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He received his degree in English from Oxford University. Blood Ninja was inspired by his interest in the Far East, and by the fact that he is secretly a vampire ninja himself. Nick lives with his wife in Oxfordshire. Settings Tips on technique 3: Point of view Tips on technique 4: Dialogue Tips on technique 5: Plot Tips on technique 6: Tense Tips on technique 7: Not available to order from this website, please try another retailer. According to published reviews, the ending sets up another book. I certainly don't have the patience for that! Taro, with Hana and Hiro have escaped to Ninja Mountain.

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When information about his mother finally arrives, they set off to find her, knowing they are walking into a trap. In addition to the trap they find they are a part of the large, well laid plan of Ieyasu Tokugawa, who hopes to become the first Shogun of Japan. I picked this book up because the lure of ninjas, vampires, and the history of 16th century Japan was irresistible.

I finished the book because I wanted to see how Taro would deal with all the things life was throwing at him. Would he achieve some sort of peace or understanding? I would recommend this to Aarun. I am hoping that the quick paced action combined with the history would intrigue him. Sep 06, Je-wan rated it it was ok. Book One is awesome, but this one is not really good. Sep 03, Elijah Sugata rated it really liked it. It was good book filled with dark turns and intense action. All around a good book for advanced readers. Feb 15, ChattyNatty rated it it was ok. This series captured my enthusiasm at first and after the initial book i was eager to read on however i felt that in the second installation the story lost its originality and vigour.

The plot became bland and predictable so i read on being just mildly intrigued. It all felt a bit like the author gave up hope in continuing his plot and just turned it into something vaguely resembling a cheap samurai This series captured my enthusiasm at first and after the initial book i was eager to read on however i felt that in the second installation the story lost its originality and vigour.

The Revenge of Lord Oda

It all felt a bit like the author gave up hope in continuing his plot and just turned it into something vaguely resembling a cheap samurai film. Taro, the main character , weakened a lot and his personality became plain annoying around half way through. The story is just being dragged along loosely and extending the action and events way beyond what is necessary to the main point of the book. I bought the last book already before reading this so for the sake of money not wasted ill try and pull myself through till the hopefully not too conventional ending.

May 14, Charlie Thacker rated it it was amazing. This was so good. It had such good characters and presented a beautiful melding of a ninja and a vampire. The way time seemed to pass in huge leaps reminded me of classics like the Belgariad. The plot was so intriguing and had some odd twists. My one little problem is the way that the characters kept coming back from the dead. The author is worse than marvel. Many, many characters seem to die but then appear back alive through some quirk. A good read for everyone. Feb 27, Benjamin rated it liked it.

Jun 27, Mark Smith rated it it was amazing.

It was very adventurous, and emotional. Taro is a Savage with the sword!!! May 19, Nick rated it it was ok. Book died in book 2. I find Japanese culture and way of life quite fascinating. Having learned the language and being adequately familiar with their culture are also the catalyst for me to always have interest and to at least check out books that take place or revolve around Japan, especially YA books since there is so few with a Japanese setting or plot elements.

This is, actually, a real shame since there are endless possibilities to explore and write about. Luckily, there are some YA books already publishe Review: What the book promises it also delivers, I was a big fan of the first book and the second has upped its game and leaves no space to hesitate. The legends, folklore, traditions, etc. As much as I liked the book I would have liked to see more some humor or more lighthearted moments between the characters and a bit of breathing room. Everyone is constantly overly serious, which they of course have every reason to be, and there is constant action.

Nevertheless, this is a really minor issue I had while reading. Taro is a great hero. Feeling unsecure, fear, jealousy and on the other side being brave, self-sacrificing, determined. I liked how through all the hardships and circumstances he questions himself and his limits, without seeming like nothing fazes him and is overly confident and reckless, like a lot of YA male protagonists, but still in the end Taro always remains steadfast and comes through.

Hana and Hiro fulfilled their role as loyal and helpful support for Taro perfectly. I hope he finds peace eventually. Lord Oda and Lord Tokugawa — the two giants who make up the two warring sides to the power struggle for total control over Japan. Allies on the surface but, in reality, anything but that.

They really seem larger than life, wiser and more cunning than anyone, like puppeteers planning their steps years in advance, willing to sacrifice whatever necessary — in every way deserving to occupy the seats of the two powerhouses in the trilogy. Even though Lord Oda falls slightly short next to Lord Tokugawa in tactics and sneakiness, he makes it up with brutality and ruthlessness.

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A worthy sequel for a promising and exciting first book of the trilogy that met my expectations and more. Feb 12, 03JuliaC added it. Now I know what you're thinking. In fact, I almost didn't read it solely because of the fact that it was about vampires. It was sitting on her floor, discarded after finishing both this book and number 1, tempting me.

