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Union and Second M. Broad near Race Martin G. Mrrtin Janu s, jun. Second Mrlin J;imes, merchant 45 N. Jolins near Beiiver M: Beach MaxseiuL-r Adam, taylor 30 St. Second Msiyo Robert, m. Eighth Meeker Daniel, shoemaker N. Iwtll rg S W corr. Meanwhile, best friend Randall Jeff Anderson is working behind the counter of the adjacent video store, but only when he feels like it. Filmed in black and white on a minuscule budget, this bleakly funny comedy began the career of outspoken writer-director Kevin Smith, who went on to make Chasing Amy, Dogma and soon-to-be-released Red State.

Dedicated to Ruby McDougall on her 21st birthday. This is a nightmarish fable about a nuclear family in meltdown, with a career-best performance from Jack Nicholson. Friday 28 October Consequently, the film has built up a major following for its gory tale of five students who accidentally resurrect demons during a stay at an isolated cabin. This year expect the unexpected with stand-up, live art, dance, exhibition, workshops, bands, debates and more. The Festival runs from 20—23 October — view the full programme at www. Notes on a Political Journey Saturday 22 October Her eloquence, humour and indomitable spirit over the intervening years have been an inspiration to those struggling for social justice.

She was the youngest woman MP in the British Parliament at just twenty-one, was jailed for her part in the Battle of the Bogside, survived an assassination attempt on herself and her husband and now leads a cross-community organisation in County Tyrone.

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  • The film presents key moments in her public life to date and her current reflections on them. A moving, innovative film that brings personal stories to life in an unforgettable way. Living in the Material World Tuesday 4 October The screening will take place in two parts with a 30 minute interval in between. Journey from your favourite restaurant to Kenya via the Amazon and Philippines to discover the social and environmental cost of the global food industry. Northeast Arnhem Land is one of the last heartlands of traditional Aboriginal culture.

    Followed by a discussion with leading food journalists and campaigners. Dive into the stylish and magical world of anime. Blood Vengeance 3D Friday 7 October The screenplay is by Dai Sato Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Cowboy Bebop. Adventures in the Anime and Manga Trade. The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem Friday 7 October Featuring an amazing soundtrack by Daft Punk. This screening is introduced by anime expert Jonathan Clements. Hotarubi no Mori E Saturday 8 October Thus begins a bittersweet tale about the pair.

    With her new physical powers and ability to disrupt digital environments, she chases her former tormentor Shell, and faces down a variety of insane villains in this pulse-pounding cyberpunk noir adventure. Escaflowne the Movie Sunday 9 October So depressed that she sleeps all the time, even in class. Friends try to cheer her up, but nothing works; Hitomi dreams of fading away. Colourful Sunday 9 October Thanks to winning a lottery in the angel world, it is brought back to inhabit the body of a fourteenyear-old boy — who has just committed suicide.

    Thus, the protagonist begins a new life. A Letter to Momo Sunday 9 October A sensitive coming-of-age story that deals with loss and imagination. The loudest, softest, longest, freest, strictest work so far. Glasgow Life and its service brands found at www. For indeed, some films do pull off the impressive feat of outraging the moralists AND engaging the critics. Not had your fill of shocks? Turn to page 12 for details of our special late night screening of that king of video nasties, The Evil Dead!

    Both very violent and very funny, it has a show-stopping central performance from Eric Bana AND comes with an appealing anti-recommendation from Rupert Murdoch whose Fox distributors dropped it in Australia. If you choose to ignore this warning, stick around after the screening and talk through your reactions with Dr Melanie Selfe Glasgow University. Todd Solondz, that taboo poet of American indie cinema, made a splash back in with this pitch-black comedy.

    A queasy depiction of sexual dysfunction in suburbia, with a condensed plot that reads like a checklist of Bad Things paedophilia, rape, suicide, murder , it pulled off an impressive double-whammy: French filmmaker Catherine Breillat has consistently walked a wilfully precarious line between provocation and pornography, courting both controversy and praise. This study of sisterly rivalry is typical of her work — tough but sensitive, full of cruelly honest insights — and notable for its absolute refusal to provide a facile, PC account of adolescent experience.

    Films like Happiness implicate the spectator in complex and uncomfortable ways. France has produced some of the finest shock-cineastes of recent times, and visiting filmmaker-provocateurs from Polanski to Haneke have also chosen to work there. Why is French cinema going to such dark, painful places to renew itself? Audition Monday 31 October Oh and fellas, just so you know: Before our screening, hear from BBFC examiner Heidi Renton on their approach to the classification of shocking films like those in this season.

    On a Friday night after hanging out with his straight mates, Russell heads out to a club, alone and on the pull. Just before closing time he picks up Glen. And so begins a weekend — in bars and bedrooms, getting drunk and taking drugs, telling stories and having sex — that will resonate throughout their lives. The sexy Parisian lesbian underworld of the s is brought vividly to life in this star-studded thriller. The stylishly butch Gigola spends her days roaming chic Parisian cafes and her evenings in famous lesbian cabaret bar Chez Moune.

    We Were Here Tuesday 1 November It opens a window of understanding to those who have only the vaguest notions of what transpired in those years: Archival imagery conveys an unusually personal, elegiac sense of the city in the pre-AIDS years, and a visceral sense of the horrors of the disease itself.

    Extending beyond this, it speaks of our capacity as individuals to rise to the occasion, and the power of a community coming together with love, compassion and determination. Officially selected for the Sundance and Berlinale Film Festivals. Polyester Friday 11 November This bad taste comedy stars trash icon Divine as put-upon housewife Francine, whose world falls apart when her husband admits his infidelity, her daughter gets pregnant and her son is accused of being the neighbourhood sex pest.

    Originally filmed in Odorama, we have created replicas of the cards for your olfactory delight and John Waters has filmed an introduction especially for the screening! Bad Romance Sunday 30 October We offer regular courses and events at GFT for people who want to discover more about film. For more information about courses visit www. Danish enfant terrible Lars von Trier is back in cinemas this month with his apocalyptic fable Melancholia.

    GFT Screen Salons are a new informal learning initiative, designed to give you the chance to engage with films that have shaped cinema and our relation to it. At each Salon, a minute illustrated introduction sets the scene; our speaker then stays on to lead a discussion after the screening. GFT Screen Salons are included in the standard film ticket price. Please note that these screenings are for schools only — members of the public will not be admitted.

    For more details and to book places, please visit www. NSFW has an impressive line-up of films from around the world to inspire pupils.