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Guns are what made this country free and its guns that will keep it that way. Responsible gun owners always get the shit because of a hand full or idiots. I mean with all the smoke it is killing more people of different types of cancer, than dumb people with guns. You could be sitting on your bed with the window open and a little bit of smoke gets in your window, no that happens every day for the next three years, you lungs are tarred. But there are people walking in smoke, constantly.

So many people suffer. America is a free country because of our soldiers. What did those soldiers use? The second amendment states citizens of the United States have the right to own guns. Guns created this country, and they will keep it in tack. That second hand smoke really irritates me to no end.

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What hope have we got with all the pollution America puts into the atmosphere. Fu King N Korear the methane is the same wether your mobidly obese or skinny, how stupid do you have to be not to realise that. Perhaps you should keep your judgemental and uninformed mouth shut. Maybe you or I is over-reacting,but you suck. Wow Claire…first of all, his comment was written way before Sandy Hook. On a slightly unrelated note, I would consider hunters as murderers, or at least very close.

Hunting is a necessity! What about people who eat meat in general? Shoes, handbags, belts, wallets, glue, other food products. Are you responsible for the death of these animals by using these items and supporting the industries that create them? This reasoning is flawed at the most basic level. I use to live in the country in CT. I would freak out when I heard the gun shots going off in the woods. I would be so sad to think of the deer being shot. That was until I saw the deer that next winter eating my plants. The deer heard was so skinny and starving to death.

It was at that time it hit me. The hunters were doing the heard a favor. Less deer and more for the others. The hunters take home the deer and eat them. Food for the winter. Guns are part of our American rights. You banned kinder surprise but not guns. They would only be a murderer by killing other people not just collecting them ffs. No Michael you are wrong and so are several others in these comments.

These are easily verifiable facts. In fact that was never the intention. America needs to implement better gun control — that is a stone-cold fact.

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Having said that, the guy who wants to collect memorabilia is not doing anything wrong. Just want to state that. No they are not In Canada we have guns. We have laws like you have to be trained, background check, waiting periods and a country full of people that respect all life not just the few. So lets ban the nuts. Monkey see monkey do. Oh and voted in Trump, uses a term as wininist team wtf is wininist? Hands out oxycodone for menstrual pain. A Police force that uses the socially deprived as target practice.

The reliability of underlying national murder rate data may vary. Intentional homicide may or may not include infanticide, assisted suicide or euthanasia. The Count is the actual of people while Rate is of people for every , But for Actual, USA is 8. To understand, for every 10,, 10 million people ONLY are murdered.

Scope, coverage and timeliness of the data. Data represent the number of homicides per , population as captured by different sources of national and international administrative statistics. As of , the US has Of these, only 4. The other 24 people that are dead were either gun accidents or unknown but still gun-related. Rates are per , people while guns rate is per people. ONLY 15 guns per people!! Out of 10 million people there are 23 dead: Guns are not the problem. Speaking of hearts, according to the CDC data: In , 2,, people died. Diseases of heart heart disease , 2.

Malignant neoplasms cancer , 3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases , 4. Cerebrovascular diseases stroke , 6. Diabetes mellitus diabetes 76, 8. Influenza and pneumonia 55, 9. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis kidney disease 48, Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis 38, Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease hypertension 30, Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids 18, What about those that are Murdered? It all boils down to this: That is a 0.

You have a higher chance of bowling a perfect game 11, So long story short: What is a Sociopath A sociopath is someone who lacks the ability to care for the feelings of others. You lie just for the hell of it. Stout suggests that, for sociopaths, boredom is prevalent and …. I collect Civil War memorabilia as well as American Revolution memorabilia. Am i a sick freak too Claire because i like collecting American Historical items as well as books. Get a life Really. Not everyone that collects certain things is a crazed lunatic or racist. But how can you prove you are NOT a crazed lunatic. How can we be sure you do not have a hidden agenda.

As for the idiot who brought up the fact about gun collecting not being on the list who cares. But here is a question for anybody, how many gun collectors have had there collection stolen and then the guns used in criminal activities? Or how many gun collectors have had there own guns used by their family members to disastrous results? Only idiots collect guns and I do not care of any pathetic excuses used to justify the cause of collecting weapons.

Especially when the primary purpose of a gun is to kill!!! What other purposes do guns have? I really have no idea why I felt the need to reply here since this is a pretty old argument, but that quote there struck a chord with me. How about the security knowing that you have the tools to defend yourself and your family from a potentially overbearing, and eventually oppressing government? Part of the purpose the 2nd amendment exists is to help ensure that the population of the nation has the means to rise up against forming tyranny if it occurs.

Humanity has been finding ways to kill their fellow humans since day one, and the tool used matters not. The gun does NOT kill people on its own. It takes an operator to fire. By that logic a simple kitchen knife, or the vehicle you drive to work every day could be just as deadly as a gun. You going to ban those too?

