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Read 1 Corinthians 7. And, Jesus' teaching on divorce. Your best plan is to pray for your spouse daily. God wants to save them too. After reading i still feel confused! I am a 16 year old and I love God with everything but I want to be on fire for God! I want to choose his path! However, I don't know what that is for me! I have had many struggles and am still struggling but I can't understand it! Torrey, I love your heart so much. I think you've found God's path — to love Him and long to know Him more. For you to be at this place as a 16 year old is amazing. I'm 52 and sometimes have to wonder God's plan.

You will seldom have all the answers — if you did — you'd quit having to run daily to your Father, God — which is ultimately what He wants from you. Keep asking, keep trusting, keep seeking. You are indeed doing the Father's will and as you do, He will guide you as He desires — and you'll know it. But, don't expect Him to show you very far down the road. It's a daily trust He's seeking. God is a myth I have tried in vein for years to belive in a higher power to have all my prays ignored and if he is real he is a cunt.

I hope other people have a better experience with him but I gave give up. Which i agree with her that it is demonic. The Lord has blessed me with my addiction to drugs and alcohol. Are they truly seeking the Lord. Will others that hate God always be on the Devils side like puppets always seeking love and hope but never actually finding it? Is it possible that some are just not chosen to be Gods children? Everything has an opposite. If you never knew hate, how could you know love. Like ripping off a bandaid. Blinded by hatred makes us forget how to love and be loved. Good is here and had always been.

Harsh words on a biblical site. Think about why you came here or what you hoped to find. Maybe God and the Lord Jesus Christ is what you need. A higher power we can hand our troubles to especially in the worst of times will bring you comfort and understanding. He or She I guess enables us to open hearts finding love dissolving anger.

Let your higher power do the heavy lifting for awhile. Spiritual living is freedom to experience happiness. I've tried for years to live for him, but He just doesn't listen to my prayers. The bar has been set too high for me. After not supplying my needs and desires for years, and then throwing me to the demons, I'm done.

I hope everyone has better luck than I did. Dear Mark, I felt in the past the way you do now. Our Father is way above such things. What you are experiencing is our Father calling on you to not only change your mind about how you see him in your life,but to let him in so that he can change your life. Live within the plan that he has for each of us. Those plans include things that seem great to us and not so great. To allow us to learn to praise and worship him through all of it and grow strong in spirit because of all of it. Every circumstance molds us, so that we can live above the petty circumstances of this world.

To help them,like Jesus helped us and many others. You are going to have to be willing to get up and touch the hem of his garment. Only then will he know that you truly care to know him and seek him out. You can overcome All things through Christ Jesus. Let your request be known and then act on those prayers through Faith.

Get up, shake yourself off. Trust in the Lord again. May Father bless you richly. Did you ask God for forgiveness or pray with a true heart. A relationship with God is the same as any other. Easy to blame the other but we have to put in the work He needs to see results. Giving up on communication amongst other things kills relationships. I often ask myself where I went wrong and it feels better taking responsibility instead of blaming. I seriously recommend connecting to your higher power. I still have to go and get my self tested ,soon.

Everyone knows because she told someone else that is involved in my social network. To all that sleep around. How do I stay strong ,in faith even though it could be … Or not be…. God ,father give me wisdom ,refresh my thoughts. When he talks to you does it actually mean you literally hear his voice? He speaks to you through good people in your life — people who help and guide you — perhaps even occasional people like me now!

Another thing— He answers always in your very best interests. If He knows something would not be a good plan for you at this moment. Be patient and you will see how His plan for you unfolds. Hi, im a backsliding christian for a while now,every time i go to sin i hear a voice in my head saying dont do it , come back to me. As a Christian you know what and can clearly feel what sin is.

Obliviously you know the path to follow. Been having really bad anxiety for a while like I was gonna die soon. It became something I worried about a lot Im not a real religious person although I do believe in God and have some knowledge on the subject. We got to talking and he ask me to come out to his truck he wanted to show me something. I said ok and he ask if he could read the bible to me so I said yes.

He read several scriptures about being saved and not fearing death and having eternal life and how we need to live our lives better bc we never know when that moment will be. He also said he used to worry that something was gonna happen to him years ago until he turned it over to God. I felt like this was a sign bc I never said anything about my problem. It has releived and also scared me. He said he reads this to a lot of people from time to time bc he feels like he needs to spread the word. Hi, ive been back sliding for a while now, but every day i hear a voice saying come back what your doing is wrong,.

