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Where is the ending? There is a moral to the story if you read it. How could his father save him? They were over the sea with wings made of wax and feathers. His father would have surely died also. Did you understand that? He was warned and did not listen.

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Bertie — February 24, You guys know nothing about Greek Mythology. No duh he dies! Bertie — March 30, Great story, this is why you should always pay attention to detail no matter what you do in life. I think the book i read the boy who flew to high has a very important lesson. It is always trust your parents because in this story the little boy listened to his father while explaining the rules of flying. But since the boy was having to much fun he got to close to the sun and his wings began to melt!

Bertie — April 24, I like this story , my favorite part was when Daedalus made feathers for him and Icarus. And I also liked it when Icarus learned to fly very well. Hi i am new to this so yea i dont have any friends so could somebody repley that would make the eould to me. I like your story because it is awesome to read. Yes I did it was a great book it was fun to read a book that was about a boy that could fly. I liked the story it was interesting and exiting I was sad when the boy did not get to plunge in the sea.

No not really I liked a good one last year about a daughter who was specias of the mom going out when the papa was watching her. This story has a really really good moral. I liked this story it is cool to learn about stuff like this and about how you build something. If you can you should add what happened after he fell into the water. Otherwise it was a great book. The story it was awsome i only. Had a litte bit of time to read it and i actually liked it.

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It was a awesome book but the ending was so sad but otherwise it was a great book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He could not save his son remember if he went to low the sea would weigh down his wings and I doubt those wings could carry two people. The boy who flew too high is about how he flew to close to the sun and his name is deadeluse and then very unuselly birds hovering over the waves.

If the father saved him before too late, it might be a happy ending. I should listen to things that my parents say every time. Thank you Hi, yes we are aware of the problem with the play button. The audio still works if in doubt. The problem will be fixed soon. My 3rd grade class loved this story. We especially liked when Daedalus built the wings so they could fly back home. I liked the story but it was a little confusing because when it was describing when he flew to close to the sun i didnt really like it because i didnt understand it that much i thought it was a little bit to childish and i didnt enjoy it, but the rest of the story was good and it changed my mood.

This story is so retarded. I just want to shoot it. Seems like the child drowned probably. But other than that it was not too long and not too short, I loved that story it was interesting to read! OK so this is not really that sad i mean it is a little but not purely sad and its just strange and really bad.

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Nice story you should make a book of it really interesting Wonderful and Fabulous Dude. By you Dk initials guess my name dude Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was a very good story about if you like good descriptions. But very sad if you like happy endings. I feel bad for the dad and Icarus. That story was weird because the dad did not even save him but it is the kids fault for not listening.

Why does it end the way it did. Did he Really Die??? He died which makes it amazing. I like it but it needs to be a part 2 or something to tell what happened after Icarus plunged into the sea. The story was very good but at the ending was scary it was scary because the boy was falling from the sky. I really like that story. If that were me, I would listen to my dad. This book reminds me of my Friends that tattle on me. I think the reason people tattle is because they are jealous and want to get that person into trouble.

This makes me feel bad cause then I think that everyone is out to get me. I have to remember that I do tattle sometimes so I have to forgive those who tattle on me just like they do when, I tattle on them thank you for reading this By, IraCoughlin. JK ha ha i gots you ;. This was very interesting to read and was not too long like the wooden horse myth!

I probably like this myth the best out of all of the ones I have read before! The thing that confused me the most was that did he just die or did his dad go and save him? I wish she talked a little faster while reading the story, and I just skipped the part in the beginning because it was really repetitive. The best part about it was that there were a couple of games that would make you a great app for free to all. But it was a good story it has a great moral. This was a great story, I think that they should have said if the father tried to get his son or just kept flying and mourned him.

That would have made it a bit more interesting but for the most part it was a really good story that should be turned into a movie.

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His dads just let him die why why why he could have at least tried now that is death, thought this was a childrens story not child death story. Honestly I hate it too! P Icarus, Icarus you should have obeyed your father. Your in a better place now. Also icarus is bad at listening when he is flying. Like I Said before, R. Yes I like this story because it sound nice because they were flying above the waters and between his finger he had feathers in the feathers flew away because of the wind and he had to chase after them.

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  • I like this story. When the boy flight high to the sun. That was sound so good. But he was died from sun. And when the father saw he is falling down, he felt very sad. P Icarus should have listened to your father. Yes I like the story because it gives so much details and it teaches you a life lesson to always listen to your parents. Idk butall I can say rn is R. I liked the story very much but the only part I did not like was when Icarus plunged into the sea other wise the story was really intresting. This was a good story and a lesson learn a good lesson about this story it also keeps you wondering what gonna happen next it was really sad.

    I liked the story because it told you that you should always listen to your parents and they can be wrong some times but you should trust them. He just dies because you should always listen to your parents. Anyway his dad could not save him, because him and his sons is to much weight it will make it fall. Ohh yeah, I know this story! Icarus was being kinda dumb, though. Yes it is a good book. The wing melted but it is good because It referees to the quote think before you jump.

