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Drake lives in Vallejo, California, and is an associate with the Magnum Photos agency. Skate Park by Arthur Tress. More than fifteen monographs and retrospective catalogues have been published of his work, as well as thirty-six self-published photobooks. Soter has self-published TIM! Photobooks by Women By: Sunday, 21 October Tuesday, 26 September Tuesday, 18 September Tuesday, 17 July Tuesday, 26 June Thursday, 24 May Photobooks by Nina Berman Nina Berman is a documentary photographer, filmmaker, author and educator.

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Tuesday, 10 April Founded in , 10x10 offers an ongoing multi-platform series of public photobook events, including reading rooms, salons, publications, online communities and partnerships with arts organizations and institutions. Contact 10x10 info 10x10photobooks. It has fantastic maps, photographs, illustrations, tables and charts. It presents what is a very complex civilisation in a visually compelling and accessible way, and is written by two of the best Egyptologists in the UK. So it is an incredibly useful compendium of knowledge.

You can just pick and choose from its contents and hit upon the things that interest you. It is a very accessible way into what is quite a complicated subject. As opposed to your next book, Ancient Egypt: He also supervised my doctoral thesis, so I know him very well. But that is not the reason I chose the book! It goes beneath the skin of Ancient Egypt and examines what made that civilisation tick.

And it is so full of original insights; Barry Kemp is a really original thinker. He looks at archaeological evidence in an extraordinary way. So, for example, when he is looking at early temples, Barry is not afraid to have an educated guess and reconstruct a very plausible picture of early religious life in Ancient Egypt, which fits all the archaeological evidence beautifully, but is also very imaginative.

Another great thing about the book, and a reason I think so many people love it, is that it is full of wonderful illustrations. They are just about the most useful illustrations in any academic book on Ancient Egypt, and they are all by Barry Kemp himself. They really bring complicated subjects alive. For anyone who wants to get beneath the surface of Ancient Egypt, it is a fascinating discussion and analysis.

This is the extraordinary thing. There have been dozens of new excavations, and because Barry is the doyen of Egyptian archaeology, he has his finger right on the pulse of all the new work that is going on. For example, if you look at the excavations in the north-eastern Delta at Tell ed-Daba, which was home to an Asiatic line of pharaohs called the Hyksos, who invaded Egypt in about BC, there is this very distinctive Palestinian culture with all sorts of weird and wonderful things that you never usually find in Egypt.

And the way that Barry takes that site and brings it to life to illuminate a very peculiar episode in Ancient Egyptian history is just brilliant. What it does is to vividly bring to life a particular period which many people are very interested in.

It really conjures up what life was like at that time. It is something that I have also tried to bring out in my new book, because I think we often look at Ancient Egypt through rose-tinted spectacles: This book is a useful tool to use in the task of re-balancing our interpretation of Ancient Egypt. Well, he had regular security patrols throughout his capital city. There was a network of tracks criss-crossing the city and all the areas around the city, and there seems to have been almost permanent paramilitary policing of his capital city.

Probably the class of bureaucrats; Akhenaten had undertaken a thorough revolution, and had kicked out a lot of the old order, and there would have been large numbers of people who resented him for doing that. It is a stark illustration of the way power was exercised in the ancient world. You talk about the re-balancing of our image of Ancient Egypt.

But for many people, there is this popular image of all the slaves dying while things like the pyramids were being built…. That is one of the enduring myths about Ancient Egypt that is not actually true! There was no slavery at the time of the pyramids. So what do you do to feed and mobilise a work force that is otherwise idle and potentially restive? New Bestsellers Trade Academic D. A photographic leap into cooling waters. The Swimming Pool in Photography invites readers to dive into the cultural history of swimming pools. Foreword by Peter W. Introduction by Sarah Lewis.

The emergence of a social conscience in rarely seen images from Parks' formative years. Jazz Edited by Marianne Houtenbos.

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Introduction by Nancy Matsumoto. Text by Tomo Kosuga.

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