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WTO set to drag Bahamas 'from 19th to 21st century' | The Tribune

Employers report that finding workers with the required skills or work habits is difficult; therefore, many resort to foreign hires, particularly for manual labour. Many of these entry-level labourers soon become among the poorest people in the country. At the other end of the spectrum, some of the high-level jobs - such as managers in the tourism industry, bankers, accountants and specialised tradesmen - are filled by non-Bahamians.

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The Bahamas is also grappling with the phenomenon that some Bahamians go abroad to earn degrees, but many do not return, citing limited job opportunities and lower salaries at home. Incidents of violent crime, particularly murder, are high despite downward overall crime trends in recent years.

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I believe that these challenges offer a unique opportunity to the Progressive Liberal Party to apply its liberal and progressive philosophy to create innovative solutions for the 21st century Bahamas; to engage the next generation of Bahamians in nation building; and to extend its legacy beyond Majority Rule and Independence into the spheres of sustainable economic development, accountable governance and social and economic empowerment of Bahamians. The Progressive Liberal Party, having led the struggle for Majority Rule and Independence, has been the principal architect of the modern institutions of Bahamian state.


The Free National Movement has, through local government and the privatisation of the broadcast media, extended the process of our continuing national development. Despite our many accomplishments as a young democracy, the Bahamas is yet to achieve the creation of a safe, cohesive and economically robust society, where those who have been historically disenfranchised have a reasonable opportunity to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams equal to those who have been historically advantaged and the foreign investor.

We have to better equip and socialise our population; diversify our economy; modernise and make more accountable our governance process; and inspire our talented people to be more entrepreneurial, innovative, competitive and civil in the conduct of our families, communities and country. The PLP is best suited, by its experience in nation building, commitment to social justice, nationalist orientation, regional sensitivity and political courage, to pursue a transformational agenda to place the Bahamas on a more sustainable economic path and foster a more socially cohesive society.

I believe that that this preferred future for the Bahamas could best be achieved by a commitment to the following initiatives:. The foregoing recommendations are amongst some of the new and exciting opportunities that the Progressive Liberal Party should pursue, in my opinion, in order to unleash the creative imagination and intellect of the Bahamian people, reduce crime and expand opportunities for the next generation of Bahamians to realise their full potential. Let us mobilise the next generation of Bahamians for the tasks ahead; inspire our country to dream of a better future; and expand our tent to accommodate all patriotic Bahamians and friends of the Bahamas to bring their talents, time and resources to build a safe society and diversified economy, where Bahamians are incentivised to own and grow the economy of our country.

He is the Progressive Liberal Party parliamentary candidate for Fort Charlotte in the general election. The thrust of this article is Sears calls for this and Sears calls for that Sears is in so tight with Craig Flowers and Sebas Bastian that he has lost all sense of right and wrong. The Bahamian public will never forget how instrumental he was in orchestrating the "legalization" of the vast network of criminal activities of the gaming web shops in defiance of the outcome of a duly held national referendum.

It's out of the hands of politicians.

I now have certainty as a businessman and can look out years with confidence, with all the regulations, statutes and certainty. Mr Leonard said the Bahamas did not yet have to focus on how it will marry the Hawksbill Creek Agreement, and Freeport's free trade zone characteristics, with the WTO's requirements.

He acknowledged that this nation's negotiators will have to "see what we can get in on that specific economic zone" while ensuring that the Bahamas' regulatory regimes are harmonised throughout the country. Their silence is deafening. Sorry but I don't see much of which Leonard is talking about, as working to our benefit. Bahamian products being validated and certified by the WTO. Didn't know they did this and even if they do, the cost i'm sure would be prohibitive for our small farmers. Any higher costs would make Bahamian products even less attractive to buy. Pie in the sky. Name one small developing country that has come put on top after joining WTO?

Funny how the attorneys have had their own lobby to prevent foreign competition, but everyone else should just suck it up.

The Bahamas in the 21st Century

The role of the WTO, the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank of Settlements are designed to suck the wealth out of the small countries and place it where it rightfully belongs, into the smart hands of the wealthiest countries. Please read the history of trade regarding the US, Britain, and Germany. They all had very high tariffs on imported goods. That is, until it suited them to open the doors to new markets. It is important to this country that we understand the many downsides to joining the WTO.

It will help a handful of people who are already doing very well by any standards.

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The rest of us will simply have less of a voice than we do now. Until we up our game, become more knowledgeable about history and what is best for our country, we will continue to be lured into deals that make no sense for the majority of us. What's even best for our country anymore? Even without WTO we're still stuck in the dark. We'll kill ourselves off before the WTO does the job themselves. The Tribune Jump to content. Sickened 5 months, 1 week ago Sorry but I don't see much of which Leonard is talking about, as working to our benefit.

Porcupine 5 months, 1 week ago The role of the WTO, the International Monetary Fund and the International Bank of Settlements are designed to suck the wealth out of the small countries and place it where it rightfully belongs, into the smart hands of the wealthiest countries.