I really had no choice. This book is abo Now I know what you're thinking. This book is about a boy who is woken in the middle of the night to find that he is surrounded by ninjas, all on orders to kill him and his parents. He is just a fisher in feudal Japan named Taro, and has never even seen ninjas before. Luckily, one of the ninjas, Shusaku, was actually ordered to save Taro and ends up saving his mother as well. To save Taro, Shusaku had to turn him into a vampire, and therefore swore him to the life of a ninja.

His best friend Haro is also involved, mostly because Taro saved his life when he was young; Shusaku takes them both on a journey to figure out why someone would want him dead, and why they would send so many expensive assassins to kill him. This is an amazing book, and I would recommend it to anyone. I really liked this book because Nick, the author, really did his homework. He also made it interesting and believable, which would be the hardest thing to do in a story like this. Instead of making it run of the mill fiction or thriller in which a uniform set of events happens and in the end the good guy wins he makes it a fun, unexpected story.

This book is so much more detailed and creative. The setting is in feudal Japan, and I actually researched the time period after reading it, and found that the emperors of Japan key figures in the book were actually made after real people and had the same ruling personality as the actual emperors. A lot of events were historically accurate as well. I caught myself half believing that ninjas were actually vampires, and found that a lot of it added up. Think about it; ninjas came out only in the cover of dark, and they killed people in their beds before they could even wake up.

Awesome skills complete the outfit, as well as some pretty sick weapons. This book does not follow the usual format. There are no spies, no time travel, and no exploding cars. I liked that bit, because it made me feel more powerful. I know it sounds silly, but it did. This is an amazing book, and I would love to read the third if I got the opportunity. I think I would like to read more books by this author rather than read the third or fourth book, but I am definitely not done with Nick Lake.

Jan 03, Donny rated it liked it. Don't remember when I started and finished this book. Didn't take a month to finish, though The first book was brilliant. It was fun and unexpected I mean, it's ninjas with vampires. This could go wrong in so many ways. I didn't expect to much on this sophomore volume, and I suppose it did well enough.

We find early on that the hero's teacher, the vampire Whatshisname, didn't die after all after the huge fight at the end of the first book. I thought that was a mistake. Apparently I'm more bloo Don't remember when I started and finished this book. Apparently I'm more bloodthirsty than the vampires in the book. The hero reunites with his mother, only to see her die at the hands of a confused ex-companion who mistakenly believes the hero murdered her sister.

This was interesting, I thought, and a move in the right direction from a plot perspective. What I didn't expect, however, is the ghost of the mother haunting her son. This is, literally, an unhealthy basis for a mother-son relationship. He finally figures out what he needs to do on the cusp of dying I think I face-palmed myself here , dies and meets his mother finally in hell who finally!

See a Problem?

Luckily she doesn't say, "I just wanted to tell you all this while that you didn't tie your shoelaces. There didn't seem to be anything vaguely Buddhist about this weapon of mass destruction. Anyway, he gets this, and proceeds to destroy the same guy he supposedly killed in the last book. The bad guy got his guts sliced open at the end of the last book, but because the hero was bleeding, some of his blood flowed into the open mouth of the fallen bad guy, turning him into a vampire because the hero is a vampire ninja - I had forgotten to mention this bit.

You know, just in case you didn't realize from the title of the book. The love interest is the daughter of the said bad guy, and I'd imagine he'd have a hard time courting her now, having killed her father not once, but twice. In fact, he'd have such a hard time of it I suspect he'll spend a big portion of the third book doing just that. I have that very book, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he accomplishes this. I'm slightly cheeky with this review, but I have to say I did enjoy this book, though admittedly not nearly as much as the first one. There wasn't an expectation with the first book, and the second has to be coloured somewhat with some kind of expectation.

I seriously look forward to the concluding volume of this story. This is the second book in the Blood Ninja series by Nick Lake. I thoroughly enjoyed the previous installment so started this one soon after. It picked up straight after the events of the first book and as the background and characters had already been established, it was straight back into the action, rejoining Taro and co.

One of the things I really like about this series is that it portrays an epic struggle between good and evil. Lord Oda is pretty much evil personified and is truly bone chill This is the second book in the Blood Ninja series by Nick Lake. Lord Oda is pretty much evil personified and is truly bone chillingly bad.

He's an awesome nemesis for Taro who also has to face an enemy in the form of Yukiko. She's determined to avenge her sister's death and has become consumed by thoughts of revenge. She appears even more threatening because as a young girl she's as far removed from a deadly killing machine as you can get. However, she's no longer who she once was and can think of nothing but bringing her sister's killer to justice.

Because of this she's depicted as an even bigger threat to Taro's existence. Nick Lake has obviously done incredible amounts of research into Japanese culture, the ninja way of life and also the religious and spiritual beliefs and philosophies which are described in the book. There is an amazing amount of detail about all of these things and they really enrich the overall story.

I love reading about the country of Japan and found this a wonderful setting. There are subtle romantic undertones in some chapters in the book, as Taro and Hana are drawn closer together. The romance between them is a periphery element of the plot however, rather than being the main focus.

