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I have to say that Bobby really sucks in this one. Someone close to Vic in this one dies and there is an ugly accusation that Vic is a lesbian. The whole thing was terrible to read and just made me shake my head. I am glad it's , but I know that old attitudes like that die hard. We also get some of Vic's thoughts on the Catholic Church which didn't surprise me at this point in the series. The writing was good though once again I had to laugh from the constant barrage of attacks that Vic is under and how she seems to get out of trouble every five seconds.

She's like the freaking road runner. I started just nodding my head after a while. I have to say that I didn't buy the ending at all though did like that we finally have Vic moving locations. Her apartment sounds terrible. Now if only she moved offices. And the crowd roars! It's not a Great Book. But this is The One previously Jet Li. Women need an extraordinary badass female detective and V. Warshawski is that guy.

If James Bond can be young for 70 years and know how to do everything there is to do in the world, why can't we have a comparable female character? Plus, she actually is 'real' in that she has a well-rounded personality, except for her excessive need to do it herself even if she is bleeding out. Not quite a Scooooorrrrre! Not quite a cartoon, but if she was, she'd be a dark noir graphic novel character who can cook curried eggs with peas and tomatoes. She has no illusions, but she knows who the bad guys are and she's determined not to be them, even if she strays into their territory on occasion.

We know she is suppressing demons because of sideways clues, such as having passed the Bar in Illinois and having been a practicing defense lawyer previously, her mother having died of cancer when V.

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Of course, she is smart, political and proactive in all the right ways. Every political and religious and feminist argument she has in these books I've had in real life. She studied finance, I studied finance. Of all the female P. Unexpectedly, Rosa Vignelli, V. VI knows something awful for her aunt must have happened because the mutual hatred between them goes back to when Rosa threw VI's mother, Gabriella, out into the streets of Chicago with nothing but the clothes on her back and no English.

For some reason, VI's mother extracted a promise from VI to help Rosa if she ever needed it, so VI goes to her aunt's house to talk to her. Answering the door is her cousin, Albert, an accountant, who VI is not particularly fond of either. Rosa reluctantly exposes she is in difficulty, but within minutes she is too angry and full of hatred to discuss her problem and leaves the room, leaving it to Albert to hire VI.

Vignelli works at St.

V. I. Warshawski

Albert Priory as their Treasurer and she has been asked to go out on a temporary leave of absence because a locked safe she was in charge of has been discovered to have been robbed of securities, replaced with fakes. VI begins her investigation with the priests, only to be quickly fired by her aunt a few days later. However, VI has learned of a few things which definitely has aroused her suspicions, especially because of the possible involvement of thieving priests, forgers, the mob and her despised aunt.

But when her best friend is murdered and telephoned threats against her life are made, it's not only personal, but a matter of VI's survival to solve the case. I couldn't remember whether I had read this before or not. But this was different. Perhaps it was a radio show. Anyway, it was a quick listen. I love early Warshawski. Interestingly, although I loved this now and am all but certain that I've read it before what has stayed with me of it over the ensuing decades is not so much the story, the plot, as the ambience, the incidentals.

Her lack of apparent need to please, ingratiate or charm seemed to smash some of the gender stereotypes of the ti I love early Warshawski. Her lack of apparent need to please, ingratiate or charm seemed to smash some of the gender stereotypes of the time; sadly, it probably still does. And all the more so in that Paretsky does this without drawing a wearyingly complicated or obnoxious personality for her character. I wouldn't often re-visit a thriller but glad to have done so in this case. And almost certain that I was again enjoying the experience rather than wallowing in nostalgia.

View all 3 comments. The most exciting plot so far and otherwise classic Warshawski with the tasty peripheral of clothes and food and friends and boys. I thoroughly enjoyed this early V. Financial crime is always fascinating and scary. As always, the author has woven a bit of history, both of V. No internet, no cell phone, not even access to make everything a bit easier. It is a story of misplaced trust and the way it can be manipulated by unscrupulous individuals, using the religious life to mask their greed. Although written and set in the mid's, the book i I thoroughly enjoyed this early V.

Although written and set in the mid's, the book is as relevant to today's world and the types of financial crimes that still exist. A detective specializing in financial crimes, V. Of course, a hard-boiled detective is never scared. So what I was feeling couldn't be fear.

Lots of Chicago landmarks Victoria Iphigenia V. I would have preferred the author waste fewer words pontificating on social issues. Because of her misplaced literary-activism, it took me a while to warm up to the main character. I eventually got the job done, but the experience turned an otherwise five star book into four. The only real social sin is to care what other people think of you.

Fun read, though sometimes it dragged on. I loved the kick ass main character! Since the death of her mother, VI Warshawski has had virtually no family, save an estranged aunt who also lives in Chicago with her son. The aunt hated Victoria's mother, having thrown the pregnant girl out of her household and forbidding her to return. But, on her deathbed, VI's mother, Gabriella,, made her promise to help Aunt Rosa, should she ever need it.

And now she needs help.

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Some bonds have disappeared from the Dominican brothers Rosa works for, and she is a suspect in their disappearanc Since the death of her mother, VI Warshawski has had virtually no family, save an estranged aunt who also lives in Chicago with her son. Some bonds have disappeared from the Dominican brothers Rosa works for, and she is a suspect in their disappearance. Although she hates VI Victoria almost as much as she hated her mother, she needs her expertise in finding out what happened. But, VI barely gets started on the case before her cousin calls to tell her to stop, that his mother has changed her mind.