    It was really sad at the end when Icarus died at the end because he was to close to the sun. Did the son die in the water from drowning or he lived and was able to swim back to shore. The myth from ancient greece of a boy who flew too close to the sun the story deadalus fishier mam. Greek myths are fake stastue they are greek gods that are fake and greek people worship these fake greek gods. Did he really die but why did no one try to save him???? If he did die did Somme try to fave him?? I did like this story. It was very smart of Daedalus to come up with the wings. Although at the end his son plunged into the seas it was still a very good book.

    I like this story and it gives a really good moral as well. It tells that you should Not be too much proud of your self. Do not start to feel that your the only one Smart. I like his story because… well I dont really has a reason for that, I think I just find it good. I like murder mistories or criminal justice books how bot that? A bit Sad for my taste though. He died just like that.. SUCH a happy ending. I wonder what the father did? Moral of the story: I liked the story very much.

    I might even listen to another one at home maybe on my school iPad here at school. That was so sad I felt so terrible at the end when Icarus plunged into the sea. I just wanted to to help him but I came back to reality and I was okay with it. Loved the story thanks…. Leave a reply Cancel comment Did you like this story?

    Please write in English. Wait, he just died??!! I mean like whats a father for. And that is not even possable. A very sad story but it teaches us a lesson…. The story was nice. Did everyone enjoy it?! The story itself is quite interesting, but considering my age, the vocabulary bored me a bit. Thanks for the great Greek stories. We listen to them over and over. Dear KC Many thanks. Hi Maria, your cross-curricular Flight project sounds very intriguing. Good luck with it. I Like the story and what i like the most is the way you narrate the stories.

    I liked this story my teacher asked us to listen to it and that s all i have to say!!!!!!!!!! This story isnt the best i have heard but i must admit that it is rather fetching. Im just laughing about the funny lady talking on the tape!! I am in stitches!! I feel bad for the boy in wings but he hopefully learned a lesson!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a brill and fab myth, they should make it into a mini film!!

    We are doing a project in school about this. This has really helped me a lot thanks: Thank you for this story. I was looking for a Greek mythology for school purpose. ER… did anyone else Notice this discovery i Made about pitt? This is a good story but shes pronouncing minotaur wrong. Same with a bunch of other things. Eimear age 9 PS My Dad learned this story in latin when he was at school. It must be really old. Hello The Boy who Flew to High is one Greek myth from which we Lear that is important moral although by King Daedalus, not to fly too high into the Sun, to prevent his wings made of Wax should melt, does and he should melt, and he should fall into the sea, does not follow his fathers advice and as a consequence he flies to close the sun, which melts the wax on his wings and he falls into the Sea.

    Hi Johnny, it might be best to first join our face book group — see the sidebar. Hello Thank you for your comment The Boy Who flew to High is an especially good Greek myth about the dangers of over ambition and not following the advice of those wiser and older than you. Hello Thank you for your comment.

    This story was awesome! But it had a lot of errors. Over all, I want to read more. Hello This a classic greek myth and one we remember because it teaches us a lot about the perils of being over ambitious. Hello These are two very Greek Myths on Storynory. Hello Yes I agree this is a sad story. I think that is was sad and if I were him I would have follow my dads instructions.

    I hope you find more Greek Myth stories that you find useful for your studies. Hello Thank you for your comment The Boy who flew to High is an excellent Greek myth and one we remember well When the Boy flies too High towards the sun and falls down into the sea he learns a very valuable lesson that it is important not too fligh too close to the sun. It was a sad story but i think a good one! A story that can make you cry is a good story!! Hello The Boy who Flew to High is very good story and we learn a lot from Little Icarus who does not listen to the good advice of his fathers words but instead flies to High to the sun where his wings made of Wax melt.

    Hello, This would be a very good thing for Icarus, to have called out, when his wings of wax melted as flew to close to the sun. Hello Icarus is the Boy Who Flew To High despite his fathers words of caution not to fly to close to the sun lest the heat of the sun melt his wings of wax I hope you find more greek myths you enjoy listening too on Storynory. This website helped me with my homework and i would recomend it highly thanks!!!!

    You would have to get lots and lost highier. I really liked that story is there a second one??? A big thumbs up from me!! Heard this story timmmzzzzzz. I am from in I. Keep on reading Greek mythology. Hey Daniel and Thomas! Just some advice for everyone do not fly to high or you will die!!!!!!!! I really like this story you put a lot of deatals.

    It is pretty sad but it was a valuble lesson. Thanks for letting us read it we like the trying the story thanks again for making it. Could you guys start giving summaries of the stories when it is done? I wish the story told what happend to the boy Did he die did his dad save him????????? Dear Jake, I have not heard that Icarus became the Phoenix, but it sounds like it might be true.

    Thank you you helped me so much with my homework I will never struggle again on my homework. I really like this story but I wonder what happen next does his father get get sad and die too. Father and Son Father help his son ride a bicycle Homework banner set, cartoon style Ride linear icon.

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    Modern outline Ride logo concept on white back Bad ecology Russia. Happy family having picnic. Father teaching daughter to read. Cartoon father teaching son to ride on skate Potter and child hands molding mud. Other stock images with these models. I wanted to protect Max and myself from the judgment of other people.

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