What the US needs is more responsibility and better treatment for the individuals suffering from mental illnesses, trauma, loss and more. I personally am not a gun owner, but I respect those who are one for the RIGHT reasons if they are responsible owners. See above reasoning for that. Again, using that logic, motorized vehicles should be banned because of all the drunk drivers and reckless drivers on the roads, they cause plenty of deaths too do they not?

Claire, I have been enlightened. Thank you for your comment. I have tossed all my guns in the trash. My brother recommended I would possibly like this blog. He was entirely right. This publish truly made my day. You can not imagine just how a lot time I had spent for this info! Way more people get killed by drunk drivers than by guns in the United States. Does that mean nobody should be allowed to drink or buy alcohol?

Give me a break. Gun violence is actually the lowest its ever been, it just gets more media attention now. By a country mile. Yet they can drink and own a gun. The primary purpose of a car is to transport people. The ONLY purpose of a gun is to kill people. So your comparison is irrelevant anyway. Gun violence is still higher than any other western country and about to get worse now Trump has pretty much opened the floodgates. Car accidents not firearms kill more people in he U.

And ex-cons felons are NOT allowed to own a gun or be in any place that has a gun in it. Please look up your facts before posting comments as it makes all your points moot. And yeah btw the people behind the guns that make their own decision to go shooting up schools are the people who are messed up. In reference to your previous comment: Clair is speaking her mind.

This is a hot mess. I feel bad for you Claire and the rest of you people who feel it is okay to persecute someone who swings a different way. What about the rest of the world when you Chimps vote in a complete cock like Trump. If guns kill people, I guess pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk and spoons make people fat. It would be everso nice to add,Moaning narrow minded gun slinging morons. My father collected guns and knives My son got teh knife collection and is carrying on.

There is one I found and gave my Daddy when we were in the woods when I was really young its a case and about 2. We have just a few civil war items one is a gigantically long barrell. Another family member got the gun collection but oh yes we kept a few. Collecting anything is a personal choice. Protecting your home is a must for the repliers!!! Gun Collecting you are stupid first look the next time. How bout playing scraching a masturbation secction massaging some ones feet and back or teasing the oposite sex and swaping cars and waist money.

Solo, choir or ensembles? A good hobby for those with a musical bend and a decent voice or not. Just need to have a passion for it. What about Thimble Polishing Carol. Start of on Thimbles work your way up to oh well nevermind. There are many types of folkdancing, not just square. For example, contra danincing, sponsored by the San Diego folk heritage Society.

There are also the many ethnic dances, Irish, Scottish, Israeli, Greek and more. Then, of course, there are more traditional ballroom type dances and American dances such as swing, disco, waltz, fostrot, mambo and so forth. Plenty of perfectly nice people collect weapons. So, Claire, am I understanding correctly? Where is the common sense anymore? Do people really think that collecting guns will make people safer?

Most of the people in those examples you gave have said in statements to the press that they are in support of owning weapons, and guns in particular. Get your facts straight and start thinking…really thinking! Maybe you should think. Maybe you should think! It means safety, protection, and the ability to fend for your self. Have you ever thought why we even have the 2nd amendment?! Just because people own guns, knives, etc. I happen to own guns and knives for hunting and self defense.

You sound like another liberal who has been brainwashed by the mainstream media. Do your research or shut your mouth. Melodye I can agree with you!!! And you always need to defend yourself from the crimes around. How late were for the second war I know you were about three years late for the first. Also the Germans only voted for Hitler.

This whole conversation is a hot mess. Honestly, do you people realize that this bickering is pointless. Claire, everyone dies at some point. Hate to break the news, but saying the gun is what kills people is the exact same thing as someone saying a the baby is the reason a child is aborted. Nope, its two people having sex and conceiving the child. Its the same thing as saying because a person was hit by a car, it was the cars fault. I mean, last i checked a car cant move without someone behind the wheel and a gun cant fire without a finger behind the trigger.

A baby cant tell someone no while they abort it. Thats what people need to learn. Thats the exact reason a person goes to jail for killing someone, not the murder weapon. If its really the guns fault people were killed, answer me this. Why doesnt the gun go to jail then instead?

Did you even go to elementary school. Actually the gun does go to jail, its called taking the gun away, which happens when you murder someone and are caught. You are so right, people do kill people, but guns help a lot. Name the last time a school was massacred by a toe nail clipper. Moral of the story is, dont eat apples with ketchup.

I think teaching could be a hobby. If you teach or tutor for free, it could definitely be a hobby. Some parents more than others, some things taught might be worth more than others. Your teacher is full of it. Yeah, they should definitely have cardistry here! But maybe they see it as a part of juggling or magic.: You got that right!!! I am a guy that likes to be active any chance I can get, however even though there are some hobbies on this list I am interested in, it interferes according to where I live.

Beekeeping is a serious part of a bees life because all beekeeping has created a false environment for all kept bees and as a result bees find it very hard now to live in the wild so, I would wrestle with the thought of beekeeping as a hobby because when you change hobbies what happens to bees But we do, need beekeepers because they are dying out and so are the bees which is not good for humanity or any other life form.

