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When facing left red side he shoots fireballs that arc up and makes long sideways jumps. When facing right blue side he shoots iceballs that arc down and freeze the ground to slide on.

Science fiction

Dual Blaster Fireballs and Iceballs depending on direction faced. Moving, jumping, and firing homing missiles whenever you do anything that makes noises. He has incredible agility and can cling to walls, move silently, and attack with ninja stars and his laser katana. His stage is an over the top martial arts movie set. Those are awesome, me thinks. I'm now going to refrain from posting my silly and unimaginative ideas.

AtomicBlowfish, at least four five of the Robot Masters that you listed in your above post have the same names as some of the Robot Masters that I've come up with. That's a strange coincidence, isn't it? So powerful that you are no match for him at all and no weapons seem to work against him, he's about to finish you off.

But then you hear a familiar whistle, and out of nowhere a charge shot comes stopping pseudo Zero in his tracks and putting him to rest for now, Proto man then appears. I know it sounds like a bad fanfic, but I think it would be awesome. For physical appearance, I would like to see Zero held up by wires like he was in the opening of Mega Man Zero.

Maybe just have a one arm completed to show that he's far from completion. Chess Man's body is shaped like the king piece in chess but wearing a crown shaped like the top of the rook piece, it has a black gap in the shape of the gap on a bishop piece where its eyes are, two chess-piece like arms and classic mega man style legs.

Sattalite Man was designed to orbit earth and absorb and store space radiation to be tested on earth. Wily's control it fires beams of this radiation at mega man. Sattalite Man has a cylindrical shape and a round dome shaped head with 3 nodes behind it like on sheep mans back it has lights running down its side and oversized hands on arms that float off its body, it has a big light on its chest which is where the Helix Beam comes from and has classic mega man legs but with cylindrical feet and fins.

Core Man is made up of 3 parts, a head, round glowing torso which has its knowledge and energy and 2 halves of a round body which can become seperate so that Core Man can multi task in the case of a meltdown, its weakness is the Helix beam because it can shoot through the shield like body halves and damage the floating core. The level would start on a seaside cliff and end up on a sunken boat for a confrontation with Jaws Man, the rising and falling tide would provide the difficulty as the tides would bring spiked balls with them.

Jaws man looks like a robotic shark who's mouth hides the eyes and mouth of the robot master. Weld man was designed to be a welder to build ships, it has two welding guns underneath its hands. Weld Man is wearing a large welders mask and has steam exausts on its shoulders. My personal favorite of the level ideas, it would take place inside a large clock like big ben and everything in the level would have a tick tock beat.

Clock Man would have a round upper body and a head connected to it.

The level would take place inside a large disco, flashing lights would make the stage behind Mega Man dissapear for split seconds every few seconds and the level would be full of moving platforms and difficult jumps to make. Beat man is based on a DJ, his body is mainly a boom box--type shape with speakers on its hands, it would have shades, a hat and what looks like big teeth. Avalance man was designed to stop avalanches from hitting the villages at the bottom of the mountains by redirecting them. Avalance man is based off of a yeti, it would be bulky, have a large bottom jaw and upper torso with small legs to keep it in place.

Yes, I already posted a set, but what the heck. Here's another go around the block. He has a shoulder-mounted cannon and his feet are tank treads. Imagine Vile from the X series with a camo paint job. He can dash back and forth while firing missile shells straight ahead or in an arc. He has a blocky body shaped like an old film camera. He can emit bright flashes of light that stun everyone around him and makes copies of those around him that he can control and pose. It's an old programmer's phrase that this robot takes litterally.

He is a waste processing robot that vacuums up garbage, sludge, used oil, and toxic waste. He then processes it into fuel for himself and solid blocks of recycled material. He can then use his vaccuum to blast out the blocks with high speed and accuracy. The bear is stationary and attacks with a powerful slash. The wolf charges forward with a bite and then jumps back. The eagle flies to the top of the screen and then swoops down. He resembles a firefighter with a coat and over-sized helmet. He can spray powerful jets of water at different angles and jump around swinging his axe.

She flies around in a cloudy stage that hides pitfalls. She can create gusts of wind and rain that push you, lightning bolts, and snow drifts that weigh you down. He can spray bursts of flame, surround himself with searing flames, and ignites the floor where he stands. He only jumps around, leaving spots of the uneven floor burning. Ignite Man is not terribly sane and acts randomly.

