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The mind is a fire to be kindled by Plutarch

People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Out of the windows of the Senate House the soldiers threw chairs into the Square for fuel and kindled fires there. Here Rehoboam made the foolish speech which kindled the revolt of the N.

A fire was kindled at the bottom of a deep hole in the ground, big sticks were laid crosswise at the top, and meat was hung from them and turned on spits. The ore is kindled from above and the fire so regulated by making or unmaking air-holes in the covering that, by the heat produced References.

Soon afterwards his fancy kindled with the first glimpses into Oriental history, the wild " barbaric " charm of which he never ceased to feel.

A powerful revival broke out at Bala in the autumn of , and his account of it in letters to correspondents, sent without his knowledge to magazines, kindled a similar fire at Huntly. If the worldpowers were hard as flint in their dealings with Israel, the people of God were steeled to such moral endurance that each clash of their successive onsets kindled some new flame of devotion.

It was still low, but the glare of the fires kindled in the British cruisers offered a sufficient target. But commonly I kindled my fire with the dry leaves of the forest, which I had stored up in my shed before the snow came. She spoke little of Pierre, but when Princess Mary mentioned him a long-extinguished light once more kindled in her eyes and her lips curved with a strange smile.

Popular animosity was kindled by the enforced participation of the Jews in public disputations. The fire was then kindled , and his voice as it audibly prayed in the words of the "Kyrie Eleison" was soon stifled in the smoke. It might not be easy to formulate precisely the doctrines for which he died, and certainly some of them, as, for example, that regarding the church, were such as many Protestants even would regard as unguarded and difficult to harmonize with the maintenance of external church order; but his is undoubtedly the honour of having been the chief intermediary in handing on from Wycliffe to Luther the torch which kindled the Reformation, and of having been one of the bravest of the martyrs who have died in the cause of honesty and freedom, of progress and of growth towards the light.

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I kindled a fire using twigs and grass; The fire kindled easily; His speech kindled the anger of the crowd. Accendibility Accendible animate anneal arouse ask for awake awaken awakening bruise Bunyanesque burning clowder Cludder combustion conflagrate crossways discomfit discompose. References in classic literature? Related Words firewood wood tinder lightwood fatwood.

The Fire Kindled

Contemporary Examples Hiller opens a barrel, lifts out wood particles and pieces of kindling , and lets them run through his fingers. Historical Examples She was at the stove, where an armful of kindling had been set off to take the chill out of the house. Thankful's Inheritance Joseph C. The Great Hunger Johan Bojer. Nearby words for kindling kindhearted kindjal kindle kindless kindliness kindling.