I am almost 30 years old and everybody tell me that i must have hobbies, not only my work… I think that i can find something here! Pole dancing or belly dancing are fun hobbies to learn. Also, learning how to shoot a gun, several types of guns should be fun. Sledding, surfing, volleyball, flower-arranging, flower viewing, skating, martial arts, knife-throwing, picnicking, comic book collecting, grilling, teaching…. Have you already listed decoupaging, Stenciling and greeting card making under something else?

Or are they new ones you can add? Do collages of animals. Chop up animals and make art out of them kidding- of course. Do a puppet show with animals as puppets. Teach your dog to paint somehow. Playing Board Games like family board games, go board games, is my hobby. Besides I also like neurotaintment. Your list give me idea to add new hobbies. I agree with Ed sex can be a hobby! It meets the definition of something one does for. That is a great list of hobbies! Thanks for doing the work to get all this on one page for people to review.

I have to thank you for the efforts you have put in writing this blog. I really hope to check out the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. Wow so many negative comments. Thank you for taking the time to create this list. So many hobbies, so little time! Thhat can alwaays match any outfit whilst being highly useful forr many different occasions. You need to add cryptography, while it is a proffesion, it can also be a hobby.

Cryptography is the study of codes. So you could take in this hobby to create your codes and use them between you and your friends! Also you might want to add Semaphore the communication between others through the use of 2 flags. Like you see in the movies with those red and yellow flags. You all need to stop bitching about guns and people killing and start looking at the real problems in this country like how the government is full of shit and lie to us everyday or the fact that obama ran this country into the ground or the u.

Being trillons of dollars in the hole and no one doing anything about it they want us to fight about gun control so all eyes are off them. They constantly did horrible illegal things. Maybe that would bring some sense into people. This list has almost nothing compared to the vast number of hobbies actually out there! But sitting down and actually typing these many hobbies is really a good effort! Would anyone please suggest other good hobbies? This is a great tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere. Brief but very accurate info… Thank you for sharing this one.

2. Journaling/Writing

A must read post! Amazing to see how many different things there are to do, crazy list! For me I love yogalates! Great work, that is a very extensive list. It must take a lot of time to come up with all that stuff…. I collect rocks and pens since I was younger.. But I need a new hobby or two… maybe do what Claire is doing.. You have an awesome list of hobbies! And now i can add more on my list..

Me and my family want to try out each of them.. This has nothing to do with this, but you might want to add this on your list of hobbies. With colored pictures , this coloring book can also serve as an inexpensive butterfly identification guide. That can help you learn more and use your creative side.. Is the list frozen now? One thing, I wanted to add Skeet and Trap shooting.

I finally noticed that Skeet was there but slightly out of order. A few around are out of alphabetical order. Also, you might consider adding whittling, day-trading, and various card games Bridge, Solitaire, etc. It can be as simple as a small house of cards to recreating real life buildings with them!

You should add the hobby conlanging to this. A conlang is a constructed language, and can be created for stories, for the purpose of keeping secrets, or just for fun. You could have the culture and history go back hundreds of thousands of years, the possibilities are endless. But want to statement on few general things, The web site taste is wonderful, the articles is truly nice: If you desire to grow your familiarity just keep visiting this site and be updated with the most recent information posted here.

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I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who has been doing a little research on this. And he actually bought me lunch simply because I discovered it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending time to talk about this issue here on your web site. Wow, awesome blog layout! How ling have you been blogging for? Thee overall look of your web site iss excellent, as well as thee content! Negotiation equals a successful vehicle buying experience.

You could even argue that Warhammer is being dethroned. If you are sensitive to a particular oil, try a different species of plant, or try a higher-quality oil. The fruit is sliced and the spices added to water in a crock pot and left to simmer all day. Holiday decorating, improv comedy, stand-up comedy, attending cultural events, exploring cultural sites, facial hair styling, designing greeting cards, playing the stockmarket, self-publishing, throat singing, yowdling, historical reenactment.

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Hello everyone, thank you for this huge list of hobbies.. Example, hobby on photography or videography when becomes skill can earn some money. People who are jewelry fanatics when the skills becomes ripe becomes a stepping stone towards a pro into jewelry business.. Well then lets add chronic drinking and drug abuse????? I got this site from my friend who informed me on the topic of this site and now this time I am browsing this web site and reading very informative posts here.

Thanks for every other informative website. The place else may just I get that kind of information written in such an ideal method? I know my visitors would enjoy your work. This list is awesome! I have used it so many times to come up with new hobby ideas! More popular than you think. Occult books are also one of the few genres of books that often appreciate in value rather than become worthless. The weeb site loading velocity is incredible. Moreover, The contents aree masterpiece. At this time I am going away to do my breakfast, once having my breakfast coming again to read further news.

