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Leaving Everything Most Loved. A Question of Honor. Birds of a Feather.

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Murder on Mulberry Bend. Murder on Marble Row. Murder on Washington Square. The Inspector and Mrs. Murder in Little Italy. The Skeleton in the Closet. Murder on Sisters Row. Murder on Waverly Place. Murder on Bank Street. Death of a Gentle Lady. Murder on Lenox Hill. Buried in a Bog. Murder on Lexington Avenue.

The Winter Garden Mystery

Agatha Raisin and the Deadly Dance. Death in the Floating City. Death of an Addict. Midnight at Marble Arch.

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Death of a Perfect Wife. Death of a Dustman. The Corpse at the Crystal Palace. Dead in the Water. Death at Wentwater Court. Requiem for a Mezzo. A book with one of the four seasons in the title. Dec 17, Wealhtheow rated it liked it Recommends it for: The Honorable Daisy Dalyrymple is visiting an old school chum while writing about her ancestral home when a body is discovered in the garden. Although the local police are happy to pin the housemaid's murder on her young foreign swain, Daisy has doubts. She calls in her childhood friend Philip Petrie and her new friend, Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard, to help her investigate.

Was it the beautiful but spineless heir who had gotten her pregnant? His best friend, the jealous Ben? His devoted sister, manipulative mother, or cowardly father?

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Grace's father or fiance? Or was it the travelling salesman who was seen talking to her only hours before she was killed? There are no physical clues. Only Daisy's stubborn will and insight into human nature can help her solve this case. This is not as good as the first Daisy mystery, Death at Wentwater Court. The main characters have already been introduced, so Dunn spends less time drawing them out.

The murder itself is not one of those incredibly convoluted schemes that takes the latest forensic tech to solve. It is just a basic small village murder, and is simply solved by buying rounds of drinks at the village pub and interviewing suspects. The real delight to these books is the s themselves, which Dunn draws with a deft and light hand. Reminders of a depressed economy, rumbles of discontent against the upper classes, growing independence for women, and the damages of the first World War are woven throughout.

And the characters themselves are fresh and breezy. Daisy has a great deal of spirit and sympathy, but as smart and kind as she is, she is still very much a product of her upbringing--she can't bring herself to shingle her hair, or stop grouping people according to class.

This is, overall, a murder as cozy as a murder can be, and well worth the few hours it will take to read. Dec 20, Book Concierge rated it liked it Shelves: Still, when Daisy asks to photograph the winter garden the last thing she expects to find is a body. Daisy cannot help but get involved when she sees an injustice being carried out, so she convinces Alec Fletcher of Scotland Yard to investigate.

There are a number of secrets being kept by the residents of the household and some are bound to come out in the process of getting at the truth of the murder. This is a charming cozy mystery series set in the s. Daisy is charming, inquisitive, intelligent and resourceful. She does sometimes plunge headlong into trouble, but on the whole, she is appropriately cautious and responsible.

I also like her slow-burning relationship with Fletcher. Bernadette Dunne does a fine job voicing the audio book.

She has great pacing and enough skill as a voice artist to give the many characters sufficiently unique voices. Oct 13, Renee M rated it liked it. Cozy mysteries are just so pleasant Another sweet addition to this series. There is nothing amazing or mind-blowing about these books, but they are just quite nice cozy mysteries and the audio narration is well done. Recommended for fans of the wonderful Agatha Christie.

Mar 04, Aerykah rated it it was ok Shelves: I didn't think this book was as good as the first one Daisy is funny and, for the most part, an enjoyable character. And I have enjoyed Alec and Philip too. But the stories just aren't quite what I like. Add to that the bad language mild, though it is and the important roll that homosexuality played in the story and I'm thinking that I most likely won't be reading any more of these books.

Sep 07, CatBookMom rated it liked it Shelves: I've read this series very much out of order, but I wanted to get a feeling for the first encounters that Daisy and Alec had. Lady Valeria is a serious Termagant, a Domestic Despot, with the side chuckle of being apt to use alliteration, even in the midst of her rants. Too bad that neither Daisy nor Alec were able to be witnesses to her eventual major smack-down, from both her unregarded daughter and her so-closely-coddled son. Feb 22, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: I picked this up the other night because I was wanting a mystery and it's set during the s, probably my favorite historical era.