His head is bright yellow and resembles a flower. He can teleport through the ground, coming up with spinning vines. He can spin in place, flinging thorns at different angles. And if he grabs Megaman, he can siphon life from him to refill his own. Shell Man - A turtle looking guy. He would shield himself by hiding inside of his shell and until he pokes his head out, he is invulnerable to all attacks. In any case, they would bounce right off. Also, possibly spinning around the room would make the fight tough.

Ballistic Man - Mainly has two arms that are like cannons that would shoot high powered missiles. Level - Sort of like a military base with unused arson and equipment lying around in the background.

Astronauts falling on the Moon, NASA Apollo Mission Landed on the Lunar Surface

Weapon - Double Missile - Shoot two strong missiles that can be controlled by moving up or down. I apologize to any that may have lost someone there or was apart of the incident and find this offensive. Quake Man - Somewhat of a rock type being that creates earthquakes.

Level - Somewhat of a nice, island type theme here.


Abysses would possibly be formed by quakes that happen as you walk towards that certain piece of land. Time for another list of robot masters. This time they're all construction themed. I really need to put some sprites together for these guys His stage is a hazard-filled work zone. He dashes back and forth, with his hands low to the ground. When he jumps, dirt falls from the ceiling. If he dashes with dirt on the ground, it rolls up into a ball in front of him that gets bigger until it hits the far wall. Earth Mover A ball of earth rolls along the ground getting bigger. Can be used to push enemies and objects , Weakness: His stage is a work-shop full of wood-working equipment.

Cameo note of Wood Man in one area He is fast and jumps alot in an uneven stage that with steps going down in the center. He rapid-fires nails in a straight line on the ground or in a forward or downward spray when jumping. Nail Gun Machine gun-style weapon with nails. Fires through walls and shields , Weakness: He is small, bulky, and slow, but he has powerful flame attacks in the form of a horizontal flame-thrower, a vertical fire-fountain, and he is covered in flames when he jumps. Cutting Torch A short flame-thrower. Can ignite certain objects , Weakness: Her stage is a glass-filled area that is filled with spikes of glass shards, nearly invisible platforms, and stained-glass work.

She flies around a room with no ceiling and throws shards of glass in a spray or larger single pieces. If hit, she falls to the ground. Shatter Star A star-shaped piece of glass flies quickly. Can be aimed in any direction , Weakness: He carries a large steel girder like a club. His stage is a skyscraper skeleton filled with beams, pits, and moving platforms.

He's slow, but powerful. He will swing the girder times, then fling it at you. Once unarmed, he will jump around then grab another girder from the ceiling. His jumps cause stunning tremors. Steel Might Mega man lifts a girder over his head, then can throw it. Heavy damage and you are protected from above , Weakness: His stage is a powerplant full of live-wires, blackouts, a electrified water. He doesn't move much, only jumping from one side to the other in an irregular room.

He charges the floor with yellow electric balls, shoots electric arcs through the air, and makes himself electrical. Superconductor Electric shield that dames anything touching it. Can be discharged to activate some objects , Weakness: His stage changes colors and causes status effects. Getting painted blue makes him slower and jump lower.

Getting painted yellow makes his attacks do less damage. Paint Man inflicts the same effects when he flings colors globs of paint at you. He can also teleport around the room, and create a clone of Mega Man that charges you. Paint Man doesn't move unless teleporting. Self Portrait An off-color copy of Mega Man follows you mimicing your movements. His stage is a pipe-filled maze with water blasts, robotic sewer animals, and wrench throwing bots. Pipes line the walls in his irregular-shaped boss room.

He'll throw wrenches at you and then jump at a pipe. The pipes come on and spray damaging blasts of water or steam into the room. The pipes can be attacked to shut them. Steam Room The screen fills with blistering steam that hits everything. Straw Man looks like a scarecrow - Special Weapon: Straw Rain rains sharp daggers down on enemies.

Vapor Cloud a smokey shield weapon. Scrap Man - throws large hunks of junk at you that explode on contact Special Weapon: The Weakness Chain would be: Butterflies use up plants, plants absorb water, water douses fire, fire burns wood, nulls elec, elec conducts by metal, light reflects off of metal, Order of Defeat at end of description number. Wily would come up with something that would be superior to Mega Man,maybe something like Giga Man for a fortress boss.