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Its actually amazing article, I have got much clear idea concerning from this paragraph. This is actually quite useful. The list was extensive enough for a lot of people to get ideas and come up with what they could occupy their time with. Sometimes peoples hobbies can change through no fault of their own. Life experiences and accidents can stop childhood or long time hobbies and force someone to find something else so this is useful.

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Thank you one million and please keep up the rewarding work. Things I do you should try: Go in public and eat from the jar. See how many people look at you with a disgusted face. Then out of nowhere In a store or on the sidewalk Start dancing like a crazy person 16 Search up what your recent dreams have been about, like the significance. See how many people snap their heads back and look at you. Give it to a homeless person while smiling. Ask your friends if they want some. If yes, give them the bottle, and watch.

Throw Skittles at people. Break the awkaward silence!!! Make sure there are other people Look at someone else with a dead serious face, and wash your hands again. Dare them to do a challenge, Have them sit down and put their hands on a table, Place glass cups on both hands. All you gun hating idiots, when someone gets shot, you blame the gun instead of the owner.

When a pitbull kills someone, you blame the owner instead of the dog… Now which of the two acted on its own to kill someone, the dog or the gun? Keep up the great work! You realize, many people are hunting round for this info, you could aid them greatly. Pen turning is a great hobby. You can sell the pens or make them for gifts. I have just forwarded this onto a friend who had been doing a little homework on this. And he actually ordered me dinner because I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Unquestionably consider that which you said.

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Those are heroes that are simple to find out yet have a big influence on the video game. Consider all they have they suck. After taking one take a look at this mobile touch screen phone, you will certainly never take a look at any other mobile phone once again. All business maximizing the old feel of the buildings. And also so many duplicates. Like its written differently but still the same concept. Most of the hobbies that are listed are vague. It would be great to provide more details to it. For example, what exactly do you do in the internet?

Or a short description would be good too. How could he die as anyone but himself? Turn me into some kind of monster that I'm not. I bite my lip feeling inferior. While I've been ruminating on the availability of trees, Peeta has been struggling with how to maintain his identity. His purity of self. I can't go down without a fight. Only I keep wishing I could think of a way to. That I'm more than just a piece in their Games," says Peeta. I mean, what else am I allowed to care about at this point?

He's locked those blue eyes on mine now, demanding an answer. It's like a slap in the face. His use of Haymitch's patronizing endearment. I want to spend mine in District Twelve. Then I turn and leave the roof. I spend the rest of the night slipping in and out of a doze, imagining the cutting remarks I will make to Peeta Mellark in the morning.

We will see how high and mighty he is when he's faced with life and death. Before the televised interviews with the tributes, Peeta distances himself from Katniss suggesting that he is preparing for what it will take to survive in the arena. But then in the televised interviews, Peeta professes his crush for Katniss, going from distancing himself from Katniss to bringing him and Katniss closer than he ever would have been able to do interpersonally.

This is a strategic and manipulative move on Peeta's part both in the "game of love" and in the Hunger Games arena, which according to Peeta was not altogether without planning. By professing his feelings on national television, Peeta binds Katniss to him both romantically and in the arena. He blindsides Katniss and forces Katniss into a position where she has to give a response to his feelings and places her under even greater scrutiny.

He changes Katniss from just another tribute to a girl holding on to the adoration of a sweet boy from District 12, who happens to be a fellow tribute. Will she care for him in return? Will she give him a fighting chance in the arena? Katniss is right to be angry with Peeta for his stunt. He places chains on her when he declares his attraction to her and it is one of the only ways and one of the only times that he can. Katniss is angry that Peeta makes her look weak. Haymitch argues that he makes her desirable.

Both of these statements are correct and they are done without Katniss' consent. And so begins the narrative of the "Star-Crossed Lovers from District 12;" with Peeta playing a role in manipulating not only the hero, but the audience, and of both his and Katniss' fates. Peeta declares his feelings and crush for Katniss on national television and as a tribute without odds in his favor, he has nothing to lose.

In the movie, Katniss and Peeta have a conversation the night before the games and Peeta tells Katniss that he meant his remark as a compliment. This is a moment that hints at Peeta's manipulative nature showing how he can turn a situation in which he was clearly at fault into a situation where he had no fault. Katniss does not address his offense or the fact that declaring his crush on her and putting her in the position that he put her in was not a compliment.

She lets it go and they have a sincere conversation about the games. In the books, Katniss and Peeta have a sincere conversation about the games but Katniss ends up upset with Peeta and they part on bad terms before the games. Katniss is made to feel inferior to Peeta and is upset over the way he responds to her desire to wanting to stay alive and is upset over the way he responds when she advises him to care about doing the same.

This effect that Peeta has on Katniss is revisited in Mockingjay when Peeta makes Katniss feel low and unworthy. Peeta has had a crush on Katniss since forever. But something does not make sense about his crush on Katniss; and while Katniss never quite figures it out, she is resistant to the crush and to the actions that come from it.

