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Caitie, every beauty pageant has its own scoring system. Usually, you can find out how beauty pageants will be scored before entering. Maggiesmom, I think black is risky. A few judges might like it, but most had rather see white or a color on younger girls. I'm guessing it's a natural pageant so they probably ask the kids to wear Sunday best. My dd has always worn pink or white and usually wins or is first runner up. My dd did her first pageant as a baby and won it. Then we continued to do a few here and there, all local prelims. But this year she has done two pageants, and this other girl keeps placing ahead of her.

My dd doesn't care, she just likes pageants anyway but I care! It doesn't seem fair. Do you know how the pageants are scored? I always enter her in all the optionals. Do more people where color? Hello, I recently emailed you asking you a few questions about your personal opinion about documentaries as child pageants cover a lot of documentary stories nowadays.

As one of my projects, I am doing a mini documentary on the views of people on child pageants and for my research I came across your article about whether children pageants are good or bad and a few others which interested me such as this one also. Do you think that documentaries are biased?

Do you think that documentaries deliberately make the characters stereotypical? Your experience and views on this subject matter would be so valuable and would love to hear back from you, with best wishes, Bianca Matthews.

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Hi Habee my little girl is 7 and i really would like her to start do beauty pageant but i don't know were to start i live in the UK please help. I find it hypocritical that women protest when a girl competes in a beauty pageant but have no issue with boyscompeting in something like football. Only the athletic boys can excel in sports. What about the poor boys who are fat or slow? Doesn't encouraging a boy to go out for sports teach him that his value is in how fast he can run rather than how smart he is? Everybody has their gifts.

There is nothing wrong with the pretty girls having their pageants. Does anyone know of or can recommend a pageant for my 10 year old daughter to try for her first time? We are in southern california. Okay i am 14, i live in a small town in arizona, and my mom will be in the chamber of commerce pretty soon and she found out that there is a pagaent for miss maricopa! Hi I work really hard on my teeth.

I am 12 an I personal think I do need a flipper. But that's just my opinon. If I tell anyone else I'm afriad they will tell me its stuiped. And say I don't have the skills for a glitz pageant. Gosh, sr, I really don't what to advise. My youngest granddaughter is fair, and Barbie pinkk works well on her. Soffiesmum, I don't know much about Cali pageants.

A lot of girls in the South are wearing swimsuits now for outfit of choice. That would be in keeping with the theme, too.

American organisers are set to stage a child beauty contest in Ireland in September.

I am entering my 8 month old daughter in her first pageant which is also a theme pageant "Hot August Nights" in Reno NV it is advertised as a natural and Glitz pageant put on by Charmed Pageants out of california any suggestions for us it really would help as I am comepletely clueless she is doing beauty theme wear and outfit of choice. I am looking for some advice for granddaughter who is 16 months old. She is a beautiful little girl but she is very fair, both skin and hair. My daughter has put her in several pageants but she really fades out up on stage. Being in a natural pageant is obviously tough on a fair child and getting makeup on her for a glitz pageant is worse.

Any suggestions at this point? I am about to recommend to my daughter she postpone pageants for a few years for her features to darken.

Denise, go to my pageant blog for lots of tips! It's highlighted in one of the comments above. Kare, we tried the hotfix stones several years ago but weren't happy with them. I've heard they're better now. Thank you for the very useful information. She has not placed, but has found more confidence.

There is another pageant in less than a month. We have a dress and all our supplies needed. What should we practice or work on for this pageant. It is still local and is not advertised as glitz or natural. It's to raise money for Relay for Life. Any advice would be wonderful. I've never tried the Hotfix stones because a pageant pal had bad results with them. Maybe they're better made now, so perhaps we should give them another try! I read your stoning a dress portion, do you not recommend the hotfix swarovski stones, that is what I have always used for my 3 year olds gymnastics leotards shes been in gymnastics since 4 months old and they seem to stay very very well even with all the running jumping tumbling and everything else she manages to do Melissa and Karmen, first of all, thanks for reading!

To rent a pageant dress in your area, contact a nearby pageant director. She'll probably be able to steer you to someone who rents pageant dresses. Another idea is to buy an unstoned dress and stone it yourself. We've done this a couple of times and have had great success with it. I have anarticle here on HP about how to stone pageant dresses. I just started a new pageant guide you might be interested in.

I'll be adding lots of info and pics! Anonymous, you need to be honest with your mom about it being a glitz pageant. Tell her you'll pay for everything with your birthday cash, and convince her that you have the right attitude! I'm having a hard time finding sponsors. I'm not a regular at any stores.

What do you think I should do? I thought about maybe real estate agents?? Amy, we did Sunburst several years ago. As for dress color, if your DD has dark hair and a tan, white is hard to beat. Lexi won a lot in turquoise, too. Hair - headband with bow is about your only choice. I had asked you a question a couple of days ago. I was wondering did it go through? Your article is helpful: I have a 15 month old girl.

13 Ways to Prepare for Your Daughter's First Beauty Pageant

I want to enter her in a natural pageant called Sunburst. Are you familiar with it? Also I was wondering, is there a certain color that judges go for? Het dress is white. But I would love a turquoise one. And what do you suggest for really short hair. She's only 15 months so there's not much to work with and she likes to pull hats off. The alligator clip kind is the ones I have. Shorty, I don't know anything about pageants in Canada.

