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Beginning in January , a minute sacrament service will be followed by a minute class period after a minute transition period. In the event of a fifth Sunday in a given month, classes will be held at the discretion of local lay leaders. And Primary classes for young children will be held each week.

This change is meant to balance the roles of church and home in teaching Mormon principles, apostle Quentin L. A shorter schedule, he said, allows more time for families to study the gospel at home on Sunday or at other times they choose. In the past, Mormon authorities have discouraged members from creating small groups to study scripture.

On Saturday, though, Cook suggested that approach as a way to address the problem of those who do not have homes where such supplemental worship can happen. Kristine Haglund , former editor of Dialogue: Two hours of church is much more like what many Christians are used to. There is likely to be a sense of loss, with fewer opportunities to connect with ward members in conversation over gospel topics.

Not all Latter-day Saints welcomed a reduction in worship time. Second, what will Primary presidencies do during the last 25 minutes of class?

The Rumors Are True, Mormons Get 2 Hour Church

Sit in on a class? Have a presidency meeting? The girls like to interact. Not sure if this is going to change at all, but any insight if blessings will be done outside of sacrament meetings? Example being baby blessings or holy ghost confirmations?

Notes on Two-Hour Church – By Common Consent, a Mormon Blog

I have been to a few wards where these take up minutes by themselves. But honestly I would love to have a smaller crowd for a newborn baby blessing than the whole congregation, but maybe I am just in the minority there. We blessed both our children at home, with the endorsement of two different bishops. In fact a member of the bishopric has to be in attendance. Just had a close circle of family and friends over. Much cozier and more intimate. Both husband and I come from really large families so a large guest list is always inevitable.

I would love to do it at home, but think that an after church blessing would be much more manageable, and curious if that could be more of the norm in the future. Kevin Barney, I know the area well! I have been curious if I have ever bumped into some of the authors of these blog posts at stake gatherings because I know a few that reference Chicago frequently.. I love teaching Sunday school; love teaching from the scriptures.

Teaching priesthood is another matter. Do you have a preference? I also much prefer the mixed-gender company of Sunday school, anyway. But as of January. Sight unseen, I dread the changes to the Sunday school curriculum. I dread the prospect of Sunday school becoming more abstract-concept-driven. I guess the answer is just to buck up and do the best I can. Lemons, lemonade, and all that.

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I hold the same two callings as you! Each month consists of sentences about being like Christ, along with a bunch of video links, and an admonition to follow the spirit. I could do pretty much anything and it would be following the manual. On another thread someone asked about fast and testimony meetings. Do we know whether those will be continued or discontinued? Until I hear otherwise my working assumption is that they will be continued. So, it looks to me like, rather than losing our monthly council, if we do it right, we should actually be having two.

My guess about Primary presidencies during the last 25 minutes: Each member of the presidency has a responsibility for certain classes and teachers.

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As a former Primary president I would have loved for us to have been more availabe to assist the teachers when they needed it. As someone who gets called to primary a lot, I think we are the real winners here. They had already sat through sacrament and sharing time by that time. I think the new schedule is much more developmentally appropriate for the under 8 crowd and their teachers. In our building we do not have enough classroom space for all of the primary to meet in classes at the same time, so they split into junior and senior primary.

That means the primary presidency will be running meetings for the whole 50 minutes: But without having to do sharing time, I can imagine the presidency spending more time with the children in their individual classrooms. The Minute Sacrament Meeting: October 14, at 2: October 14, at 3: Fingers crossed the theme disappears though.

I too find it creepy.

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October 14, at 4: October 14, at 6: Ray Overlay Ward says: The schedule is as follows: October 14, at 7: October 14, at 8: Will there still be youth speakers during Sacrament Meeting? October 14, at 9: October 14, at October 15, at 4: Nelson, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, announced the change Saturday at the faith's twice-yearly conference. He says the new "home-centered church" strategy reflects the faith's increasingly global membership where not all Latter-day Saints live close to a chapel or even have a chapel.

Meet two Mormons from Texas

Since , church members have been expected to attend a one-hour sacrament worship service each Sunday, followed by two hours of meetings such as Sunday school and men's and women's groups. Latter-day Saints dropping the 'Mormon' moniker.