Zombie Man,a boss that you have to kill twice at each fight with him,Attacks could be a homage of Resident Evil Zombies,Gives Zombie Infection,Infects an enemy to help fight with Mega Man,no effect against bosses. Data Man,a boss that can manipulate the surroundings and use it to its advantage.. Boomerang Man,a boss that shoots boomerangs,what else? Gives Boomerang Shooter,shoots Boomerangs,similar to Quickman's but just further ranged. I think the next set of robot-master contenders should be all mythologically based. I mean imagine how cool a Well, I do have 2 Robot Master ideas of my own, but haven't drawn them yet.

Now nobody steal my ideas. He only has a sword, no special weapons. Megaman, Protoman, and Bass working together to stop Wily. Bass only does it because Wily is"interfering". Also on super easy Megaman is gold because he can't be killed. Remember we want kids to enjoy this game. This is one of my ideas for a robot master for a future Mega Man game, possibly Mega Man I am not a very good artist, but I am good enough to get my basic ideas and views across.

And the color selection probably could of been better. I though the name of his weapon sounds cool too, "Payload Buster". But I am still trying to figure out what it would do, and what his attack pattern would be. There are many innovative possibilities. What he does could be similar to what Charge Man does, but a couple more complexed moves.

To all you fellow Mega Man fans out there, please share what you think of Launch Man. And may we see a Mega Man 11 soon!!! He was designed by Dr. Wily to vaccum all of the pollution in the air and spray it on humans. Smoke Sheild -Pollution smoke surrounds Megaman and any shot blast dissolves when it reaches the smoke. A polluted cloudy desert that was once a nice calm forest.

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Sometimes you can see helpless animals sinking into the quicksand. He has a head that looks like a container and his whole body is filled with polluted gas. His body is round and green from all of the gas. And he has a gas container on his back that is connected to his buster. His buster,underwear,feet, and helmet are dark green and his legs,body,and arms are a light green. He is the leader of the Wily Air Force group. Since many of his students failed, he has to step in and get rid of Megaman. Blade Wings- You shoot 3 wing shaped blades in three different directions.

Can be charged for bigger blades. Air Man's stage but destroyed and broken down with a mixture of Tornado Man's stage. He has wings that have little rockets so he can fly.

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He has an air tank on his back which is connected to his mouth. He can transform into a jet and fly in the air. His buster,underwear,feet, and helmet are purple and his legs,body,and arms are a light pink. Wily's oldest Robot Master. He was a prototype and wasn't of any use so Dr. Wily sealed him away. Wily became desperate for a robot and awakened Fan Man. It turns out that Fan Man was very useful and he took control of the weather.

Causing massive tornadoes and severe winds. You shoot 2 tornadoes on the ceiling and on the ground and when you shoot again the next ones will be bigger. Mostly on an aircraft. When you defeat the mini-boss the aircraft land and you are at an airport that has been destroyed by aircrafts that have crashed into the airport. He looks like a combination of Air Man and Wind Man. With a gyro blade thing on his head that helps him fly. He likes to go upside down and make it hard for Megaman to shoot him.

Hey Erik, I was looking at some of your ideas and they sound pretty good. I especially like Wing Man, and Fan Man. Fan Man could also be named Current Man. I had an idea for a Current Man. A robot master that has a hot air balloon attached to the top of him and can float around and control air currents. His weapon could be called the Jet Steam and behave the same way Tengu Mans Tornado Hold does, only it could be controlled directionaly after being fired. The idea is to literally blow enemies away.

Jump from times at the players current position and fire ball busters 2 at jump 3 and 5, after the balls corrupt Bushido Man he was oringally called Blade Man years ago, but that was used in Mega man 10! I had to change his name. Shatter Star is big size Ninja star that explose and creates shiriken type knives and the center piece is a ninja star and detonates on impact. Also moves in all directions. Magma Crush creates a double magma fire ball that melts everything in its path. Its afterman makes lava pools on the floor. Nova Fist a powerful projectile fist that makes big explosions and shockwaves.

When charge you and punch the ground and creates energy waves. Or even pick up enemes and throw them at other enemies. Polar Beam creates Ice Beam and freeze all enemies in its path! When charge creates thick glaicher block that crush enemies. Also aim at the celling to create spike glaichers that can fall down.