I agree God works in mysterious ways. Stay strong and explore your Faith. I've have been wishing to speak to god but in the past I regrettably said some bad things about him. It was before I became a true Christian. Does this mean I'm not saved? Can I still speak to him. Well I have some good news. God wants to talk to you also. The Bible is very clear that nothing in us promotes God's activity in our life. God sent Jesus to the cross for all the things you've done wrong. He paid your price.

He gives you access to God by faith in Him. God is listening and waiting. Start with telling Him how wonderful He is, then tell Him what you've done wrong. I said all those awful things before I became a Christian, so he will forgive me for that as well? Hey sorry I wanted to ask: Has thoughts or visions blessed you before? God is always listening to His children.

God is love and His forgiveness saves our troubled hearts. My grandfather who is 81 recently had open heart surgery on Sep. He is a diabetic, also he has dementia so recovery has not been easy. Our family, is not the best. Lots of greed and selfishness. My grandfathers wife has battled cancer for the last 7 years. Me myself I lived 70 miles away from them. When I saw him at the hospital I was overwhelmed to be with him. This great great feeling not to leave his side. He got out of the hospital oct. It was to quit my job and move in with them and my three kids and take care of both of them.

So I left my apartment put all our stuff in storage, changed my 3 kids school and now I am my grandpaws nurse and his complete care giver. Was that god directing my path and leading me? I want to know and believe it was. Help me understand this please. I don't know if I can answer whether or not God is speaking to you.

I am certainly not a prophet. I would say, however, it seems like you're being used of God and it seems like something God would do. I wonder if he you should not try so hard to figure out the exact plan God has and simply trust him day by day. He is not the author of confusion. But sometimes he wants us to trust him in what we know to do today and he will give us father instructions when we are ready. Thank you for getting back to me.

As a response to what you said I do feel as if God uses me to do good things. I single handly ran a donation drive for all 4 famlies. I stored everything for the famlies until they got another roof over their head, which took a while to do. I did all that because this deep feeling to do something. I was on the local radio, in the news paper and everything. People was dropping stuff off under my car port, for months. I helped 4 famlies complete strangers. All because I felt like I had to.

I was told by this thought in my head step by step what I had to do to help them and everything. I know then that was God leading me to them and telling me what I needed to do. For this time with my grandparents I feel and know that was God speaking to me and guiding m to be with my grandparents. My papaws been out a couple weeks now and his dementia has gotten ten times worse since his surgery.

My job is to keep him alive until God decides it is time for him to come home. I had a dream that was out of body. I was up in the air with someone im assuming bc they responded to me when i asked a wuestion about what i was seeing my husband and i dining in the dream. It was completely dark and my husband and i were sitting down on something, maybe a couch.

I dnt know what we were looking at or who we were listening to bc it was complete darkness in front of us. Then i woke up from my dream. I have researched for quite some time now and only two ppl heard of my dream but dont believe. Rodrica is my husbands mistress and now babymomma. I had bn praying on this situation since i was aware of the affair my husband was having and from a few months after finding out about the affair, she becomes pregnant.

I habe spoken with her and my husband enough to feel i knew what to pray for and a miscarriage would actually be best for everyone involved. Im not sure if it was my own mind or whatever playing games with me or not. I found scripture in the book of Hosea and seen where miscarrying wombs cn be allowed or permitted to take place ny God Himself. Then theres another one from David and Bathsheba. Im okay with the baby being born if my husband and she cn be trusted to know that we are working on our marriage and thw adultery needs to no longer happen.

Even still my husband wants to move out of the state away from her since he has repented for healing and to run from the fact that the other woman may try to keep him from his child, but he understands that this would be a consequence he would have to accept due to his adultery and then getting the woman pregnant. This miscarriage would help all parties bc the other woman wanted no more kids and esp one by a married man with no job or any type of income. We didnt need another one bc of our finances and we had just gave birth to one whom was told to my husband that we were going to have right when the other woman became pregnant.

So i cn even see how this would help the other woman in her faith with the Lord bc she let my husbands lies and her lust for him get her life out of whack even with losing her job and still being homeless. She has left the city to live with her mom who has custody of her two oldest children since their birth and my husband came back home a month before she moved. My husband lately and this other woman have been wishing thia never happened and my husband is looking for a sign to help him know if coming home was the right thing to do bc we have had a rough 11 year marriage and he feels guilty for the lies and entrapment he caused the other woman.

