takes issue with the negative stereotype view of Polish interwar policy; see also works by same in section on Appeasement below. Karl Fiedor was a German historian; the late J. XX, Rome, pp. The author shows how German propaganda fitted in with the general British view of the need to revise the Polish-German frontier, esp.

Antemurale [Bulwark], was edited and published by the Polish Historical Institute, Rome, which was established there, , by Monseignor Walerian Meysztowicz, , a Polish medievalist and former diplomat, together with Karolina Lanckoronska , a Polish art historian who had survived imprisonment in the German concentration camp at Ravesnbruck, author of memoirs on her resistance to the Germans and her stay in the camp.

These two edittors also published documents on Polish history culled from European archives in: Elementa ad Fontium Editiones. She established the Lanckoronski Foundation, , to support Polish research and scholarly publications first in the West, and after , also in Poland. For her translated memoirs, see: Noel Clark, London, Germany, , studied in U. This is an excellent study based on German documents. Hitler's Free City Chicago, New York City, , has also co-edited works on the Soviet economy.

He then taught in the Dept. This is an excellent work based mostly on German- lang. By a German historian; this is a useful but uneven and occasionally opinionated work. Wapinski, a specialist in Polish interwar political history, and biographer of General W. Sikorski, taught at Gdansk University. The book, a revised version of his Ph. S, taught at the University of Colorado and published several books, mainly on Czechoslovakia. The same criticism applies to this book as to that by B.

Using British, French, German, Polish and Russian sources, the author criticizes the view that Polish refusal of Soviet military entry into Poland to fight the Germans was the decisive factor in Stalin's decision to align with Hitler instead of Britain and France. The book was dedicated to Prof. Wandycz on his 80th birthday. Cienciala,The Polish Review, vol. Materski is the leading, contemporary Polish historian of Polish-Soviet relations He has published a book on this period, also a book on Polish foreign policy in , and many articles, also co-edited 4 vols.

Hatfield, Herbert Hoover and Poland. Documents and correspondence on the very important, Hoover-organized relief work in Poland at the end of World War I, which saved the lives of tens of thousands of children.. An excellent study of U. He obtained his M. Cienciala, and his Ph.

Stephen Horak, Poland and her National Minorities, A Case Study New York, The book has very useful information and texts, but the criticism of Polish minority policies lacks consideration of Polish views of national interest and security requirements. Same, East European National Minorities, A Handbook , Littleton,Co, Poland, , is the author of works on many aspects of interwar Polish history, also Polish-French and Polish-American relations; he was then a faculty member of the Historical Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.

Paprocki, Minority Affairs in Poland: An Informatory Outline Warsaw, Gabriele Simoncini, "The Polyethnic State: Thus, in comparison with Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, interwar Poland can be considered a national rather than a polyethnic state. Simoncini, a specialist in ethnic studies for the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, was then teaching in the History Dept. Typed conference papers by several authors; Edward Wynot argues for the influence of minorities on Polish foreign policy, but while this policy was influenced by them to some extent, they were not a major factor,.

Cienciala books and articles on interwar Polish foreign policy. Language and National Identity among the Masurians since Cologne, Hauser, a specialist on Polish-German relations, was then professor of history at the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan. Kaeckenbeck, International Experiment in Upper Silesia: This is a good study of the situation as seen from Britain at a time of fairly good Polish-German relations.

It was prepared for the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Chimen Abramsky et al. Conference papers by prominent historians; the book covers medieval and modern history; see relevant chapters. Fascinating photos with historical commentary. Dobroszycki was a historian of 20th c. Poland and Polish Jewry. Carole Fink, Defending the Rights of Others: West European, mainly British, Jewish leaders managed to work out and include Minorities Treaties in the peace settlements of to be signed by the new East European states.

