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What Makes Avatar Different? Rather than presenting you with another set of beliefs to live by, Avatar awakens you to a natural ability to create and discreate beliefs. With this skill, you can restructure your life according to a blueprint that you determine. Why Do I Need Avatar? How Does Avatar Work? Avatar equips you with the tools to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the pattern of your life. And always it demands that you follow certain of its rules or perish.

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You are not a meat body. You are not thoughts.

No thought or word can describe you. Thoughts and words are concepts and you are not a concept.

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  • You are not anything that can be named. The universe can be broadly described in terms of matter, energy, space, and time, but you are not any of these. All definitions and descriptions are part of the universe. You are part of Buy this book, you will not regret it! It places you into the feeling of the Avatar course while learning so much about the most important aspects of your life and yourself. When you are finished, call an Avatar master to continue your journey on the Avatar path, you will begin the journey of a life time and never look back.

    Thank you Harry Palmer for contributing this book as a gift to the world! An amazing, life changing experience reading this book. I now have the paperback as well and am already reading for second time and getting even more insight into whats going on with me and my world.

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    Thankyou Harry Palmer this book is a gift to the world. I had a lot of insights into my life reading this book. The bit around motivation has been very helpful and was the missing piece for me. The Way We Came. I have only one thing to say - Thank you Harry, thank you a billion times for this book. It's infinitely inspiring and reminding.

    I've done Avatar for the first time in the 90's in France. Avatar has changed my life by giving me a perspective which has never left me. I lived these last years by appreciating and enjoying the perspective Avatar gave me twenty years ago. So many realizations and really feeling the shift while reading it.

    Everyone should have a copy of this truly inspiring book. Reading this book is like going to the planetarium and seeing all the stars and planets and suns, and sitting in your seat with total awe and excitement, and quietly knowing what to do next. I felt "dots" in my consciousness being connected in an organic way that reached both my mind and my soul. It is a must read for anyone who wants to operate deliberately from awareness in the world. Earth has been waiting for this book.

    I had a great experience reading this book -- like the parts of a map all coming together A BIG thank you!! I couldn't put it down.

    Harry Palmer explains the underpinnings, processes and typical results of the Avatar Course in a clear and concise fashion. For the YOU to be active, a powerful The Avatar Path offers an exploration into shedding the delusions of mind, body and self in favour of a real self, the Source Being. Experience, instead, governs the YOU; yet, many forms of experience, physical and intellectual experience among others, are disregarded.

    Another blind spot I take issue with is how suspicious the book is of pre-aware life: Instead, creating a new experience is to be aimed for. Personally, it would have resonated more if Avatar had seen value in them. I do feel resistance to turn away completely from the past as if it hadn't brought me any benefit.

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    Dec 21, Jose rated it did not like it. Socrates told ''I know that I know nothing''. Are you looking for peace? Peace is not to look for something.

    The Avatar Path: the Way We Came by Live Now Avatar in Austin, TX - Alignable

    You do not really need to know anything important. You just need to know what is not. And in this case, Harry Palmer seems to know too much things. Mar 11, John Malsch rated it liked it. This was a tough read i am not a disciple of this particular thought process. I believe that everything the author is espousing in his Avatar teachings can be found in the Bible. Being a practicing Christian I have no need to find a higher power since I have found my higher power. Jan 30, Beth E rated it did not like it Shelves: I suppose this just did not resonate with me.

    It feels contrived and in-authentic, if that can be a word. I know many wonderful people who have attended these sessions and feel strongly about these teachings.

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    For me, it simply did not resonate. Nothing but an advertisement with teasers for the Avatar Program - a rather expensive self help program. Don't waste your time or money. Aug 25, Tamar rated it it was ok. Just can't bring myself to continue reading. I was expecting more. Nura Hoffmann rated it it was amazing Jul 25, Adilson Sestenari rated it it was amazing Mar 21,