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By David Moulton and Keith Slesser

Benvolio Montague, cousin to Romeo, is familiar with all this. Vollendet German Edition - download pdf or read online. Jeder hat das Recht zu leben - bis zu seinem thirteen. So unterschiedlich die drei auch sind, eines haben sie gemeinsam: Sie sind auf der Flucht. The Dead Kids Club. Her dull existence is set to get a killer improve. In her small city of chilly Meadow, Virginia, lifestyles seems going precisely the means Danielle Donovan wishes. Read e-book online Let's Play the Mad Scientist! Experiments contain your baby so studying is bought first-hand.

We're thankful for an audience that allows us to be ourselves and supports our effort to connect members of our Lancaster community with each other through this podcast.

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Opening the iTunes Store. If iTunes doesn't open, click the iTunes application icon in your Dock or on your Windows desktop. If Apple Books doesn't open, click the Books app in your Dock. Click I Have iTunes to open it now. Description Lancaster County podcast featuring weekly guests talking about the arts, business, culture, events, and personal and professional interests with co-hosts David Moulton and Keith Slesser on The Lancast. Customer Reviews I love being " Great podcast, great guys!!!

We really love making this show. Links Podcast Website Report a Concern. Clean Guys Night Join us on our journey to our final episode with this memorable Guys Night. Our very first guest Chris Hall returns for some humorous stories. Tune in, turn it up and get ready to laugh, but most of all enjoy the conversation! Happy Holidays from all of us at The Lancast! Ron Smalec is the type of person that sees inspiration spring forth from the entertainment he enjoys. It was an adventurous day full of lots of exciting things to see and experience.

Back from the trip and with plenty of time to digest everything that happened the two sit down to share. Listen in as Keith leads the angels on rabbit trail after rabbit trail on topics bound to cause some laughter. Clean Gifts That Give Hope.

On the eve of their newest album Jake Lewis and the Clergy stops by the studio to lay some musical knowledge on us. Listen in as we discus what is was like for Jake to transition from a one man gig to a full band scenario. Totally Missing Our Handles. Man those guys look dapper in that picture up there.

Clean A Complete in Box Discussion. Join us as we take a look into the minds of those thinking about transitioning to college life. D sits down in our studio to talk about his new book On The Edge: Transitioning Imaginatively to College. Clean Straight from the Faktory to Your Ears. And on top of that you probably have an opinion on the young artists that can be seen performing on the streets and filling up the cafe.

In celebration of 60 years of serving the community the North Museum sent over two of their best to help bring us up to speed on everything the museum has to offer.

Museum curator and paleontologist Andy Redline and Sr. Locked In A Sauna. So hot that on this edition of Guys Night we were concerned Jason might melt away. And he almost did! Thankfully Daniel Klotz returned to bring the cool and save Jason for impending doom. Clean A Derby for the Dutchland. Did you ever go rollerskating and want to bump into your friend or maybe a random person and make them fall over?

Well want no longer because roller derby is here to bring those dreams into reality! But what about the growing music scene? When you consistently work on a creative outlet you no doubt learn some things along the way. Clean Guys Night 9: All About The Emotions.

The Lancast

Let me tell you folks,. This is where the PA Guild of Craftsmen comes in. Sometimes music is more than just a passion, more than a love, it becomes a way of life. That is until a few years ago when Justin dec. Clean The Emissionless Man. Many of us think about the adventure of traveling around the world yet only a few of us will actually embark on this adventure, and even fewer will make the journey under their own manpower.

There are countless magazines, TV shows, and ads showing extravagant weddings with no guidance of how to make these situat. To some when they hear about international refugees they think of groups of people moving from one country to another far from us in areas like Africa and Southern Asia, but what might surprise you is that the U. Clean Park Your Art. With the art community bursting to life here in Lancaster it raises the question for many artists, How can I get my art on display? Taylor Brown and Ole Hongvanthong want to show other artists that with a little creativity you can bring your art to the.

Hailing from Tennessee and having roots in Connecticut, Sarah Lou Richards is on an adventure chasing her music wherever it may take her. Join us as we stop Sarah Lou in the midst of her tour and right before a show to talk about how things have brough. The Middle Name Crisis. Well you better start believing, buddy! We get into all the hard pressing issues like. Anyone else remember listening to Dawson McAllister Live every Sunday night on your clock radio while trying to fall asleep?

It was from that radio broadcast that I got a glimpse of what other teenagers were facing in their lives. Clean Climb the Rock that is Chetroy Productions. In his case, it helps him stay versatile. He and Garrity Powers operate Chetroy Productions, a photography and video production company that tries very hard not to be. Clean Farpoint Coverage pt3: Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with your favorite childhood TV characters? Well Miles and David got the chance to do just that when they sat down with voice actor Rob Paulsen.

Clean Farpoint Coverage pt2: Part 2 of our 3 part colaborative series with The Scifi Diner Podcast is fresh off the presses. Most of you probably know Mr. Arenberg as Pintel in the first three Pirates of th.

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Clean Farpoint Coverage pt1: Welcome to the first installment of a three part series collaboration with The Scifi Diner Podcast. During his visit in the studio Rob shares about the brain filled burrito that changed his mind on all things burrito related. Joy Ike loves Lancaster. Thank God she does, because that means she travels here often to play her music for us. A singer-songwriter from Pittsburgh and born to Nigerian parents, Joy has worked hard to build a following for her music,.

Clean The Story of Adoption for the Adopted.