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When find out that they will both be going to different schools, neither are worried because they know their friendship could survive it. That's not as true as they thought. From the beginning of the new school year, things are off to a bad start.

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Harper was always the popular one, she was pretty and was one of those really nice girls who was friends with everyone. Making friends was easy for her. Lily on the other hand has always been a little bit different. The self-proclaimed 'gawkward' girl who wears fairy wings with every outfit and has always been less sociable and is perfectly happy being friends with Harper's friends.

Only now at the new school, Harper is the social outcast and is having a hard time making any friends. While Lily's awkwardness is now becoming the hot thing at her new school. Lily's new classmates immediately take a liking to her personality and her wings. Lily isn't sure what to do with the new attention she's been getting, especially when she's invited to be a part of the exclusive 'Namaste' club where everyone must wear wings like Lily. With their lives going in a complete , they both struggle with their new lives. Lily is too busy to even listen to Harper's problems, and Harper is having a hard time understanding why Lily even likes her new friends and is dealing with more than a bit of jealousy.

Both these girls go through some ups and downs in this book and I loved how realistic everything was handled. This book focusing mostly on Lily and Harper's friendship, and while their is some boy crushing, it's not a romance. I couldn't help but listening to this one straight through and thought it was a cute and realistic story about the ups and downs of friendship.

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This audiobook felt very professionally done. Sometimes, I listen to and audiobook and I can tell when some parts are recorded after because the volume and tone is just off. I've heard over audiobook so it might just be something I just notice now. But this audiobook didn't have that problem. The sound and performances from both narrators were really great and made me enjoy the story even more. Since these characters are a bit younger, I was worried their 'voices' would be annoying or sound too young and fake, but both were completely age appropriate and spot on for the characters.

This was on the shorter side and I would have stuck with the book if I would have read it, but the audio was a fantastic performance. Mar 30, M. Camacho rated it really liked it. From the book cover Best friends. Deliciously funny with heart. Recommendation Having the perspective of both Lily and Harper made me not hate nor did it not make me favor one over the other.

Based on the synopsis, I was thinking I have to mentally prepare myself for all the teen drama in this book. Thankfully, I didn't need to. The writing is effortless and the pace is relatively smooth. The characters and the problems they're facing is quite realistic. I absolutely adore books that make me feel the emotions of the characters and this book made me feel alright.

I was in tears by the time Lily and Harper finally cleared the air and made up. At first, I thought Nicole was this nice, cool girl but I ended up disliking Nicole the more I encountered her character in the book and I definitely agreed with Harper that Nicole is just a different kind of bully but a bully all the same.

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And of course, I always enjoy the part where everyone finally stands up to the bully and moved on with their merry lives, leaving Nicole shrieking and alone. Overall, I enjoyed this book and anyone who loves a good contemporary YA novel should definitely get their hands on this one. Five stars to the first YA book I've ever read that has unabashedly, openly acknowledged that a feminist vegan SJW can be every bit the mean-girl that the stereotypical cheerleader can be.

I mean, the simple fact that Nicole is described as- here it is emphasis mine - Nicole is a junior and a nu- Five stars to the first YA book I've ever read that has unabashedly, openly acknowledged that a feminist vegan SJW can be every bit the mean-girl that the stereotypical cheerleader can be. I mean, the simple fact that Nicole is described as- here it is emphasis mine - Nicole is a junior and a nu-hippie and says she can do my birth chart if I find out what moon sign I was born under. She's got a nose ring and is a vegan and "plus-sized and proud", according to her, but she isn't really all that big.

She's a feminist and refuses to listen to music or see movies with actresses who don't acknowledge that feminism means equal rights for everyone, because that kind of stance shows that they don't actually even know what feminism is. I mean, you want to talk about subversive? Nicole is a bully. A self-righteous, cult-leader-esque kind of bully. Attaching that belief-system to someone like Nicole is saying something, especially given that Harper calls it out later in the book, saying that Nicole needs to silence everyone who becomes a threat to her power.

I know it's weird for me to harp on this, but you have to understand: I read a lot of YA fiction. And I don't think I have to say that Nicole is not just a character. She's that tumblr feminist who lectures girls about how they "should" be calling themselves feminists, because obviously the only reason they don't already is because they're being abused by their boyfriends or trying to get attention from men. Women, Feminists like Nicole exist. And to finally, finally find a book that displays the kind of behavior I see on Tumblr on a regular basis- whether it's feminism, veganism, or general SJW behavior- and call it out for the self-serving, self-righteous, sociopathic bullying that it is- that's just- I don't have words for how happy that makes me.

In general, the story was excellent. Great characters, all very well-fleshed out, and I just loved it. The fact that the author chose for the mean girl and the clique to come from a very non-stereotypical place was excellent as well. Apr 05, Jenny Thompson rated it liked it Shelves: Reading a Tale of Two Besties was a bizarre experience. It had its ups and downs.

It took me a while to become interested in either of the two protagonists. There were a variety of reasons. In the end though, I think it just boiled down to the fact that the author clearly intended the girls' experiences to be universal, but they just weren't. It was a bit "poor little rich girl. Those characters may Reading a Tale of Two Besties was a bizarre experience.

