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The loss of respect for the disease has propagated unscientific theories that question the importance of vaccination. But the virus does not rest. After several days of measles infection, the characteristic skin rash appears on the face, neck, hands and feet. Measles is a serious disease caused by a virus, but it perfectly preventable with vaccines.

After a historical minimum of 5, cases in , cases have quadrupled in with more than 20, people affected and 35 deaths. Moreover, 15 European countries, including the United Kingdom, had large outbreaks; Romania, Italy and Ukraine were the territories with the highest incidence.

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However, it is a health problem not only for Europe, but for the rest of the world. In Spain, in recent years there have been between and cases as a major upturn - except in , when the last major outbreak occurred with 3, cases about 30, in Europe -. Although it is not a negligible number, within the European scenario the country moves in a relatively low range of cases.

In there were cases reported.

If we have close contact with a case and we are not vaccinated, it is almost impossible not to get infected. That is, the options are to be vaccinated or infected through the virus. When an affected person appears, whether or not a significant outbreak occurs depends directly on the vaccination rate of the nearby population and the preventive measures taken.

Air and contact isolation is necessary, since it is transmitted through direct contact with the respiratory secretions of infected people and through the air. Measles is a disease candidate for elimination since its reservoir is exclusively human, there is an effective and cheap vaccine that provides lasting immunity, the virus barely survives in the environment and there are sufficient diagnostic techniques to detect the infection. While at the beginning of the 21 st century there were almost a million dead, in the number has fallen below , According to the WHO data, in - before the use of the vaccine became widespread - it caused about 2.

From to much progress was made in its eradication; however, since then outbreaks have been declared worldwide. The expert reveals how this improvement can suppose, on the other hand, a loss of respect for the disease and the propagation of unscientific theories. It is important to note that measles, in addition to killing, can have serious consequences, so the balance of immunity can also be negative. The first symptom of measles is usually high fever, which lasts between 4 and 7 days. In the initial phase, the patient may have nasal congestion, cough, watery and red eyes and small white spots on the inside of the cheeks.

After several days a rash appears, usually on the face and upper neck, which lasts about 3 days and ends up affecting hands and feet.

Measles Outbreak 2014… Are Vaccinations Worthless?

The most important complications are blindness, encephalitis infection accompanied by cerebral edema , severe diarrhea which can cause dehydration , as well as severe ear and respiratory infections, such as pneumonia. They are more frequent in children under 5 and in those over Early diagnosis is essential to initiate the isolation of the patient and thus prevent transmission. However, younger doctors hardly know the disease because today it is not normal to see it in the consulting rooms.

Not vaccinating a child of measles while this disease exists is a hoax; sooner or later you will end up finding the virus.

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Parents who decide not to vaccinate their children obviously love their children, but they handle the wrong information. According to the Associated Press, the majority of kids who contracted measles have not had the MMR vaccine. Some kids get the disease anyway. They lie and fake statistics in any way they think they can get away with it.

Measles - Akron Children's Hospital video

Moving the posts around like this means they can always win! Some vaccines are useful and do seem to work smallpox. But some are totally ineffective flu and some are dangerous measles and Gardasil. I am not moved by the pathetic argument that fewer people are killed by the vaccines than are killed by the disease.

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Notice that the current outbreak is occurring 15 years after measles was declared eliminated in the United States. This illustrates how quickly a resurgence of the disease can occur. Of course officials here blame foreigners, as usual. It must have been a resident of a country where measles is widespread or a Californian who traveled abroad and brought the virus back to the United States, the AP reported. In fact, there is just as much chance of a vaccinated individual triggering a measles epidemic as someone unvaccinated.

But the official line says not… without a shred of evidence to support their position. In fact, a report from the Institutes of Medicine made it clear that measles can be caused by measles vaccine.

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Yet health experts explain the California measles outbreak with the usual sly attacks on parents who refuse to swallow the official propaganda. Then you get the usual herd immunity crap like this, from Dr. We see measles spreading most rapidly in communities with higher rates of delayed or missed vaccinations. Another weasel Dan Derksen, MD, professor of public health policy and management at the University of Arizona in Tucson weighs in with the same, tired old argument: Yet the outbreak occurred anyway. This happened in another high school, this one in Massachusetts early in Most of the infected had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine.

Those vaccinated who became infected anyway also managed to spread the measles to their siblings. It would surely be better to work on the sources that are untrustworthy, rather than slandering caring parents?