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A full inventory can be viewed here. While the Main Stage hosts a wide array of artistic programming, it primarily is used as a concert venue. It is located at Empire Street. The Black Box is an extremely versatile 90 capacity performance theatre. The space focuses on theatrical and dramatic works and encourages users to customize the space to suit the needs of their production. They were all bisexuals but had strong leanings towards women.

Sewing circle

The greatest "conqueror" of sewing circle was probably poet and playwright Mercedes De Acosta who had numerous gorgeous ladies in her count, from Europe to California. Women like Tallulah Bankhead and Patsy Kelly made no secrets of their Sapphic tendencies; in fact Bankhead was very vocal about her gender orientation. Isadora Duncan is another bisexual and a longtime lover of Mercedes de Acosta who openly expressed her joy in lesbian relationship. She wrote sensual lesbian poems about Mercedes before her untimely death in Paris in an auto accident at the age of Once she waved a red scarf and bared her breast on stage in Boston, proclaiming, "This is red!

Diana Wynyard, one of the first English ladies to become a member of the sewing circle, enjoyed the warmth of ladies hugs in sunny California. Holman was charged with murder when her husband was found shot, but later the charges were dropped. She established a foundation for civil rights movement to the memory of her deceased son. Joan Crawford and Barbara Stanwyck had failed marriages and gave them time to seek comfort in the tender arms of gorgeous females. Jill Esmond struggled to accept her lesbian orientation, but remained married to actor Lawrence Olivier for years.

Their marriage was newer consummated.

Sewing Circle

The book is filled with lot of interesting stories, and I recommend to anyone interested in the history of Hollywood and the movies and theater of golden era. Jun 01, R. The reporting is flimsy, without foundation no actual observations by anyone just speculation based on what? Okay Stanwyck shared a hotel room with her female manager once when a hotel was full. The chapters on Stanwyck and Garland are filled with fluff about other stuff.

I'm not adverse to the idea of any person being one way or another, I just hate shoddy journalism--I remember reading Madsen's bio of Stanwyck years ago where his sources were the National Enquirer! Feb 11, Michele rated it it was ok Shelves: While I love the glamor, privilege, and intrigue of old Hollywood, this book didn't quite do it for me. I understand that, due to the nature of these relationships, there wouldn't be a huge record, but there has to be more evidence than what Madsen provided. Where are the sources? I thought a book like this would be chock-full of research on interviews even if they were told second-hand , correspondence, and interesting footers, but there was none of that.

And if there weren't any sources, addr While I love the glamor, privilege, and intrigue of old Hollywood, this book didn't quite do it for me. And if there weren't any sources, address why that might be. Don't just gather a bunch of rumors and call it fact. Also, the writing style was kind of bland. This is a fascinating topic- decadent lifestyles of the rich and famous who could and did eschew American moral tradition- but the book doesn't do it justice.

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View all 3 comments. Nov 27, Graceann rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Terrible book - apparently it's entertaining to label actresses as lesbians not that being gay is a bad thing, but come on based on ridiculously flimsy evidence and innuendo.

Stupid waste of time and paper. If you are interested in Hollywood lesbians of the 20ies and 30ies, The Sewing Circle is a fabulous wealth of information. Her book is a whopping pages though.

A lot of famous names and their stories are in here: I recommend it to anyone interested in the history of Hollywood and the movies and theater of golden era. Mar 08, Jason rated it really liked it. This great history reads easily, includes great anecdotes as well as well researched history. May 26, Jj rated it did not like it Recommended to Jj by: I liked the idea, but the editing was terrible "Greta" was spelled "Great" as the first word of chapter 3 and the writing style sounded like a gossip column.


Too much name-dropping, unsupported allegations, and slang. I didn't finish it. I'm officially proclaiming this one unreadable and moving on. Got to page of I love a good name drop as much as the next pretentious twit, but this book dispenses with all else, including paragraph transitions and grammatically sensical sentence construction.


Jul 16, Margret rated it did not like it Shelves: Hemming a project or garment is one of the finishing steps of sewing projects, and on garments in particular, this can generally be a curved edge. Ashley Hough shows you how to hem a curved edge and gives tips on how to ensure that the hem lays flat. Fabric and Hem Width When it comes. Flannel is a popular fabric choice when it comes to making many different garments, like flannel pajamas or jackets, as well as home decor projects like pillow.

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ZJ Humbach shares several tips for sewing with flannel that can make preparing and working with the fabric much easier. Flannel Sewing ZJ first shows several examples of. Learning how to sew box corners is a great technique to use when sewing anything from handbags and tote bags to chair cushions and pillows. Ashley Hough shows you two different ways of how to sew box corners. Sew and Cut The first method for sewing box corners requires you to first sew your two.