Those characters may also be rich teenagers, but at least they deal with real problems. They aren't just some painfully selfish girls who forget that a friendship is built on give and take, not just take, take, take.

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I thought that giving us dual perspectives was a great choice for this book, but it was unfortunate that their inner voices were so similar. Occasionally I would forget which one was narrating and get confused. That said, I do think Rossi did some cool things with this book. I am all for more coming of age stories about women and female friendship. It made my heart sing that this book had so many female characters even if and maybe even because some of them were bullies or had some internalized misogyny issues to work out.

I also appreciated her point that bigots sometimes use the language of tolerance and acceptance to be crappy people, and that a culture rooted in nonconformity is still basically just all about conforming in a different way. I may have punched the air with joy when someone finally asked what was so wrong with being normal anyway?

It was a beautiful moment. I have never read an advanced reader copy before Thanks, First to Read! The book includes images of texts between the two girls, and none of the texts appeared in my ebook.

There were also numerous spelling and grammar errors which I assume will be edited out before the book goes to print. The Forward was also not included.

Best Friends Play Tales from the Borderlands (Part 1)

None of these things will hopefully affect readers of the final version of the book, but I thought I ought to mention them as they may have colored my perception of the novel. Mar 22, Melissa rated it really liked it. They are both rich girls, but mirror image, carbon copy, snobby "mean girls" they are not. Harper is your typical looking California girl, she's sweet and pretty self assured, and comfortable in her own skin, despite having a know-it-all motivational speaker for a mom.

Then there's Lily, who's free spirited parents move to California where the girls meet. Lily shows up on her first day at her new school, which Harper is a native of, wearing a pair of fairy wings, hair that flops into her eyes, and appears to be having a running near-silent, but not quite, running monologue to herself. The "regular girls" at the school are aghast that such a creature exists but Harper is drawn to the strange girl. That is the day that changed both of their lives for the better. That is the day they met their BFF.

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  • The two become inseparable until Lily's parents decide that instead if going to regular high school, she will be attending a school called Pathways for talented and "free spirited" people. Lily begs and pleads not to be separated from Harper, but her parents stand firm. Being separated, the girls learn things about themselves, in high school, Harper isn't quite as high on the social totem pole as she was pre-high school, and Lily who thought she would never have anyone to talk to without Harper learns that she has a voice all her own.

    I wish that's all they learned. Unfortunately the girls also learn about peer pressure and bullying and that people are definitely not always what they seem. In fact the two besties experience a pretty big rift. Will they overcome their problems and restore their friendship? How will they end up dealing with their new school dynamics. I enjoyed reading this book. The author did very well telling the story from dual points of view. I received this book free from first to read in exchange for an honest review.

    Apr 12, Justine rated it really liked it Shelves: The minute I saw this book up for grabs I was sold Hello a foreword by Zooey Deschanel, yes please. This was a younger read, almost middle grade but it was a coming of age so it would fit for really any age. It was a really cute read that was easy to get through but it also had some good reasons for the readers.

    I feel like these characters were easy to relate too because most people go throu I received an ARC copy of this book free from Goodreads First Reads in exchange for an honest review. I feel like these characters were easy to relate too because most people go through some sort of identity crisis at some point of growing up. But I like that the book keeps you hopeful that you will survive all of the above and move on from it and hopefully become a better person because of it.

    I would recommend this novel to any avid readers, those looking to find themselves and those who need a good coming of age. Apr 27, Daiane rated it really liked it Shelves: This book was great! Really glad to be chosen to be able to read this book before others! All I have to say is that it was worth reading and spending my time on this book! I will definitely be sharing and recommending others especially younger audiences to pick up this book. I thought this book was going to be a lighthearted read but it actually touched upon deep things that led it to be a great book.

    The characters were sweet and there wasn't a thing I hate about them. I am really glad to have enjoyed this book and read it ahead to share the love of this book! Jul 25, merireads rated it it was ok. It was a quick read that was charming and very relatable to my own friendships. The plot wasn't very exciting; there were a few points when I burned out and took a break. That was my only real problem with this book, though.

    Sorry that this was so short--I didn't have much to say about this book, plus I'm very tired right now and don't feel like writing a giant review. Mar 25, Amber Garabrandt rated it really liked it. I received a copy of this book to read from First To Read. I loved the book which is filled with lots of love and great characters.

    Apr 27, Kristen Beverly rated it really liked it Shelves: I'd say this is a 3. It's a fun and cute novel about two best friends who end up going to different schools and growing apart. The best part is that it's pretty clean, too, so it's safe to recommend to young teens. May 14, Parneet Sekhon rated it it was ok.

    Didn't really like it. I wasn't expecting a lot from it, but it could have been so much better because the story had potential. Review to come soon on blog. DNF I couldn't really get into this one. It just seemed like it was meant for a much younger audience than myself. Jan 22, Kristin Fletcher-spear rated it it was ok Shelves: May 25, Christy rated it really liked it. Elephants simply did not like dogs, and dogs were afraid of elephants. When dogs are frightened by those who are bigger than they are, they often bark very loudly, to cover up their fear. When dogs used to do this when they saw elephants, the elephants would get annoyed and chase them.

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