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MFU CAN (Common Account Number)

The fully preassembled, ready-to-connect module can quickly be transported to the installation site on a truck. Additional machines for loading and unloading are not required.

The modular concept offers many advantages when biogas plants are upgraded and expanded: Due to its mobility and ease of installation, MFUs are perfect as emergency units for operators of multiple plants or biogas cooperations. The MFU helps eliminate the problems associated with lengthy feeder downtime and enables repair and service work without disrupting plant operations.

MF Utilities is the unique industry initiative in India

Gas production continues as usual. All of this contributes to maximising plant profitability.

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Existing equipment is often laid out to only accommodate a few kinds of cosubstrate. Tests with new cosubstrates can be costly and highly involved.

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Leasing an MFU is an attractive solution for this scenario. Trials with new cosubstrates can be performed at a manageable cost. Based on test results, an educated decision can then be made on the conversion of the system. To ensure and improve the use and function of our website we use cookies on it.

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Distributors Contact Request a quote Change country. Nissan's Ghosn selected as one of 'most ideal.. They kept the public abreast of developments in the campaign, and entertained them with film shows produced by the MFU , as well as anti-communist skits performed by Surrendered Enemy Personnel SEPs.

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Scaling inter-domain routing system via path exploration aggregation. During planned service checks, the oil is cleaned quickly by being drained from the gearbox, then circulated repeatedly through the MFU until clean. Technology for world markets: Nordic equipment manufacturers are among the most innovative in the world.

Simon Walker reports on the many technologies they offer.