Peeta comes from an abusive and dysfunctional home. His mother was abusive and his father was kind but unable to give him a more functional and loving home life. On the first day of school, Peeta's father points out Katniss and tells Peeta that he wanted to marry Katniss' mother but that he did not because she ran off and married a coal miner that had a beautiful song and voice. From there Peeta takes note of Katniss and her singing and watches her everyday.

He watches Katniss, her sister, and her mother. He sees Katniss and her happy family. He has approximately eleven years in which to fall in love with the idea of Katniss and to fall in love with the idea of a fairy tale ending and happy home life that his father could not have and that he had not had in his own life. Katniss is the daughter of the girl that would have made his father happy and that would have given him a happy home and so Katniss is the girl that can do the same for him.

He does not love Katniss. He loves the idea of Katniss and of who he believes Katniss to be. Further supporting this fact is that Peeta himself calls it a crush. A crush that he has had for eleven years and where he watched and obsessed over her from afar. His crush over the course of an unhappy, abused, and dysfunctional life.

His possibility of a better, happy, more fulfilling and meaningful life all wrapped up in a girl that did not know he was alive until he threw her some burned bread and who he had idealized to no end. Peeta is noted for being sweet, steadfast, and self-sacrificing, and while he is sweet, steadfast, and self-sacrificing it is not all that Peeta is.

Peeta is just as wounded as Katniss; the difference is that he hides it better. Peeta is observant and manipulative. He knows how to charm, flatter, and persuade and he knows how to have a way with people. But these tactics do not work on Katniss. Peeta says the right things to Katniss; sweet, flattering, polished things. Things that are sincere but that are also meant to get a certain response from Katniss. But Peeta is unsuccessful with this approach when it comes to Katniss because Katniss does not respond to him the way he wants. While Peeta knows how to maintain his outward image, Katniss is an open book to everyone but herself.

Katniss' motivations are clear and she holds no pretense. Peeta cannot get to Katniss with charm, so he does manipulate Katniss with guilt, acts of kindness and selflessness that Katniss cannot repay and a resulting indebtedness to Peeta due to these acts, knowing Katniss as no one else does, and being there for Katniss when she is most vulnerable and unstable.

Peeta cannot win Katniss over the way he wins over everyone else. Peeta is patient and tries different approaches that combine both his sincere feelings towards Katniss and also his manipulative nature. The problem with Peeta is that he and his actions are complicated. He is sweet and kind but he also is out for his own wants and needs. He does want to be there for Katniss and he does want to look out for her.

He does want good for Katniss and he does want her to make it out of the games alive and for her to have a future. But he also wants Katniss. He wants her for himself, and he wants Katniss to want him; and in order to get Katniss and to get Katniss to want him, he needs Katniss to need him and he does manipulate her to get there. Peeta is too available and ready to be there for Katniss.

He allows himself to be used in this way even though he knows Katniss has feelings for Gale and especially allows it because Katniss needs it. His being available for Katniss when she needs and when she wants is out of both kindness and manipulation. For the most part, this arrangement is enough for him in Catching Fire but in Mockingjay resentment and hostility surface. In The Hunger Games , Peeta does not know that he is being used and that he is being used in this way because it is necessary for both his and Katniss' survival but in Catching Fire he is aware of where he and Katniss stand.

And even with this awareness, he still makes himself as available or more available to Katniss than before. He is there for Katniss and he does not make any explicit arrangements or demands, he does not set any boundaries or terms for this arrangement, but he still has expectations and he is still getting something out of the arrangement. It is not that Peeta is just being used and used, and that he is not getting anything out of it. His actions are not entirely selfless.

In Mockingjay , when some of Peeta has come back and he is trying to find out what is real and not real, he makes a comment about the nights on the train. I've got some memories I can't make sense of, and I don't think the Capitol touched them. A lot of nights on the train, for instance," he says. That more happened on the train than did. That what did happen - those nights I only kept my sanity because his arms were around me - no longer matters.

Everything a lie, everything a way of misusing him. Hijacked Peeta shows everything that sweet and kind Peeta had under the surface and would never express. He is expressing the fact that all those nights he was used and he did not get anything out of it, and that he was misused; which is not true because he did get something out of it, even if it was not exactly what he wanted. When Katniss needs comfort Peeta gives it. When Katniss wants to get close and be physical, he reciprocates and has open arms. Even when Katniss does not necessarily indicate that that is what she is looking for, Peeta makes the invitation or initiates.

When the right opportunities present themselves, he hugs, touches, comforts, and caresses Katniss. Peeta does not have to be available in this way and he can set boundaries that would allow him to be supportive as a friend as opposed to something more at any time, but he never does. But Peeta benefits from this arrangement as well. He would not have been so readily available for Katniss throughout Catching Fire if he was truly not getting anything out of it and if he did not benefit from it. In Peeta's case, some Katniss is better than no Katniss. Peeta and Katniss both begin to develop feelings for each other in the arena and over the course of The Hunger Games and Catching Fire.