Even tho she found out that he was married and pursued him even the more and she got a voice from the Lord that told her if she kept messing with my husband she would get pregnant and she ignored it. Mind you this other woman was not saved when she met my husband. He helped her to get saved and then allowed the devil to enter him to lead her to destruction. All parties are where they need to be but i am curious about this dream bc it would help all as well as all would really want that now and im just wondering would God speak such to me in a dream like that or was that my conscious speaking.

Ive bn getting or receiving things that line up with it being God who spoke to me but im just wondering again bc the other woman is 9 months plus pregnant already. And i hope that i didnt speak falsely to my husband and his mother about God speaking to me in a dream. Which they dnt belive came from God anyways but again, would God speak something as such? Thank you very much and i wait on ur answer. Dementia is a tough thing for families to whiteness and experience together. Maybe dreaming of miscarriage is just your fear of becoming a father again.

  1. 7 Ways to Distinguish God’s Voice from the Circumstances of Life – Ron Edmondson.
  2. The Price Of The Holy Grail (The Sub 4 Minute Extra Mile Book 14).
  3. 1 Chronicles 16:11.

I have a question. Thank you and God bless. I do not know how to do that honestly. I'm not sure there's a formula for that. You may want to sit with a strong Christian friend and talk it through with them. May God continue to bless you. This information was awesome and very valuable.

Thank you for sharing it with the world. My daughter escaped from home and travelled to the USA after a boy she loved and wanted to marry…. I cant live with this ….. God communicatec with me telling me she will return……. Why keep stressing on sin? Has not Jesus nailed them to a cross? Thank you for these powerful words of encouragement thank you. In and never looked back at that lifestyle again today i can honestly say im drug free i have 16 years clean from drugs and the horrors of the lifestyle that could cost me my life 3 times so god was telling me in those circumstances that i was on the wrong path and i needed to be on the path he has for me..

God came to me at time knew was gonna die from shooting pains he said to me u taught me something about people thought all came sinners was gonna end earth but u just saved all on earth and figured new way to go bout fixing the people to get out time of spiritual dutys u also played god on earth people have hurt u done u wrong and thiefs came stealing and yet u still let em in ur home and u heal and brung up thier spirits in seconds to the top when they had low down feeling helped give were needed and u died from the hurt they all done so u done everything like me so i give u relive as u but gods spirit in u asked me to get baptised write book from time he came to me on all seen and showed and tell priest they are teaching wrong and all are brainwashed by the wrongs and most info to earth bout god is false.

I give u the rest of live left of wealth happiness and good luck mediate pray and what u want just go towards it and it will be at hands. Spent my whole life being wronged by the people dhs and courts and police for no good prove reason never had proof of anything they pinned me for mostly and going threw it again took my kids on allegations no prove all lies cant be heard guilty to them even have proof god gave me they still wont hear me god says cant fight them without me just wait til my arrival to earth and all will know truth and the sins will be punished my spirit.

Also delivered the devil to god to be tortured for two thousand hundred years than he is to be killed no more hell i will be reconized to all and in the books for what god reveals and im failing task set to do but not understanding em so not doing what need for things that have already been set also informed me we are on last task than god comes he gave me secret info and insight on new future and what society is being punished for doing on earth etc please need guidance to understand what i need go do in human life for him and get my kids back from the corupted evil ones on earth amen.

How would the Bible be false. The Bible teaches that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. The Bible would be false if you couldn't be forgiven by God. That's the whole reason Jesus came. No worry for me. I just don't want you to ever think the Bible claims you can't be forgiven. In fact, I think that's the whole purpose of the book — to convince you of God's love for you, His plan to offer you eternal forgiveness. I have had a very trying year. I have prayed everyday to repair a broken relationship.

Sometimes, my faith gets week. However throughout the year I have a similar thought that I have not acted upon. Is this reoccurring thought God speaking to me? How do I know? Does it honor God and His word? Does it help others? Does it make sense — in a big picture perspective — of what God has already done in your life? Is this what He's been preparing for you? Would you give Him all the glory? Not sure I can answer your question but maybe more questions will help I always say if you're gut is being built by Jesus you can trust your gut.

That maybe my prayers aren't going unheard. My faith is weak. I have been told it is just my ego wanting to reconcile with this man. But if that is true, why is the love I hold for him still so strong? Why would the Lord put me through so much agony? Stop praying for God to repair your relationship. Pray that God will come guide you on the path he wants you to take. I wish there was an easy answer. Jesus said my sheep know my voice. There is no quick solution. It's like building any relationship. It takes time and commitment. But God does want you to be hear.

