Manual Soul Shift - 2012 and Beyond

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What Is A Soulshift?

Welcome to Inspiration, DVD. A Way Through the Wilderness: Nursery Leader Guide, Fall God wants to change how you live by changing who you are. And while that doesn't mean he is out to rewrite your identity, it does mean his plan is for you to be a "new creation. Authors Steve DeNeff and David Drury offer a powerful and practical approach to spiritual formation--one that goes beyond investing in spiritual disciplines, focusing more on who we are actually becoming in Christ.

In this book, you will learn seven key transformational shifts that God's Spirit causes in the hearts, minds, and behaviors of Christians at any stage. Soulshift will move you from performance-driven religion to life-transforming relationship Paperback Number of Pages: Wesleyan Publishing House Publication Date: Jim Cymbala , Dean Merrill. Have a question about this product?

Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product? Yes, they affect the way we act, but they are more about the way we are wired.

In this book, we address seven shifts that will help you move beyond wanting to be different to experiencing genuine change. We have been asked many times why there are only seven shifts and not twelve or three, since these numbers are equally important in the Bible. Actually, we considered using the biblical number forty, or even ,, but it seemed like a lot of work. Seriously, we have tried to cover as broad a spectrum as seems wise for a person to engage in, aiming to be comprehensive but not cumbersome. These are seven of the most crucial and often neglected changes that must be made in a transformed life.

However, we do not pretend that this is an exhaustive list. This is only a way to get started.

What Is A Soulshift? - MTL Magazine

But we do believe that growth in these seven areas could mean, for most of us, a very different kind of life. As you will see, they are found everywhere in Scripture and have been the core of how people change to become like Christ even since Christ himself walked on the earth. At the same time, SoulShift is no ordinary discipleship program. Instead, each one of the shifts looks different when you lay it over your personality.

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For instance, the shift from Consumer to Steward will look quite different for a teenager than it will for a corporate executive. All of these rays are part of the information and consciousness evolution.

While it is important that we learn and remember these larger galactic and cosmic cycles, the infinite complexity of the exact sequencing is beyond the current levels of the human mind. We will be better able to discern this information as we evolve to our higher dimensions of mind in the spirit. Another galactic cycle that we need to understand is the periodic galactic superwave. The understanding of galactic superwaves has been developed by the research of Paul Laviolette.

The dust affects the levels of light and heat from the Sun, as well as impacting the Sun directly causing increased solar flares. The galactic superwave, moving at the speed of light, is seen as a large bright blue light in the direction of the galactic center. The visual of the superwave may relate to the Hopi prophecy of the Blue star which heralds the time of great change. We find knowledge of galactic cycles, Earth changes, and shifts in human consciousness within all major esoteric, spiritual, metaphysical, and prophetic traditions throughout our recent twelve to thirteen thousand year history.

Interestingly, Laviolette was able to determine that the Earth had higher levels of cosmic dust and coolings around 3, BC.

Cosmic Energy, The Dimensional Shift, and a New Divine Humanity

The cosmic energies around 3, BC may have occured from a relatively smaller superwave than the wave that ended the last ice age over 15, years ago. This coincides with Jose Arguelles understanding of a galactic synchronization beam which has been evolving us through 3D mechanical time to a 4D synchronic time of telepathic unity consciousness. We are also being influenced by the Sun, Earth, galaxy, and cosmos through higher dimensional subtle energies beyond the physical and etheric level. These levels of energy are communicated to our higher dimensions of soul and spirit without being reduced to physical cosmic energies.