The treaties were meant to safeguard the civic rights not only the Jews, but all minorities in these states. The new states' constitutions also guaranteed civic rights to minorities which were,however, progressively violated, especially in the laters, as were the rights of all who openly opposed the governments of these states.. Heller, On the Edge of Destruction. She presents a very negative picture of Jewish conditions in Poland and condemns Polish treatment of Jews. Her view that prewar Polish anti-semitism was a decisive factor in the indifference of of Poles toward Jewish suffering during the Holocaust in German-occupied Poland is disputed by Polish historians who see German terror in occupied Poland as the main factor for the lack of significant Polish help.

See also work by Paulson below. Hertz, born in Poland, later in U. Johnpoll, The Politics of Futility. Historical Essays New York, ; ch. Gelber, see section on Rebirth of Poland, above; this book is generally favorable to the Poles. Excellent work showing Jewish life, schools, and politics; see review by Nancy Sinkoff, Slavic Review, vol. Ezra Mendelsohn, Zionism in Poland. John Micgiel, Robert Scott and H. Neal Pease, "This Troublesome Question": The United States and the "Polish Pogroms" of , in: A balanced account of the issue and of the Morgenthau report.

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Pease is a historian of Poland who teaches at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Alexander Victor Prusin, Nationalizing a Borderland. Emphasizes violence against Jews in an extremely violent period for all inhabitants of the region. Depicts the life, problems, and disputes of a small-town Jewish family in interwar Polish Galicia. The book has some illustrations, family photos. Kolbuszowa was a small, mostly Jewish market town north-east of Tarnow, former E. Its coat of arms, established , showed a handshake between a crusader's cross at the top and a Jewish star of David at the bottom.

Jaff Schatz, The Generation. Laurence Weinbaum, A Marriage of Convenience. Vladimir Zhabotinsky, , b. They held a League of Nations Mandate for Palestine and had to deal with the predominantly Arab population, which adamantly opposed Jewish immigration. Ukrainian Lands in Interwar Poland, pp. A balanced survey of Ukrainians and Poles in E. Galicia at this time.

Magocsi, author of an excellent historical atlas of East Central Europe. Ukraine, , educated in U. This is a very good collection of essays by Polish and Ukrainian authors. Markovits and Frank E. On WW II see ch. He has also published a work on Ukrainian Integral Nationalism, and family memoirs on Ukrainian cleansing of Poles in Volhynia, as well as a book on the Soviet deportations of Poles from eastern Poland in and their fates. He was an econ. In this book, he argued for the retention of E. Galicia in Poland; the book has useful statistics and maps.

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Timothy Snyder, The Reconstruction of Nations. See chapter 7on Ukrainians in interwar Poland. This book, which won the AHA George Louis Beer Prize in , is a path-breaking study on the development of national consciousness by the peoples listed. In the Ukrainian case, it was the western Ukrainians, who emerged from the matrix of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, formed in Snyder, a Harvard Ph. His latest book, Bloodlands. Europe between Hitler and Stalin , Basic Books, New York, , is a path breaking study of the horrendous suffering of the peoples living in what was easternPoland, now western Ukraine and the rest of Ukraine , as well as Belarus and the Baltic States.

For an overview of Balkans states in , see: Barbara Jelavich, History of the Balkans. Charles and Barbara Jelavich, eds. The late Barbara Jelavich was, with her husband Charles J. Stavrianos, The Balkans since New York, By an outstanding American historian of the Balkans. Age of War and Crisis, deals with the period from through the peace settlement of , mostly by country, pp. Tzvetkov, A History of the Balkans. A Regional Overview from a Bulgarian Perspective , vol.

This is a straight forward narrative from a Bulgarian point of view. Purdue University Press, The books covers interwar and postwar history;, including a positive evaluation of Josip Broz Tito; reviewed by Gale Stokes, Slavic Review , Winter , v. The Rise of a Kingdom , reprint New York ,. By a British historian of Bulgaria. Politics, Parties, and Rulers: Same, Peasants in Power: A classic study of late 19th century politics as the basis for same in the 20th c. Stephen Constant, Foxy Ferdinand, Tsar of Bulgaria , New York, Firkatian, Diplomats and Dreamers: Stephanie Groueff, Crown of Thorns: Sympathetic to Boris III, a very popular monarch in his country.