Try looking online for a natural pageant!

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I haven't gotten to talk to my parents about it yet, but I did decide I would want to do a natural beauty pageant because that would be alot cheaper. I still can't find a small pageant in my area yet though. Sorry, Shorty, I don't know anything about pageants in Canada. With your talent, I bet you'd do well in a pageant that had a talent category! Maybe if you earned the entry fee yourself, your parents would allow you to try a pageant. I'm 13 and I really want to get into pagents.

I am a preformer, I sing and I have preformed in plays. But my parents don't really like the idea of pagents, they think they are a waste of time and a huge waste of money. I already know that I would need to get a job to help with money How can I convince them to let me enter one? Also, I can't seem to find any small pageants in my area to enter. I live in Red Deer Alberta Canada, and incase you don't know, that isn't in a state. Cassie, try to get local businesses to sponsor you. They can use it as a tax deduction for advertising. Habee, i think this is good tip coming from you.

I believe joining a pageant can help anyone to increase self confidence and be a team player. I've only done two pageants and i've done really well,and I want to do another one, but my Daddy has cancer and we don't have enough money to do another one yet. Journal Media does not control and is not responsible for the content of external websites. Switch to Mobile Site Night mode. Personalise your news feed by choosing your favourite topics of interest. Create your own newsfeed. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to provide services and advertising.

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Pre-Teen Beauty Queen (Full Documentary) - Real Stories

American organisers are set to stage a child beauty contest in Ireland in September. By Amy Croffey Thursday 23 May , Glitter Girls Pageants via Flickr. Yes No I don't know Vote. See more articles by Amy Croffey. Contribute to this story: Please select the reason for reporting this comment. Please select your reason for reporting Please give full details of the problem with the comment Routines are composed of different movements sometimes described as "sassy walk" and "pretty feet" and more.

Facial expressions can include liberal amounts of "duckface". This style of modelling is often referred to as "pro-am modeling". Big hair including fake hair , flawless makeup, spray tans, flippers fake teeth , and nail extensions are also expected of contestants. Glitz pageants may best be described as "anything goes". In contrast, natural pageants have fairly strict guidelines regarding clothing, makeup, hair extensions, etc. Programs such as National American Miss [3] forbid any makeup other than non-shiny lipgloss and mascara for girls on stage.

This modeling style is often referred to as "Miss America-style". Some pageants have a prescribed set of movements while others allow a little more latitude in how girls will use the stage or runway. All pageants have slightly different guidelines, rules, and criteria for what they judge on, and events. Events may include sportswear, swimwear, evening wear, talent, interview, writing skills, and modeling.

There is a queen for every age division, and there are Ultimate Grand Supreme awards, and Mini Supreme queens for certain blocks of age divisions 0—5, 6—11, 12—16, 17 and up. There are also side awards and overall side awards. A rising trend in pageantry is the online, specialty or mail-in pageant.

Social media sites like Facebook have many photo contest and pageant pages where contestant's photos are judged by how many "likes" they receive. There is a website devoted to this type of pageant program. Judging criteria can include past pageant achievements, numeric scale ratings and essays. Winners may be awarded virtual prizes such downloadable certificates and being featured on a pageant's website or physical prizes and gifts such as tiaras, sashes, medallions, toys and more.

Many are seasonal or theme-based. Some pageants are created to generate profit for the business venture while others are run as non-profit organizations. Typically, non-profits have low entry fees and sponsor a charity or other humanitarian organization. The average cost of a pageant depends on a few factors such as whether the pageant is glitz or natural, if the pageant is a local, state or national pageant, the pageant's distance from the contestants' home, and costuming requirements.

Entry fees can range from free to many hundreds of dollars. Additionally, optional events or side awards may be offered for an upcharge as well. Many pageants offer a "Supreme" title which can include hundreds to thousands of dollars in cash or savings bonds as an added incentive to enter every category. Typically, Supreme titles are only available to those who enter a certain number of optional events.

Many pageants are held in hotels and require contestants to stay on-site for at least one day or more due to the pageant schedule. In a glitz pageant, makeup and hair are typically done by a professional makeup artist. Many pageant moms pride themselves on making most of their child's pageant wardrobe as a cost-saving measure. Regardless of pageant style, glitz or natural, it can be beneficial to have an unbiased opinion on interview and clothing choices. There have even been cases of families going into debt or losing their homes because of overextending family resources to cover the costs that the pageants required.

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To defray the cost of competing, contestants may sell sponsor tickets or advertising pages for ad books in addition to having local businesses, friends and family sponsor them with donations. Parents are sometimes criticized for entering their children in pageants. By holding very young girls to a "beauty" standard involving things such as makeup and spray tans, pageants are seen as reinforcing a very superficial, modern type of femininity.

One sociologist, Shelby Colene Pannell, questions why parents would willingly subject their children to gender socialization in such an extreme form. The show first aired in and follows the child participants and their parents as they prepare for the upcoming beauty pageant of the weekend. Children who compete in pageants are used to being in a public spotlight.