The Revenge of Lord Oda

Personally, I'd like to see this being developed further as the series progresses. Fans of the series won't be able to resist grabbing this new installment of Taro's story. For those that haven't discovered Nick Lake's writing yet then I would definitely recommend trying these. Teenage boys in particular will be drawn to the idea of a ninja who's also a vampire! There are obvious reasons to love this book. The words have a nice flow, it's written by the editor of Darren Shan's books, I'm a fan of Japanese culture and fantasy is one of my favorite genres and this mixes them perfectly.

The Japanese folkore ties in really well with the supernatural elements. Yet I didn't love this. This book got me in the so called reading slump. I started reading it and gradually noticed I start to feel like reading less and less. So I decided to read another book. It too There are obvious reasons to love this book. It took me half a year to pick this up again. I still don't know why that is. I know this book has its flaws. It's a typical second book in which the whole time you feel as if it's all building up to something that will happen in the next book. The quick pace only really happens at the end and then it all happens too fast to keep up.

It took me some time to read this after I finished the first book, so I found that I just didn't care about the characters anymore. There is a summary of what happened in the last book in the first chapter, which I was very happy about, but it still didn't make me care for the story again. Which is a shame because all the good pointers I mentioned above still remain. To me the supernatural Japanese mix is refreshing to read and also really, really cool. It's actionpacked, a little gory but also an interesting world.

Too bad the main character spends most of the time sulking although in some cases he did have reason to, but just not the entire book please. It was getting boring. Nov 04, Sydney Russell rated it it was amazing. It is about Taro, a daimyo's son, raised as a peasant; however, is destined to become the shogun.

Taro is a vampire-ninja and after losing his mother he wants to see her again no matter what. He wants to talk to her, so once he gets word he goes to her on Mount Hie Name: He wants to talk to her, so once he gets word he goes to her on Mount Hiei and the result is catastrophic. People die and causes him to go back on his search for the Buddha ball: This book was just as amazing as the first one. It had many plot twists and I was happy that my favorite character lived. I can't wait for the next one.

I do recommend this book; however, read the first book then this one. It also depends on what you like because some f this can leave a gory image in your mind. I rate it a five on our scale. If it was the monks, they would help him, make him live. And that would be worse. She would consider him a coward and a traitor, for leaving her alone to die. She would live, and then he could die. I give you till dawn, before I launch the attack. Jan 21, Toni rated it really liked it. A great second addition to Nick Lake's Blood Ninja series!

Taro, Hiro, and Hana go to the Tendai monastery in search of Taro's mother, but once they get there, they find themselves the victims of a horrible trap.

Blood Ninja II : Nick Lake :

Taro experiences great pain and must go where almost no one has gone before in order to get answers and to finally discover the location of the Buddha Ball. This whole book was fantastic, with wonderful, lively characters and plenty of action to keep me hooked! A LOT happens in this book, and I cannot remember how many times I gasped in surprise at all the twists and turns! Oct 01, Harvantebell rated it really liked it. Taro must go to find his mother who was sent into hiding to keep her safe an he helps a samurai who is being haunted get his life back.

As the story goes Taro loses loves one an must go on a journey to find the "Buddha Ball" This book would be good for anyo "Blood Ninja 2" the story starts off after Taro, one of the main character of the story thinks he has killed lord Oda, the man who wanted to kill him an everything he has, but he is wrong he has turned him to a vampire an he wants his revenge.

As the story goes Taro loses loves one an must go on a journey to find the "Buddha Ball" This book would be good for anyone who likes to read a series style book the deals with revenge and lose an also great journeys to fight off the evil forces. Jul 29, quinnster rated it liked it. I didn't love this as much as the first book. This one starts off pretty much right after the first. Then, everything that could possibly go wrong does. Taro must now find the Buddha ball and restore some kind of peace for himself and Japan.

There is no doubt Nick Lake is a wonderful writer who does immense amounts of research to keep things authentic, I just didn't get into this story as much as I did the first. I' I didn't love this as much as the first book. I'm interested to see if there will be a third. The story did end, but it's kind of left with the option to continue the journey. I guess we'll have to wait and see! May 22, Jennifer rated it liked it. I have a hard time believing what Yukiko is doing to get revenge on Taro. This is a complete change in her personality from book one.

This book, I wanted to learn more about Taro's past. I also find it really unbelievable that Shusaku keeps iterating that Lord Tokugawa thinks in years not months. It got very repetitive and somehow, magically explains how Lord Tokugawa always makes the right move. Still, an entertaining read. Apr 21, Jopp rated it liked it. Satisfied with how the way things end in this 2nd chapter of the book, mix with monks, myths, and buddha ball?!

Mar 27, Valerie rated it it was amazing. This book was actually pretty good, even though the plot basically consisted of trying to kill Lord Oda.