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This is where many find the greatest camaraderie in watching sports. Whether you attend the game with a group of pals, chat about the game over morning coffee or call in to a sports radio show to dissect the sports news, you connect to others through your love of sports.

When you root for the Panthers, or any other team, you get to know the players; how they behave on the field, what they do to celebrate a win, even what their personal lives are like. You start to feel like you know them, thus you are distressed when they lose or fumble a play and share in their joy when the game goes well.

To avoid watching sports because of the association with stress and bad health outcomes also means denying yourself all the emotional joy that comes with being a sports fan, too.

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This joy can foster resiliency and get you through a slump. Staying connected to people who share your interests is important at every age. If you are nearing retirement, it may be time to look for retirement communities where you can pursue your hobbies and interests in the company of like-minded people. Look to The Cypress of Charlotte, an independent living community, for active adults who love where they live, enjoy being active every day and welcome new friends. Learn more about The Cypress or contact us to schedule a tour today.

The Cypress of Charlotte offers country club style living in a senior community. Our luxury continuing care retirement community provides an active independent living lifestyle with assisted living , skilled nursing care and dementia care if there is ever a need.

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Join your fellow Cypress Members in a friendly game of Poker. All are welcome to play in the Game Room at 7: Breakfast food with your buddies! Our Charlotte retirement homes and community are conveniently located in the South Park area.

Plan a visit to see our award winning continuing care retirement community CCRC and meet our friendly staff. You will see why the Cypress of Charlotte is a unique community when compared to other retirement communities in this area. Blog I think we need to go back…. I am sat here in our living room, and to be honest, I am on the… Read More. I am now on my third and final, sob!

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So, I am sat here, and I am a bit of a state this afternoon! So, I have finally finished both of my hospital bags!

At 35 weeks pregnant with… Read More. So the likelihood is that you have found this blog post from my… Read More.

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So, I initially wrote this post when I was expecting Daisy. I am now at… Read More.

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Blog Our Christmas Traditions. I am so full of festive spirit at the moment. I know there is often… Read More.