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If your class has extra budget for materials, try doing this exercise using thread or pipe cleaners and beads to create the binary bracelets instead of pen and paper.

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You can provide any combination of two colors in beads to the students, but black and white tend to be easiest, given the way that the key is done. After the activity, revisit the message that was on the board and see if your class can decypher it using what they've learned. Use these activities to enhance student learning. They can be used as outside of class activities or other enrichment. Introductory and Wrap-Up suggestions can be used to delve deeper when time allows.

Lesson Overview Binary is extremely important to the computer world. Assessment - 10 minutes 6 Binary Assessments. Lesson Objectives Students will: Encode letters into binary Decode binary back to letters Relate the idea of storing initials on a bracelet to the idea of storing information in a computer.

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Write a short message on the board in binary. Getting Started 15 min 1 Review This is a great time to review the last lesson that you went through with your class. Here are some questions that you can ask in review: What did we do last time? What do you wish we had had a chance to do?

Did you think of any questions after the lesson that you want to ask? What was your favorite part of the last lesson? Lesson Tip Finishing the review by asking about the students' favorite things helps to leave a positive impression of the previous exercise, increasing excitement for the activity that you are about to introduce.

Make A Morse Code Beaded Bracelet

I have a Coatt necklace too, which I bought at Renegade Brooklyn this year. July 11th, at 6: Jennifer, These look great! Thanks this is a great way for my GS Troop earn the Junior Detective badge and a clever way to learn and use morse code.

We will be having a mystery campout and already using oven bake clay to make finger print pendants and may do this with clay if time permits or use plastic beads and cut straws to save time. This is so cool. I also put a link on the website section because I found a guide that teaches kids about Morse Code.

I thought it might come in handy for anyone wanting to do one of these necklaces while teaching their kids. February 14th, at 5: This just made the queue! My dear, I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out!

Morse Code Bracelet

It's beautiful, well structured, interesting… and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine!

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