So, as you keep listening eventually He will speak. Learn to pay thanks and obey. What do you do when God tell you clearly what he wants but in involves another person who doesn't agree? This has left me in limbo and questioning if i have ever heard God in my life. My pastor agrees what I heard was right. Others have backed it up. Will God just go around it and find another way or do I have to live in uncertainty indefinitely? You go with what you know and others confirm. Be sure of it, but not everyone even agreed with Jesus.

I am dealing with such a heavyheart. My husband,now x husband and I have been split apart since last Augist,We eere trying to patch things up he was staying in another part of the state with bia sisyer and her family. He was trying to renuildy yrust in him again when I find out yhat he had been seeing this other girl and got her pregnant. The ,other of the child cannot ave any co. He does not have a. I have a very syable life. Because of all the hurt and ,isyrust my husband has csused me I still feel that God needs me to be available to him and his son and to open ,y home to him and not leabe hi, ha.

I still jave some type of feelings for him but there is absoluyely no yr. I am so confused at this point. I need a break. I have been through so much from failed relationships, failed careers, or lack of financial supports to pursue my dreams, no support system what so ever. I kept praying as if I was just making noise in a forest where no one can hear me. I am 35 year- old woman who lives alone, unmarried, not in any relationship and no children.

God Is on Your Side

I am currently studying to better myself; as things were going great for a while but my loans are currently not going through. I feel like my prayers are getting weaker and weaker although I do every day. I seek His words for comfort but still feel empty inside. I don't know clearly what the devil is trying to do but I believe that he has been and is currently fighting me with everything that I am doing. Please help me pray because I need strength to carry on.

In the bible, it is mentioned many times that He will be with you, but how do we not know that He was not just talking to Joshua, Peter, etc. We read the words as though they apply to ALL christians, but what even indicates that? It seems that He is just talking to those in the bible. I struggle with this exact same thought! I have asked the same question many times, how can I apply this to me when God was speaking directly to a different person?

Most of all, stop judging God using Bible. I'm 3 hours from you — one of these days, I'd love to talk with you about being a bi-vocational pastor in a small rural town, serving a church of 50 people. I'd buy the coffee! This is a long story. The beginning is just some background info. I said a quick prayer about it and went on my way. Around that same time, I was in the process of transferring from one school to another. At least, I thought it was random. I hope I do. Earlier in the summer a friend from work suggested I try online dating. I scoffed at the idea, thinking it was corny and desperate to say the least.

I tried it out and actually met one guy. I was disappointed but thought we could at least be friends. As I mentioned earlier, I was in the process of transferring to another school. Late August hopped around and school was about to start. I got a message from a young man on the dating app that my friend suggested. He asked if we could meet to chat. I figured, why not and agreed to meet. We met my second week of classes. My eyes lit up! We went and had a good time. We even ate ice cream. Yet, after that he left to go back to school in another state.

It seems like the worry, paranoia and doubt started as soon as he left. My thoughts raced throughout my mind. My friends understood at first but when they saw the toll it was taking on me they, and many others, told me to let him and the whole idea of him, go. All I could do was judge him and complain about him not texting me enough. One day, I had to deliver something to my professors. All of my professors had been fond by this time so I left the letters with their receptionists. One receptionist struck up a conversation with me. You never know what they need that other money for.

7 Ways to Distinguish God’s Voice from the Circumstances of Life

The very next day I texted the guy to ask how his week has been, still holding a very judgmental attitude towards him in my heart. He took some hours to respond which was typical considering the nature of his work but finally did saying that his week had been busy and his relative passed away. He was at the funeral as he sent me that text. I was reluctant but I did. I was sad and frustrated and all sorts of emotional and doubtful. After praying about it for sometime, strange things started to happen. I figured it was my sleep paralysis and went back to sleep.

Last he was here you spent 2 days with him. How much more will I bless you? That Saturday, I awoke at 2 in the morning again. Afterward I fell asleep. When I woke up, I checked my email and found an email my cousin sent me. She rarely emails me. That day, I ended up having a horribly emotional day. I left the hospital and, after much thought and strong suggestion of the staff at my school, I was placed on medical leave.

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Now, with an extreme amount of time on my hands, no school, no job, no treatment program, my friends all scattered about, no schoolwork. I have nothing but time to be still before The Lord. I figured that was the answer I needed to hear, but still felt it was a mystery. A week after that my brother, who rarely emails me, sent me something that basically said we often question why we have to go through so much.