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Luner Rang a light peicing boomerang that cuts up enemies and even goes through walls. When charged creates a luner shield. Mirco Nuke Missle a powerful but not full scale nuke explosion. Creates little nuke clouds vaporize emenies with radation. When charged you can lock on emenies. But we all know its always Dr. His weapons would be equal to that of Zero's in the X series. He would gain speical abilies, special moves, and ninja like weapons to combat Robot Masters. This would mostlikely be called Ninjitsu. Also would be able to buy upgrades and items at the shops.

Luner man - Shadow Slice a sword move that lets you fire a slashing crestent slash. Nucler Man - Explosive Shadow Blade a ninja star with an explosive dentination when hits target. Although he may brighten rooms that are already lighted. A robot created to hammer in nails on railways. When he needs to hammer nails from far places. He can use his Boomerang Hammer to get them nailed in. Sprint Man is a robot that can run speeds up to 40 mph. He makes sure that he gets to places on time. Using his Sprint Dash. He can knock out a full grown man for a short period of time.

A robot that is meant to study the Artic and Volcanoes all over the world. He has found 27 unidentified fossils. He is a robot that can explore Deep Sea Caverns. He had found what could be a neighboring city of Atlantis:. A biology robot created for studying forests and fields. She has found new trees that birds use for habitats. Fist Man is a robot not so burly, but can literaly throw some punches that can crumble large and stable rocks. I liked having a woman in there for a change of pace a la MM9's Splashwoman. Maybe there'll be another one?

My girlfreind would say. So I guess she liked splash woman in MM9. Splash woman takes "fighting like a girl" to a whole new level though.

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She runs away, calls for help. Sentinel Turret - A flying turret that floats in place shooting at enemies for a brief period of time. Shining Laser - A laser that keeps firing for about 3 seconds after the fire button has been pressed. Mega Man can move around to aim the laser, which will keep a straight horizontal route. Yes, you can call that a Legends reference. Ladies first on this list, she protects the mountainous cliffs with quick flying strikes and a powerful Sonic Screech attack.

A chemical research robot who's Chemical Eater can be charged a la Atomic Fire to dissolve metal barriers. Shield Wall absorbs attacks and can be used for platforming a la Ice Wall. Can change water levels in boss room. Weapon fills screen with water adding buoyancy effect on jumps. Mega Man shoots a cold spike directly in front, that impales into an enemy, object or wall.

Mega Man can use the spike as a step when stuck in the wall. This can come in handy when traversing up a long vertical shaft with the walls close to each other. Seriously, that process can probably make 2 full Roboverse games worth of bosses. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.

To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? With the help of Sara's uncle, billionaire Larry Brandon, the four are groomed to become Moon Colonauts. Uncle Larry buys some robot businesses to become familiar with the industry. His plans call for robot rovers to make money for him on the Moon during a period of exploration called the Robotic Years. He sees entertainment as the driving force in Moon commercialization. Sara, Craig, Josh and Mimi participate in the money-making ventures from activities like organizing Moon Clubs, selling crater names, and developing Moon video games with lots of aliens.

During the Robotic Years, the four learn as much as they can about the Moon, rockets and robots.


Uncle Larry gets world attention by having a robot rover put down his first initial, L, on the Moon's surface. It can be seen by telescopes and binoculars from Earth. He helps Moon Clubs to form. As paying customers, the Moon Club members want to follow their own curiosity in directing robots on the Moon.

The Moon Clubs search for answers to Transient Light Phenomena and seek water frozen permanently shadowed craters of the Moon. Later in the Robotic Years, Uncle Larry sees the opportunity for making money by doing construction activities on the Moon. His first customer is an Indian billionaire who wants to build a religious tower of light on the Moon. All seems to be going well. There are love interests that develop between Sara and Craig, and between Josh and Mimi. They make plans to apply for prizes in lunar colonization where they would have to be married to qualify.

Dream-smashing changes start to emerge. Uncle Larry is replaced at Brandon Industries. Sara, Craig, Josh and Mimi's education payments are stopped and their Colonaut training is halted. Moon Club missions are in turmoil. Construction on the Moon is halted. Sara, Craig, Josh and Mimi fight the problems the best they can. Can circumstances override their iron will to follow their vows to go to the Moon no matter how difficult it may be? This book will appeal to all ages where there is a common interest in utilizing the Moon through exploration.

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