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Though the complex was severly damamged during the Vietnam war, My Son is a must see for tourists while visiting this part of Vietnam. Explore the Champa civilization. Visit many impressive sites. Meeting point Centre of Hoi An. Detail price for tour Group tour price. For customers who have registered to use our services, please Login to post your comments. If you are new customer, please Sign-up or Click here and post comments by following the form below.

HTML is not translated! Enter the code in the box below: Vietnam half day tours ,. Yet another confirmation that this company is fucked up. Anyone curious why I use 'supervisor' in quotes? Because I actually hired this guy a couple of years ago to be my assistant! Then last October they laid me off and he was promoted to head of the department. Promoted to head only because he was next in line and the department needed a head.

Then they rehired me a month later and now he's my boss. I'm the fuckin' System Administrator and he's MY boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VF19: Half Day My Son Tour By Bus

I should stop now, have to conserve my energy. I've always wondered that.

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Aroun dhere, if I leave at 3, it's a half day. My normal hours are 8: Today I have to leave , was supposed to take a half day to do some house stuff, but that won't be happening, so I'm leaving at 4.

Opinions wanted: Taking a half day off...

Unless they forget about it by timesheet time, I'll be losing a half day. But then I just leave an hour early for 3 days to make up for it. Pains in my ass. The way I see it, if I'm going to leave at 11, there's really no point to me coming in at all, since I don't get much done before that, and it takes 40 minutes to get here. Normally leaving at 4 would go unnoticed, but it's summer hours so all the hour counting bastards are watching everyone else like a hawk. Do you mind me asking what work you do? I think you just convinced me you work in one of the worst workplaces imaginable apart from being a jizzmopper.

How in hell can they possibly justify that?

Who gives a fuck, why can't you just say you're going to work 4 hours today. Or 5 hours and 47 minutes, or 2 hours and 15 minutes? Is there some sort of regulation or something? Actually, I think you have a point I hadn't really considered. The reason its a half day is to make up for working late tomorrow night.

Comp time I guess. Except isn't comp time usually 1 for 1? Anyway, I'm allowed half a day today because I'll be working late tomorrow.

Hoi An: Half-Day My Son Temples Tour

Here's the part I hadn't considered before your reply though: I don't think I'll be working 4 hours late tomorrow. So basically I'm trading 4 hours off today for 2. Now that really does seem silly as I'm gonna come out ahead anyway. Still, I supposed they're still wrong about the technical definition of a 'half day'. I'm the system administrator for this company. The other guy handles Exchange but I do everything else. Once upon a time this was a great place to work at but when the economy went bad things went downhill here too. If your work day is 8 hours, a half day is 4 hours.


If lunch isn't paid time, lunch doesn't count. If you have to work 5 hours for a half day, you damn well better be paid for 5 hours if you're hourly. I don't know what you do or if this applies, but one reason for wanting to keep you for the extra hour could be to cover someone else's lunch assuming you don't all take lunch at the same time. If that were the case, it'd be a much better explanation than the one they gave probably because it actually makes sense.

I haven't worked in the same office with my boss or anyone else in my division in the last 4 years, so there's no one to really notice when I come or go.

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The other people in the office might notice, if not for the fact that I often have to visit other offices for work, so they think nothing of it. I'm salaried so I shoot for 40 hours a week. Sometimes I have to do more, sometimes I can do less. My boss knows I do my job and that I don't take advantage of the freedom. I had been coming in later recently and was a little worried I might get a conversation about it, but instead I got a conversation about how everyone else on my team always seems to be trying to do a 7 hour day including a 60 to 90 minute lunch, so I guess I'm in the clear.

It's probably not worth it in this situation, but if this happens in the future you may want to consider talking to the Labor Department or whatever they're called. In fact, as I understand union jobs, if they make you go back to work 55 minutes into your lunch hour, you can refuse or if you don't refuse, you get paid for the whole hour. I'd not long work for a company that is so poor at basic math skills.

I work in the payroll industry, a company is required to provide a paid 15 minute break for salaried employees every four hours they work. Every 8 hours they must provide 30 consective minutes of unpaid lunch time. This 30 minutes is in addition to the two 15 minute paid breaks. The 30 minutes is your time, you can do whatever you want. I've heard of some companies not allowing their employees to leave their workplace during lunch, this is illegal. An employee could leave the office, go to a bar and have 5 drinks on their lunch and that is none of their company's business.

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  7. However as soon as they are back on the clock with the 5 drinks in their system, it is the company's business. A half day is legally defined as half of your normal working hours. In your case, you work an 8 hour day, which means a half day is 4 working hours.