Our situations may seem pretty bad on their own, but when God puts it together, we see that He works things together for our good. I took that as another message The Lord wanted to convey to me. What do you think????? What a great story. But he needs time and are you willing to pay the cost of being married to your soulmate? You need to publish your story. I went through a terrible breakup with my girlfriend because of this and it has left me to different things. I tried weed for the first time and smoked it occasionally. I recently did tonight, but tonight was different.

God talked to me. And throughout this night more things are coincidental now that he talked to me and is making me realize to have stronger faith. I would even catch myself liking and wanting things that other people had. How do I stand fast and focus on what God has for me. Hi Good day to all. It was the middle of sept. And Im in singapore that time for work then my Gf sent msg. In Fb that there is a better work in the Philippines and once I get back we can immediately start. My brother and family didnt want my gf to be my wife in the future, and Im not sure what to pray that time.

So what I pray to God is I ask him if it is good to accept the job shes offering or to decline on it along with that would be an end to out relationship. After a month a call center company offered me a job, and yes I really like it. So I do havr two option now. So time comes when I go back to Philippines, my mom told me not to accept the job that my gf offered coz its to far from our home. And the call center job is better. But I refuse to listen. Right now I regret everything. My gf is pregnant. The job that we had didnt give us a nice salary. We starve sometimes and now I realize that those warnings from my mom, a job offering from a nice company is Gods way of saying dont take that Job.

Because it is not good for you. God hears you N understand you thats all that matters he know your heart N know that your desperate for his love that he is desperate to give he is there all the time the more u speak out n reach out to him the more he will come closer to you N the more things will b clearer n easy for you to understand N im sorry for your lost i lost my dad a year ago n it still feels like yesterday.

Is this God trying to speak to me because i do hear from God before now. Is this God trying to speak to because i do hear from God before now. This may be too late for you, as you posted this months ago, but did you know that God can restore marriages even after divorce? Things are not working, disappointment, last minute failure resulting to poverty and debts. Please pray for me brethren during this testing time. God is not a liar and He will provide a way for your children to eat.

Pray with them and ask God what you need. One week, after I paid all the bills, we were running out of food. The next day I went out to my car to go to work I worked at the time and saw a note under my car wiper saying there will be a food drive tomorrow at 11am to 1pm at the church right next to us! We lived next to a Presbyterian church. God provided my husband, and I with sweet potatoes, corn, and something else, I forgot but we had food that lasted till I got paid again!

He provided just like HE promised in the word. I pray a church will be lead to help you and your family. Just wanted to encourage you and others going through those tough phases of trials. God is faithful and he will never lie. In every challenge, trust him and he will prove to be strong. I had been struggling with businesses that I started til we invited God into our businesses..

Faith, love, patience challenges through hunger, auctions and evictions have not been easy, but I learnt to trust him. We are not yet there, but I can already sense his hand moving things and soon a fuller testimony will be ready. Be of good courage during those trials brothers and sisters. He gave me the great commission that he has given medpower to heal d sick raise d dead preach d gospel Baptist them and that i should not be afraid that he is with me now and forever. And he promised me something in my marriage that it will happen this ur. Up till now have not seen d promise and am still eating and believing him but something I get confused.

He immediately he told me I started preaching d gospel for some month and stop. Some I will go for evangelism some I will not go. Till this year am not consistence have been battling with it telling God to give me back that passion for the lost souls. This article has made me know that God is testing me. Am so scared and God is distubbing me everyday i cant pray, and i cant study my bible am struggling.

Blessed - Hillsong Worship

God tested me and I failed and lost my salvation. Was reborn at my 33s, Christ age with huge and special blessings. Understood that there is something special but failed to realize how serious all was. Experienced incredible attacks by satan then. After three years He called me suddenly in mysterious way to be a nun, to serve Him and poor. Was full of pride, satan was working on me, I took my eyes from God and satan and put them on me. Experienced huge blessings, love Jesus from all my heart and at the same time hardened my heart.

Had many dreams starting twenty years ago and God spoke with me in other ways, but never in three years i even had a mind that He could call me to be a nun. I did everything in my way, not exactly according to the instruction given to me in dreams, etc. So on 26 January I failed test. Only that day i realised that perhaps it is His will not mine because I am thinking about that.

Looked for information about monasteries and nuns life and suddenly mind came that I dont want and that God push me into this situation.

Bible Verses About Seeking God

Suddenly felt terrible anxiety in plexus, understood that something terrible happened. Holy Spirit left me. Was changed totally in Spirit by then and now, after two months nothing is left, I am totally empty and walking in darkness. God reveiled me that I refused His Will for me, that He had huge plans for me and unpardonable sin was committed.