He is also honored for refusing to deport Bulgarian Jews to Nazi death camps from interewar Bulgaria, but he did not oppose their deportation from territories annexed by Bulgaria as an ally of Germany. Moser, Dimitrov of Bulgaria: A Political Biography of Dr. Dimitrov , Ottawa, Ill. Dimitrov, a prominent Agrarian politician. Origins and Development , , rev.

Europe in the interwar and communist periods, also an outstanding work on Pilsudski's seizure of power in Poland, Russia, , educated in Vienna, emigrated to U. This book is a classic. Turks in interwar Bulgaria. Simsir, The Turks of Bulgaria, , London, This is a popular history, sympathetic to Romania, with many illustrations, chronology, list of rulers, and bibliography. For more detailed histories of interwar Romania , see: By the leading American historian of Romania; ch.

Hitchins, a Harvard Ph. This book deals with Romanian 20th nationalism, ethnic relations, politics, government and intellectual life, in some cases up to On Political-agrarian-economic problems in interwar Romania see: Roberts, , was an American historian of Eastern Europe and international relations; this is a classic. On the Economy of interwar Romania , see: On Social change in interwar Romania , see: Jowitt is a British scholar.

He has published several books on Russia. On Communism in interwar Romania , see: On Fascism in interwar Romania , see. Eugen Weber, "Romania," in: Hans Rogger and Eugen Weber, eds. Bucharest, ,, was educated in Geneva and Cambridge, UK; he has authored many books on European history and taught for many years at the University of California, L.

On Romanian interwar foreign policy , see: Bacon then taught in the Dept. This is a detailed study based on Romanian archival sources made accessibe to the author by the Romanian government. A good survey based on archival sources; see. Cienciala review, Journal of Modern European History , v. Quinlan, Clash over Romania: Quinlan was then assoc. Much useful information on Interwar Yugoslavia's constitutional development, culture, education, religion, economic, social conditions, also statistics , is to be found in: Good chapters on various aspects of Yugoslavia by contemporary specialists.

On Kerner, , see biogr. Dragnich, was then Professor Emeritus of Vanderbilt University. Pasic , was the leading Serb politician in The author denies the Serb drive for hegemony in interwar Yugoslavia? Serbia Through the Ages, and several books on Yugoslavia. Stephen Graham, Alexander of Yugoslavia: Strong Man of the Balkans , London, Slim scholarship, but useful for contemporary views. Macek, , a leading Croatian politician of the interwar period.

Seton-Watson and the Yugoslavs: Correspondence, , vol. Seton-Watson was the most famous British historian of Eastern Europe. The letters are arranged by years; the largest number are for the years and Communists in interwar Yugoslavia ,. Aleksa Djilas, The Contested Country. The book focuses on the changing Yugoslav Communist party policy toward unity and separatism in Yugoslavia, and thus on the relations between Serbs and Croats. This is the first volume of his autobiography dealing with his childhood years in an isolated Montenegrin village.

Communist Party at this time. On Djordjevic, see Pt. On the Interwar Yugoslav economy , see: On Interwar Yugoslavia's Foreign Policy , see: Hoptner, Yugoslavia in Crisis, , New York, , On Intewar Yugoslavia's Nationalities , see: Origins , History, Politics , Ithaca and London, and By an American historian, prof of history at Yale University; best study of topic, mandatory reading to understand the disintegration of Yugoslavia in the wars of Greece is more a Mediterranean than a Balkan country, so it is covered only marginally in this bibliography for the interwar period].

For a general overview of Greek history , see: Favorable to Eleutherios Venizelos, , b. He brought Greece into World War I on the Entente side, causing the abdication of King Constantine, and establishment of a republic; secured British support for a disastrous war with Turkey to gain western Anatolia, which ended with the expulsion of the Greek population from Turkey and of Turks from Greece.

Montgomery, "Lloyd George and the Greek Question," in: Twelve Essays , New York, , pp. Taylor, , was a British historian with a prodigious output, but famous mainly for his controversial work: The Origins of the Second World War , in which he claimed that Hitler was no different than any other German statesman and that British appeasement of Nazi Germany was honorable and good because its goal was to preserve peace. This was not meant to be irony. Taylor, a lifelong left-winger, had condemned Munich in the past, but changed his mind later.