It was just okay - a quick read for a lazy weekend. Although some of the historical details were interesting, the story wasn't too compelling and there were modern sensibilities that seemed out of place. Aug 05, benebean rated it it was ok Shelves: I think I'm going to give up on this series. It looks to be one of those series where some sexual perversion is always woven in to the mystery and I'd rather not fill my head with those types of imaginings. Wie hat es mir gefallen? Ich mag den Charme der 20er Jahre sehr und die Charaktere sind mir auch in diesem Fall sehr sympathisch, bzw.

Beim Lesen bekommt man sehr gut vermittelt, was als guter und schlechter Ton zu dieser Zeit galt. Sowohl Setting, Charaktere und Story haben mir wieder sehr gut gefallen. Ich bin sehr gespannt, wie es mit Daisy und Inspektor Alec Fletcher weitergeht. A new favorite cozy mystery series. Jan 23, Chrysta rated it it was amazing. This was a cute book! Daisy is such a fun character to read! Sep 09, Rbucci rated it really liked it. Very fun mystery that takes you away, exposes you to a little history and a different way of living. This review pertains to the audio version of The Winter Garden Mystery.

I bought the book not knowing it was the 2nd of the series so I put off listening to it until after I listen to the 1st Death at Wentwater Court. Had I bought that book before this one, the Winter Garden Mystery would not have been in my library. So I admit I started this book with low expectations. Now for my thoughts on The Winter Garden Mystery.

The non-recurring characters were not for the most part very well develop This review pertains to the audio version of The Winter Garden Mystery. Please try again later. Winter Garden Mystery is a personal favorite of the series for me. Her persona as a journalist seemed to suit her and I felt like this Manor House had a more delightful group of characters for her to play off of. I like the way, throughout the series, how Dunn so very realistically plots the romance.

It develops at a clip that seems very true to life. As I mentioned, the aristocrats and others who populate this particular estate are great fun. Dunn peppers the language with lots of 20s slang, that calls to mind a little bit of Jeeves and Wooster, but never goes over the top in that fashion. Great setting, enjoyable characters, engaging story and a smile on your face at the end. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase.

The Winter Garden Mystery By Carola Dunn

I love the twenties slang that the young people affect in this book. The mystery is very Golden Age: The lady of the house is a battle-axe. She terrorizes her servants, her grown children, the villagers, and even the local police. She's a natural born amateur detective, as well as the daughter of a viscount and a New Woman of the modern sort. So she gets very interested in the murder, especially since she feels the local cops are railroading the wrong man to spare the baronet's family any bother. I'm reading this series in order, and this is the second book. There's an attraction between them that's going nowhere yet, because he's middle class and she's upper crust.

But they make a very effective investigative team. The family turns out to have juicy secrets, and suspects quickly proliferate. The plot is classic and lots of fun. The Daisy Dalrymple mysteries are light entertainment, but irresistibly charming. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. A heartwarming genre British drawing room murder mystery, perfect for an airplane or snug in bed on a snowy day.

Doesn't particularly stretch it challenge the genre at all, but not everything has to. This is a delightful series. Dunn is a consummate story teller and a magnificent writer. She seems to have captured the culture of England of the mid "s. Her characters are really fun. I intend to read all of her Daisy Dalrymple books in order. And, everything else she has penned. Light, fun, entertaining to the nth. Carola Dunn it again!!!!! I read this book and really liked it. At first I thought it was a bit long, but then it became apparent that was:: It's British, but not quite a Cozy.

It has all the usual cast of characters The nasty mother of the school chum and her two brothers I enjoyed this book so much that I hunted more of her books. This isn't the best book in the series. The Baronet's wife is too heavy-handed to be credible to me.

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This second in a series is so much fun, it might be illegal. I did cotton to most of the surprises as it's the early 21st century, not the early 20th. I recommend the series. Beware of being so engrossed that you finish it all in one sitting, to the detriment of your to-do list.