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CONSUMED | Rebecca Zanetti

I myself will be impatiently awaiting Provoked… Warning, this book may cause sleep deprivation because readers will not be able to set the book down until finished. So much going on in this book. So many twists and turns happening that will alter the future the characters.

Overall this was another great book by Rebecca. This is by far my favorite in the series to date.

This was a really good paranormal romance. I will definitely be reading the future books. Sometimes You Mate For Life Katie Smith is the best of her class, part of an elite hunting force trained to eliminate werewolves from the hills of Western Virginia. He held her up against the wall. She needed to focus. Was this really happening?

The breath caught in her throat and she held still. Nothing in the world would make her look away. She held his gaze, mesmerized by the multitude of colors combining into topaz. With someone who might pass on the genetic mutation. Resulting freedom caught her unaware. Her chin lifted—along with her thighs. Throwing challenge into her smile, she clasped her ankles at the small of his back, sliding along the prominent line of his erection.

Her hands clenched his shoulders.

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She knew that firsthand. His tongue wet his lips. Elation mingled with an odd despair inside her to result in determination. She had nothing to lose. Every ounce of strength she had went into keeping the amazement off her face. One broad hand threaded through her hair, tangling at the nape. A goodbye of sorts? It would be just like Jordan to squire her to safety if he were about to fight to the death. To get his affairs in order. She began to struggle.

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He quickly, easily, immobilized her—pressing her body into the wall. Erotic tingles jerked along her scalp. Her breasts pressed against his chest, forcing a groan from her. The need echoed her heartbeat between her ears. Regret and inevitability exhaled on his sigh.

Better than any dream, his head lowered toward hers. Then his lips found hers, and she forgot all about sadness and dreams. Fire, promise, despair, all comingled in his kiss, his lips firm, his tongue gentle.

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The shoulders under her hands went rigid with restraint, a vibration of control as he kept himself in check. Slowly, too damn slowly, he halted the kiss, levering back. Desire and apology cut hard lines into his face. Wild, nearly desperate, she slid her tongue inside, pressing her entire body along his length. Katie has been infected with the virus for more than a decade, unable to shift and losing more of her shifter strength every day.

She and Jordan have been fighting an attraction to each other for longer than they care to admit, but time is running out and far more is at stake than their love for each other.

Consumed is a GraveTells must-read! Read on with confidence!

Series: Dark Protectors

Consumed takes place ten years after the final events of Hunted , which, personally, I think was a savvy move on Ms. One, it keeps the series fresh by allowing younger characters to evolve, and two, it adds gravity and a thread of desperation to the circumstances our heroes are suffering. These two have been pining over each other for decades, and now time is nearly up.

Through flashbacks, we get to see rare, unguarded moments between Jordan and Connlan Kayrs, when they were still relatively young innocents and had yet to take a life… a stark contrast to the lethal, ruthless leaders they would both eventually become. For a man who is normally so level-headed and in control, albeit sometimes ruthlessly, Jordan is all alpha, dominant and aggressive, when he marks her. This scene explodes off the page and is so intense I ended up reading it several times. Nobody says you have to do it all alone. What was it with happy vampires?

They instantly wanted everyone else to be happy, too. Vampires were an odd species. Irritation cut lines to the sides of his mouth. Just one more time. A few more minutes to pretend. Denial was blinked away in his eyes. Frustration and a glimmer of anger replaced it.

His mouth slanted over hers. Taking, giving, his lips firm and demanding. Her body shot from slow burn to inferno in a heartbeat.

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Hotter than any sun, his mouth brushed her ear, and one fang nipped her earlobe. The quartz wall swam before her eyes. With a soft whimper, she gyrated against his hand.

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The next sound was more of a cry than a whimper. Weaving a tapestry of love, friendship, brotherhood, camaraderie, action, suspense, and passion I could go on, but I think you get the picture , Ms. Zanetti takes us on yet another thrilling journey in a series already so addicting it should come with a warning. May result in extreme distraction, the fervent wish to have your very own pushy alpha male, and the need to keep reading well past bedtime. I love those stories with seeming impossible to get around the barrier plots.

I totally agree — they get better and better. His book is going to be painful, I just know it! Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Review: Consumed (Dark Protectors #4) by Rebecca Zanetti

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