Katniss develops feelings for Peeta as she begins to let Peeta in and Peeta develops feelings for Katniss as he has contact and interaction with her. Over the course of the first book, Katniss does not fully trust Peeta but starts to let him in and begins to have feelings for him in a gradual process while Peeta is still in love with an image of Katniss and sees his interactions with Katniss through idealized eyes. He does not yet see Katniss for who she is even though he is developing feelings for her. In Mockingjay , Katniss comes to realize that she does in fact have feelings for Peeta but that the Peeta that she has feelings for no longer exists and no longer knows her.

The Peeta that exists no longer knows Katniss and now sees Katniss with tainted eyes but also with new eyes. He sees Katniss as a villain because he has been poisoned to see her that way but in this process he also comes to see and care for Katniss for who she actually is or comes to see and care for Katniss as other than what he thought she was and not for the image of Katniss that he had built up in his mind over the majority of his life. Katniss does not fully trust Peeta and distances herself from him and it is not just because she is unfocused on her feelings and it is not just because Peeta is a fellow tribute although these do play a part combined with the following.

Throughout the games, Katniss notes of her indebtedness to Peeta. The argument can be made that Katniss is aware and uneasy about her indebtedness to Peeta resulting from the dynamics of one person being indebted to another, from a female being indebted to a male, or from both, but from whichever of these the argument is made the payment of the debt is the same. Katniss becomes increasingly uneasy about being indebted to Peeta over the acts that he does for her.

No matter how sweet, kind, and charismatic Peeta may be, at some point he will come to collect and in Mockingjay Katniss is expected by Peeta and by those around her i. Haymitch, Haymitch as a reflection of the rest of society, etc. Peeta has issues and has not worked through them. Peeta places his happiness and expectations on a person he does not even know. Peeta is sweet and kind but he is not selfless. He not only wants Katniss, but he expects to get her. If Peeta plays by the rules, is a nice guy, chivalrous, self-sacrificing, supportive, and brave then he should get the girl.

Being a nice guy and being a nice guy because you expect something in return are two very different things and Peeta is both at different times in the story. Katniss is often reminded of the fact that she is not worthy of Peeta but Katniss refuses to give in despite being told by Haymitch that she could "live a hundred lifetimes and not deserve him;" showing how even Haymitch shares the view that Peeta does in terms of male and female dynamics. Katniss knows that she does not "deserve" Peeta but the way the story is written and Katniss' responses and inner dialogue suggest that she did not want to deserve him and does not think that she should have to try to deserve him just because he wants her.

When hijacked Peeta enters the picture, we see more than the Capitol's poison in Peeta's actions and words. Peeta's suppressed anger towards Katniss comes out. He is not just angry that Katniss used him in the games or that Katniss is a muttation and an evil creation, he is angry that despite doing all the things he was supposed to do to get the girl, he did not get her. Katniss owes him and she is not his and she does not return his feelings in the manner that he expects. In fact, he comes back and she deliberately avoids him and she shows no intention of apologizing to Peeta or admitting fault for the things he is angry about with respect to her.

It wasn't okay with either of you. But I wasn't asking your permission," I tell him. Capitol-hijacked Peeta expresses his anger towards not getting what he was supposed to get. Peeta's questioning of Katniss about her romantic interactions with Gale and himself shows how he expected to get something in return from Katniss and the fact that he asks her and the way in which he asks her shows the fact that he thinks he is entitled to an answer about what he asks. Peeta wants Katniss to explain why he did not get what he felt was owed to him but he does this without asking her explicitly.

Katniss does not have an answer for him. She cannot or will not tell him why he cannot have her. She cannot or will not tell him why she will not fulfill the debt but there is a reason why she will not fulfill the debt. This bothers Peeta as shown by his laughing "coldly" and "dismissively. The exchange between Katniss and Peeta is worth noting because it shows a clash between them; both of them push but neither one budges.

Peeta asks "and it was okay with both of us? You kissing the other? But I wasn't asking your permission. Katniss does not say, " No. And I know that I owe you an explanation. And I know that I owe you and Gale an explanation. And I should have done things differently. Katniss says, " " No. Throughout the trilogy, Katniss has a complicated relationship with Peeta, that becomes even more complicated as she develops feelings for Peeta. Katniss comes to have feelings for Peeta but she develops feelings gradually and as she lets down her defenses.

Katniss falls for Peeta because he is sweet and kind, because he knows and understands her in a way that no one else can, because he is her rock when her world breaks down around her, and because he gives her strength, safety, and hope. But she does not develop feelings for him because she "owes" him or because he "wins her over. Even though Katniss has feelings for Peeta she does not fully embrace him because she knows and understands Peeta for who and what he is, and also because of how their relationship developed.