How terrible all this, only those who experienced that can understand. Always think God will, you never know maybe it is you who is chosen by God. Dear Daiva, The unpardonable sin is resisting blaspheming the Holy Spirit and refusing His call of salvation and this you have not committed. You are struggling with a religious Spirit that is not of God. God is a God of second chances as long as we are alive. After asking for His forgiveness He forgives and you should believe it and ask Him what to do next.

The devil is oppressing you with guilt and that is not from God. He died to set us. Even David was forgiven after killing and so He can forgive anyone.

2. Our sin has separated us from God.

I pray for you that you discover the real Jesus who is love and calls upon us to come to Him when we are heavy laden that He may give us rest. This is the greatest article that empowers me to look at the big picture and realize that know matter what is allowed in my life, God has a strategic plan of knowing whats best for me. The four examples are encouraging and has a profound impact of how God works it all out for our good. Even tho the hardest part is going through the storms of life that challenges us to think with the mind of CHRIST, i still must pass this major test and all four has been coming down my street recently.

Confirmation information for all nations!!! The awesome thing that stands out to me is that i find these truths to be accurate according to what im facing in Car was sold and im down to pennies and hope but God is a rewarder of those who delingently seek him. More prayer and less worrying from now on. This is a wonderful and thought provoking message to the soul. I am blessed by the heart that put this article together. Only by His grace can I make it. As I read about God testing in the article, I wondered what I would do when it is my term because I am rebuked each time I review the Ten Commandments and realized what a sinner I really am.

I am learning to seek God in being more prayerful, forgiving and attentive so as to hear when He is speaking to me and obey Him considering how it is so easy to result to what is natural to me. I realize that while forgiveness is easy for God, as it is one of His attributes. My hope is to pray in the spirit as is required of us.


Steven Lawson- absolutely, profoundly powerful! I mean, I was touched! It is also found on YouTube. I think everyone should watch it. I thank God for the experience. I am spiritually unstable, weak and broken. I need to be reminded of how great God truly is to keep walking on my beam of faith. Christian Jesus is the last solution to your all problems if only you have faith in him. Believe in God he will do great miracles in your life. Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.

And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. So true and encouraging. God gave me a beautiful promise and as I was waiting to see i manifest, I entered a very stressful obedience test. This article has been an eye opener and I have become very cautious not to flunk the test and lose my destiny in God. Thank you very much. Yes you can lose your calling!!!!! The test that we probably have to also test is not giving up on believing that God can restore our lives even if we do fall into temptation!

We are hopeless without him so we just need to depend on him whether we are perfect or completely sinful! We need to surrender our beginning and end to him and ask Him to complete the good work that He started in us. He that created us is faithful to take us from glory to glory and victory to victory. I just wanted truly thank you for these words that have been placed on this website for it has inspired me in a great way. About Us All Our Articles. The Obedience Test The first test I will show you, and this one was very severe, is what I call the obedience test.

Bottom line — God is our Shepherd, and we as His sheep are to fully follow Him in this life and every single directive and command that He will be giving us along the way. The Bible tells us that we are to be led by the Holy Spirit in this life — not by our own wants and our own desires. Your life is like a chessboard to the Lord. He is the One who will be making all of the major chess moves on your chess board.

Be the first to know when we publish new articles. William Suddeth - October 16, at 8: Tim - August 16, at 3: Flor zepeda - October 18, at 6: Hazel Mukherjee - August 5, at 6: Emanuel Johnson Adebisi - September 29, at 3: Metuge - June 9, at Megan Burton - November 30, at 8: Sean - March 10, at 7: Chye - May 30, at 3: Do you know Jesus? We live in a chaotic and uncertain world. Events confront us that can make us question: Even in the most troubled times you can be sure of these things:. Even when life seems out of control, you can be sure of this God has a plan and a purpose for you.

We only have to look at the world around us to know this is true. As a result of our sin, we are separated from God. In this state of separation, we cannot know God or experience the peace and hope of the life He has planned for us. This plan is called "the Gospel. God loves you and wants you to be His own child. Through Jesus Christ, you can experience a personal relationship with God and enjoy a life of peace and hope. When Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood for our sin, He bridged the gap that separated us from God.

The Bible outlines this incredible plan:. This is real love. It is not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His Son as a sacrifice to take away our sin. He is so rich in kindness that He purchased our freedom through the blood of His Son, and our sins are forgiven. It is only through Jesus Christ that we can know God personally.

Just to give mental agreement that Jesus died on the cross is not enough.