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Black Tulip Alexandre Dumas The black tulip Alexandre Dumas A romance Dumas, Alexandre W. Ships next day in padded envelope with barcoded address, delivery confirmation, and tracking number. The The Black Tulip: Limited Editions Club, Illustrated by Frans Lammers. Enschede, For the Limited Editions Club, One of copies, signed by the artist, and Jan Van Krimpen, the designer.

Argosy Book Store Published: Prince William of Orange Black Tulip.

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Green boards are decoratively blind-stamped and carry gilt text and decorations front and spine. Book is ex-library and carries stamps from several. It was withdrawn in Boards are edge and surface worn with scuffed extremities.

The Black Tulip - Alexandre Dumas - Oxford University Press

Request an Inspection Copy. Description About the Author s Description Alexandre Dumas's novels are notable for their suspense and excitement, their foul deeds, hairsbreadth escapes, and glorious victories. Young Request an Inspection Copy. Monday - Friday, - UK time. To be honest I was expecting something more swashbuckling and adventurous from the man behind the Musketeers and I found this competantly written but dull.

The Black Tulip

The opening re Cornelius and Johann de Witt set the story up well but after that it descended into petty bad neighbours among the tulip growers. Cornelius van Baerle, the novel's hero, is wet, things happen to him and he makes absolutely no effort to improve his own lot, just resigns himself to the inevitable which is then fixed by a series of rather ponderous deus ex machinas.

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I felt rather sorry for Rosa comdemned to life as second fiddle to a flower The detail of life in the Netherlands at the time was good but much more could have been made of the fascinating political and religious upheavals of the time. I bought it for my Kindle on holiday First read as a child during homework time at boarding school I decided to return to it as an adult and was not disappointed.

I bought it for my Kindle on holiday in Amsterdam to visit the tulip fields so it was extra appropriate! It is a classic but readable and a good introduction to such books for younger people. Another part of my trying to find my entertainment whilst filling gaps in my 'Classical' reading - which disappointed! I simply couldn't 'get in to' the characters or their motivations; it proved to be another of my 'failures to finish'!

Gripping novel based on the intense osession that developed over new species of tulips, woven in with social history. Lovely book A good read. Who would have thought that a book about growing tulips could be so exciting?

Black Tulip

And yet Alexandre Dumas managed to write a compelling page turner based on that very subject. Dumas became one of my favourite authors a few years ago when I read The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers but I had not read any of his lesser-known works until now. I regret not reading The Black Tulip sooner because I enjoyed it almost as much as the two books I've just mentioned.

The book is set in seventeenth century Holland and begins with the violent murders of John and Cornelius De Witt, suspected of conspiring against the young Stadtholder, William of Orange. Our hero is the fictional godson of Cornelius De Witt, who is also called Cornelius.

The Black Tulip

Cornelius Van Baerle is a keen tulip-fancier whose biggest goal in life is to produce the world's first black tulip. However, Van Baerle is not the only tulip-grower in the race for the Grand Black Tulip - and his rival Isaac Boxtel will stop at nothing to get there first!

The first few chapters put the novel in historical context and will be slightly challenging to anyone like myself, who doesn't have much knowledge of Dutch history, but if you read carefully and refer to the notes it's easy enough to follow. As soon as Dumas finishes setting the scene, the story explodes into action and never stops until the final page, taking us on a journey through the full range of human emotions - love, hatred, greed, loyalty, jealousy and obsession.

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Rosa, the only female character in the book, is a jailer's daughter who falls in love with Cornelius and finds herself having to compete with the tulip for his affections. Despite making a few remarks of the "I am but a woman" variety she is otherwise a strong and quick-thinking character who does what she knows is right, even if it means going against the wishes of Cornelius or her father. The starring role in the story, though, goes to the elusive black tulip itself. As you might have guessed, I really loved this book. If you enjoyed The Count of Monte Cristo there's a good chance that you'll like this one too, as it's very similar in writing style, pace and even several plot elements.

It could almost be described as a shorter, less epic, less complex version of The Count.

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