Katniss cannot separate the Peeta that gives her hope and strength from the Peeta that manipulates her and wants to possess and control her, because they are one in the same. Katniss loves Peeta but has ambivalent feelings for him. Her love for him is real but conflicted more on this here. At the end of the story, Peeta loves Katniss as she is, but more accurately, he is willing to take whatever Katniss is willing to give him both with respect to herself and a relationship.

This is supported by the way in which Katniss leaves to rebuild her life in District 12 and Peeta comes back to Katniss. This is a marked change and it is an important one. Peeta goes from silently pushing and manipulating Katniss, to verbally demanding, to quietly accepting whatever she will give him. And because of the foundation of their relationship, it is only in this way that they can be together. The ending of the trilogy is unresolved and that is because things never do get resolved with Katniss and Peeta.

Because their relationship was built on manipulation and truth, power play and control, trauma and surreal circumstances, hope and strength, love and the lack of it, there is no way to separate all that they have been through and the ways that they have used each other.

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And even though Peeta comes back to Katniss willing to accept whatever Katniss is willing to give him, it does not stop him from manipulating her in the future. Support for this is that Katniss gives Peeta children because he wants them and because he "wanted them so badly. And for the most part, Peeta and her live in harmony, grow together, heal together, and make a future. He triumphed where his father failed. He got the girl he wanted and the harmonious and fulfilling home that he did not have growing up. Mockingjay closes with a Katniss that is tired, patched together, and trying to get through life.

She loves and is loved by a person that she has a complicated relationship with and has ambivalent feelings for. She has children in her life that she was manipulated into having and that do not yet know what the world is capable of. She is strong but her strength has been stretched thin and everything has taken a toll on her.

She has a distant acceptance of life but she continues on anyway, trying to live day-to-day, and finding pieces of hope where she can. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Hi AOXE, thank you for reading the hub and for taking the time to comment and share your perspective. The relationships in THG trilogy are complicated, very much highlighted by the relationship between Katniss and Peeta but also noticeable among the relationships of the other characters.

By the end of the story, Katniss does love Peeta but she also settles for him; these are not mutually exclusive. I think your point is correct in that Katniss went through too much in her life to ever really fall in love with anyone and Peeta was who she was written to be with. I just think that there is more to their relationship and dynamic than meets the eye and that there are definitely more things to factor in and recognize.

Thanks again for reading, commenting, and being willing to consider a different perspective on the relationship. I wish you a wonderful day! What you wrote really opened my eyes on the relationships in this series. I never thought about any of this stuff while watching the movies. There is more to a relationship than it meets the eye. It is a truly complicated love triangle. I also feel not all relationships are the same either. You can pretty much make a case for any which way of who should end up with who. I just always thought even if Peeta did return to District 12 after the war, Katniss if she really didn't love him would honestly let him know.

I understand they went through so much together and the experience has linked them forever but if Katniss didn't really love him the way he wanted, she would be straight forward with him. I also understand Katniss might feel like she owes him as well. I still believe in Katniss and Peeta being together though lol. The dream scene of her and Peeta when she is having a nightmare and tells him to stay with her gets me everytime lol. When you dream of something I always thought that's what you really want in your life.

She was dreaming of no one else but Peeta. It is also quite obvious that at the end of the story they are both broken but I always felt they are both not really in "love" with each other as well. I always felt love is more of an action than an emotion. You can choose to love someone and not just be in love. Love is different for everyone and has different meanings as well. Katniss went through too much in her life I believe to ever really fall in love with anyone but Peeta presented the best option for her.

This is the first kiss that makes me want another. It runs through me like the morphling they give me in the hospital, dulling the pain of the last weeks. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces. Only when you're in love do you notice the smallest details of the other person or unless you're a stalker as well lol. Hi Misfit Chick, thank you for your comment! I love analysis too and I am glad that you enjoyed mine.

I agree with you that Peeta did have lots of help and prodding like Katniss did. It's been awhile since I've written this and re-visited it after re-reading the books, but I do think that I could have put more in that regard in the analysis and I re-read that part in my analysis and it does read harder than I meant it.

I have modified it some but will probably need to re-visit it when the material is fresher in my mind. You are very welcome and thank you for taking the time to read the analysis and comment! What a terrific analysis - I love stuff like this, ha! Maybe it's just me It seemed to me like neither one of them was in control of their 'relationship' after that first public reveal. I only read the first book, though.

Thanks again and keep it up!! They just released it today I believe. So you have time to catch up on the other films before Mockingjay Pt. I will real soon. I've just heard they just released the trailer for part 2 of Mockingjay for later this year to finish out the trilogy. Thank you for your comment and feedback! I am glad you liked the analysis. I hope you are able to see how the story plays out! Great book review on the trilogy, Nalini. I've only seen the first movie when it was on TV. I would have to get caught up to see how it played out on film, since I didn't read the trilogy.

Voted up for interesting! Thank you for taking the time to read my hub and comment. I am glad that you enjoyed reading it! I am re-reading the trilogy at present so I am not sure how I will find Mockingjay this time around but the first time I read it I found it to be rushed and uneven.