So, of course, she keeps working on this mystery, and adds more mysteries to it, finally unravelling it all as only VI Warshawski can. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Warshawski 3 by Sara Paretsky Goodreads Author 3. Very good, once I got in it.. A bit more serious than the first two VIs, although still enjoyable and a pretty robust plot. Been many years since I've read this series and I'm so glad I'm re reading these books Many years ago, I tried to read a Sarah Paretsky mystery can't remember which one and just couldn't get into it.

Because it was published in , some of the book is dated. Some of its datedness is quaint--as in the Omega car her protagonist drives and her use of pay phones. However, with the shift to the right in U. One of the first of a new generation of hard-boiled female detectives, V. Warshawsky--Paretsky's protagonist--finds herself in this book trying to uncover a money-laundering scheme that involves a variety of financial vehicles, the Catholic Church, and some disturbing discoveries about her own relatives even as her life is endangered by a hit men hired by the mob.

I couldn't always follow the finances, but I loved the feisty and vivid characters. I will be reading more of her books! I enjoyed it, but I have to admit that the financial stuff makes my eyes glaze over a bit. I liked the addition of Catholic Church politics into the mix.

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Warshawski is tough, independent, and smart — a great role model for female P. Anyway - still a good story -. This is the 2nd time for this book, but I still really like it. I got into this series because of the movie, and now I'm into them because of the writing.

Killing Orders

This one is ridiculously fun and God bless VI for dealing with her aunt Rosa. Because wow, that lady Another great Sara Paretsky book. This one involves V. Warshawski, private investigator, as she takes on the Catholic Church, the Mafia and her mean aunt Rosa.

Solid story and a satisfying end. Plus I love reading about the Chicago I remember from my childhood when it was cheap to live at Halsted and Diversey, haha! She is a gutsy woman and she proves it in this outing. A pretty decent radio adaptation of this V. I am reading several books at the same time. I often do that when I am reading a difficult book.

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  7. Warshawski with all her drama is relaxing by comparison! The interchange about abortion reminds me how long it has been a hot topic; this book was published in She is, like me, a child of the 60s. Paretsky covers a lot of interesting things in her books. Dishing out little details about things that come up in the course of the mystery, like comfort foods that start with a P and how the stock market works and life in a priory.

    So along with being exciting, the writing is also filled with inviting tidbits. She keeps your mind nicely in gear. The book is old enough that cigarette smokers still had some of the bad habits that had to be outlawed before they thought they had to stop: Unlike some private investigators, V. Evidently this is important in the mystery genre. Oh yes, and she uses picklocks regularly and successfully if that makes you feel better about her bonafides for that era.

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    There is occasional humor in tense situations: I was about to open the stairwell door when I heard feet pounding on the other side. Turning back down the hall, I tried every door. Miraculously one opened under my hand. I stepped inside onto something squishy and was hit in the nose by someone with a stick.

    Fighting back, I found myself wrestling a large mop. Someone threatens you on the phone. Someone throws acid at you. Someone torches your apartment. Just your average day as a female private investigator. Paretsky is a good, intelligent writer who has created a character maybe in her own image? She is divorced and has one boyfriend at a time, someone with whom she has occasional sex. But not graphic sex. More like the naked, sleep over after dinner at a good restaurant kind. However she does cook but hates doing the dishes. Not many dishwashers in budget apartments in the s.

    Some might say that Ms. Personally, I try not to use that kind of language with women. But listen to what she says to a Chicago Mafia Don after being taken to him blindfolded: I looked at my hands. They appeared remarkably small and fragile. One of these times, someone will kill me. She stays trim despite a ravenous appetite and favors multi-course ethnic meals with good wine, and throughout all her adventures takes care to provide the reader with precise information on what she had eaten, where, and whether or not it was tasty.

    She often indulges in big, greasy breakfasts and kielbasa sandwiches. She shares two dogs, Peppy and Mitch, with her neighbor. She is an ardent fan of the Chicago Cubs in baseball and the Chicago Bears in football , closely following the ups and downs of their respective careers. Her favorite brand of whisky is the Johnnie Walker Black Label , though she takes care not to drink it on the job. In addition to one failed marriage, Vic has had several lovers over the years, such as the English insurance executive Roger Ferrant, the Black Chicago police detective Conrad Rawlings, and the war correspondent and human rights activist C.

    Killing Orders by Sara Paretsky

    Some of them appear in more than one book, even after the relationship has ended. Warshawski can be a passionate and caring lover, and feels deeply hurt when a relationship is ended. Nevertheless, she is fiercely independent even towards men she loves, would not consider living together, and deeply resents their feeling protective towards her, which men who love her are all too apt to do when she repeatedly risks her life in pursuing a hot case. Her closest friend is Viennese physician Dr. Charlotte "Lotty" Herschel, who treats her various illnesses and combat-related injuries, and is in effect her surrogate mother.

    Only Deadlock has been turned into a film, V. Warshawski , with Kathleen Turner in the title role. BBC Radio 4 has produced four radio dramas based on the series, starting in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see V. The New York Times. In some books it is placed as early as or , immediately after Mussolini enacted his anti-Jewish legislation. In other books it is placed already at the time when Italy was under direct German occupation and Jews were being hunted and sent to extermination camps, which would place it in or It is clearly reiterated, however, that he was non-religious, unlike his devoutly Catholic relatives.

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