In answer to a question by Cienciala in London, in , whether he meant the book to be controversail, he answered, rather angrily: Michael Llewellyn Smith, Ionian Vision. Greece in Asia Minor, London, A well written study of the Greek dream of a great Greece, and its defeat. For Greek political and social history up to , see: Greek Political History Kofas, Authoritarianism in Greece: General Ioannis Metaxas,, was dictator of Greece in, Vatikiotis, Popular Autocracy in Greece On Cyprus, Greece Turkey and Cyprus , see: Much has happened since , but Cyprus is still divided into majority Greek and majority Turkish regions.

On Greek-British relations , see: Sally Marks, The Illusion of Peace. International Relations in Europe, New York, ; revised edition of work. An excellent survey and analysis of international relations in the period preceding Hitler's rise to power. Mommsen and Lothar Kettenacker, eds. The Price of Peace New York, Telford Taylor, ,, was the number two American prosecutor at the main Nuremberg Trials and chief prosecutor at those that followed.

He also wrote many books, including one on the N. The book on Munich is a detailed study with emphasis on British, French and German policy, still useful today. Birkenhead, UK, , is an unabashed defender of Neville Chamberlain's appeasement policy; chapters deal with the Czechoslovak crisis and Munich. He has also published a highly critical study of Winston Churchill as war leader. Chamberlain, , was Prime Minister from to May Told for the first time from the Cabinet Papers London, Ian Colvin, , was a correspondent for the News Chronicle and Daily Telegraph , stationed in Berlin, , and had contacts with high ranking German opponents of Hitler.

He set off a "war scare" in London in mid-March , which contributed to the timing of the British Guarantee to Poland of March 3. This is a narrative with selected archival documents, which became accessible after the Act of Parliament reduced the time of closure for state papers from 50 to 30 years. This launched a rush by historians to publish new accounts of appeasement. Colvin condemns it, but most western historians came to judge the policy as natural in view of Britain's military weakness and economic problems.

For a different view, see R. In writing this apologia for N. Chamberlain, Feiling had Lady Chamberlain's permission to use some of the letters her husband wrote to his sisters, expressing his thoughts on the policy he was implementing during the crises of and The book is still useful, especially since the bulk of N. Chamberlain's correspondence with his sisters and other papers for this crucial period, deposited by the family in the University of Birmingham Library, are closed for years after the dates of the letters and documents. P Taylor book below. Sir Martin Gilbert, b.

He completed the biography of Winston S. Churchill begun by the latter's son, Randolph, and has published a great number of books. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of his services to history. The book condemns appeasement; it is still a valuable historical analysis, though written before British govt. Peter Neville, Hitler and Appeasement: His book is an able defense of Chamberlain; it does not, however, indicate much knowledge of Poland and other countries of Eastern Europe.

Parker, Chamberlain and Appeasement: Robert Alexander Clarke Parker, b. A spirited defense of British appeasement by a British historian, , active supporter of unilateral British nuclear disarmament at the time of writing. For a reappraisal, see Martel book below.

Martel is a Canadian historian. The first edition of this book, reprinted several times,provided a most valuable discussion both of Taylor's views and the events themselves. The second edition is updated but lacks chapters by Norman Rich, Piotr S. He then taught at the University of Toronto, Toronto, Ont.

The bulk of English and American studies of appeasement focuses on British and French policy toward Germany in the Austrian and Czechoslovak crises of , generally ignorie the reactions of the East European states and their views of their national interests. Exceptions to this rule are: Here, he combines political and economic history to show western disinterest and German interest in the region. Continental Perspectives Baltimore, Md.

Latynski, then a lecturer and grad. The latter's contribution was updated in the work listed below. Igor Lukes and Erik Goldstein, eds. Igor Lukes is a specialist in inter-war Czechoslovak history - see book below - who teaches at Boston University; Erik Goldstein has published books on interwar British foreign policy, and also teaches at Boston University. There are notes on the contributors.