At the end I do not think Katniss is in love with Peeta. I think the reason I find the dynamic between Katniss and Peeta so interesting is because it is not black and white. From the way the book is written, I agree with you that Collins intended for Katniss to be with Peeta and their union is indeed bittersweet--which is fitting, but more bitter than sweet when looked at closely.

At the ending, Katniss and Peeta are broken beyond repair in different ways and it is haunting. If they had not suffered in such similar ways and to similar degrees they would not have ended up together and that is a pretty big part of the foundation of their relationship. One could even argue that that IS the foundation of their relationship and since Gale does not share that with Katniss, there is not really a way for him to share and continue with the Katniss she was and became.

Thank you for writing: I enjoyed reading your insights into the Katniss' and Peeta's relationship. I just completed reading the series and watching the first installment of "The Mockingjay" "The Mockingjay" left much to be desired in terms of resolution - particularly resolving Katniss' relationships with everyone in her life at the end of the war. I'm not sure if Collins meant for it to read as such, or if she wrote the last installment feeling rushed.

In reading other opinions on what Katniss' genuine sentiment is towards Gale or Peeta, the consensus seems to be that in the end, Katniss is in love with Peeta. I think Collins intended for Katniss to be with Peeta from the beginning but wanted their ultimate union to feel bittersweet, which explains the lack of sentimentality at the conclusion - even though Katniss and Peeta get married and have a family. In reading the ending, I got the feeling of Katniss and Peeta being broken beyond repair because of the war and the Games.

She portrayed two characters that lost everything and everyone dear to them as a consequence of the rebellion and who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Gale did not compete in the Games and while he suffered as a result of the war, it did not seem that he suffered to the same degree as Katniss and Peeta. Perhaps Collins wanted the readers to get a sense that Peeta was the natural choice if you want to call it a choice for Katniss and that their relationship is more a consequence of similar experiences and loyalty more than sentimentality.

Hello Jennifer Walsh, thank you for reading my hub and for commenting. Your comment was right on the money. I almost wish that I could un-read it so I could write it. Peeta outing Katniss as the object of his decade-long affection is completely wrong and his lack of accountability and his disrespect in how he addresses Katniss regarding his actions shows how little regard he has for her and for his actions.

It also shows that he is self-motivated and self-absorbed in addition to dismissing Katniss' feelings. He didn't do it to help her. He did it to help himself and if it helped her it was a bonus. The parts of the book that you highlighted and the explanations you provided are great examples of some of the issues with Peeta. Thank you for including them.

You bring up such a thought-provoking point. A lot of people bring up the question of whether or not Katniss actually loves Peeta but no one ever asks if Peeta actually loves Katniss. It's assumed that his actions must mean that he does without actually looking more closely at the dynamic. I don't think Peeta loved Katniss or that the story ever makes it clear enough to argue that he does but I do think he grew to care for her on some level and that he came to accept her as she was or as other than what he thought she was.

He was definitely obsessed with her and obsession really only requires possession of the one the person is obsessing over, which Peeta gets at the end of Mockingjay. Although I do think that there is some caring for Katniss mixed in there somewhere; even though it is not enough for him to stop manipulating Katniss and it is not enough to argue that it is a healthy relationship. In fact, arguing that Peeta manipulates Katniss "because he loves her" only supports it being an unhealthy relationship.

I was troubled that Peeta ended up with Katniss. The whole development and ending was problematic. I initially considered their relationship somewhat co-dependent or with co-dependent elements but their relationship wasn't exactly definition-supported co-dependent. Abusive is more fitting, especially because Peeta exerts his control through guilt and manipulation but it is not immediately visible to be as such.

It is difficult to identify exactly what kind of dysfunctional their relationship is but it is dysfunctional. Katniss did settle for Peeta because she was too broken to do otherwise, which is one of the things that bothered me about Mockingjay and about the Katniss in MJ. Which is sad given the dynamic and development of their relationship. She eventually agrees to have children, not because she wants them but because "Peeta wanted them so badly.

She's worried about how to explain their trauma to their children but hey, no worries, because "Peeta says it will be OK. The epilogue is realistic but disturbing. It captures so much but it is hard to see it for what it is. It is a haunting ending and even more haunting than the ending is the fact that no one addresses the dynamic and the overall message. It's like, did we read the same books? Are we reading the same Katniss and Peeta? Peeta does have redeeming qualities but overall he is a double-edged sword. On one end he fights off Katniss' demons and gives her hope, strength, and safety and on the other end he manipulates and tries to control her.

At first glance it is meaningful that they grow together and are able to work towards healing and a future, on closer inspection there are other "games" being played even if, as Katniss reflects in the epilogue, there are worse games to be "played". I will have to see how I find it when I re-read the trilogy.

I have also been bothered by Peeta. Peeta always struck me as being kind of petulant. Outing Katniss on national television as being the object of his decade-long affection was just plain wrong.