The same texts were published in: Diplomacy and Statecraft , London, , and Stredni Evropa , nos. Bruegel, Czechoslovakia Before Munich. Basing his work on British archival sources, the author, a Sudeten German, bitterly condemns British policy. The policy of President Edvard Benes in the Munich Crisis is still the subject of much controversy among Czech historians, see: Zacek, "The Czechoslovak View" in: Latynski, Reappraising the Munich Pact , see above pp. Munich and Its Aftermath," ibid. Igor Lukes, Czechoslovakia between Stalin and Hitler. For Igor Lukes, see sections above. Poland, , is em.

French policy toward Poland and Czechoslovakia, foreshadowing Munich , is most ably presented by. A masterly study based on French, Polish and Czech archives, this work is a sequel to the same author's book on French-Polish-Czechoslovak Relations in [Minneapolis, MN, ]. On French policy, see also articles on France in: II D, 1, above.

This work combines theearlier 2 vol. Hanover, Germany, , educated in U. For a brief summary, see his chapter in in Maya Latynski, ed. Polish policy in the Munich Crisis is summarized in. Cienciala's chapter, in Maya Latynski, ed. Cienciala, Poland and the Western Powers The book, a revised Ph. British and French archival sources inaccessible at that time, were used in the author's chapter in the Latynski and Lukes and Goldstein books. Wandycz, "Poland between East and West," in: Deals with Taylor's negative evaluation of Polish foreign policy. Soviet policy in the Munich Crisis and The author , b.

Gromyko,, was Soviet Commissar of Foreign Affairs and This view is shared by Vladimir Putin and even by such a strong critic of Stalin as the late Russian historian Dmitri Volkogonov, see below. Haslam was then a Fellow and Director of Studies in History at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, UK, and a specialist on inter-war Soviet foreign policy This work is favorable to Stalin, claiming he had no other choice but to conclude a pact with Hitler.

However, his chapter in a more recent book shows a change of view, see below.

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A Retrospective , London, , ch. Litvinov as Commissar of Foreign Affairs, May 3, He is a historian of Anglo-Soviet relations and has published many books dealing with Soviet foreign policy.. Prague, , has edited Alexander Dubcek's memoirs [see Bibl. The book is critical of Soviet foreign policy in the s;: Some historians doubt the letter is genuine in view of spelling mistakes while Comnene was proficient in French.

Either he or Litvinov, might, however, have dictated it to a secretary whose French was not perfect. The question is, who would have had an interest in forging such a letter? It seems that Litvinov would have had more interest to do so than Comnene. Igor Lukes, "Stalin and Czechoslovakia in An Autopsy of a Myth," in: Lukes and Goldstein, eds. The author does not believe that Stalin ever intended to give Czechoslovakia military help in a war with Germany.

He also cites a Czech report about Zhdanov's visit in Prague and his statements to leaders of the Czechoslovak Communist Party there. Other historians specializing in Soviet-Czech relations think the report is a forgery. Vegetable sellers in Mdantsane running their business off computers could soon be a reality. Beacon Bay residents on Monday took matters into their own hands and set about cleaning an illegal dumpsite along BCM officials conducted site visits to monitor service delivery projects in East London last week. Buffalo City Metro executive is investigating allegations of interference with procurement processes and undue With no shelter at the Ebuhlanti, also known as Tsholomnqa, Taxi Rank in East London, vendors are left with no option Illegal dumping in Arcadia is drawing the ire of Buffalo City residents.

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A year-old boy who allegedly took his parents' car without permission now faces court time. Finance minister Nhlanhla Nene indicated on Tuesday that steps are News University students stay away from class due to taxi strike Thousands of Walter Sisulu University WSU students did not make it to class on Wednesday due to the taxi strike. School News Competition gets best out of maths fanatics Emphasising camaraderie over competition, Merrifield school recently hosted their annual MerriMathsMix for Grade News Shiloh winery eyes far shores Inkosi wines, a product of the Shiloh community in Komani, has finally hit the shelves after two years in the