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Apr 18, Lori rated it really liked it. Unless you've read the novels, you'll be confused by the leaps in time , place, and the subjects in these stories. They made me long for another novel in the series. Dec 29, Gary Raines rated it it was amazing. Great short stories, but I think you would not appreciate the stories as much if you were not familiar with her novels that the stories are based on.

Jan 07, Cathy Cole rated it liked it. From the Introduction The seven stories in this collection were written between and It's been a while since Sharan Newman's last Catherine Levendeur mystery, so I was thrilled to hear of this collection of short stories set in twelfth century Europe.

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This slim little volume begins with a special introduction in which Newman gives an overview of the series in its entirety. If I hadn't already read the books, this overview would have had me ordering them straight away. Each of the seven stories focuses on an aspect of the family and of medieval France. I felt as if I'd walked into a fairy tale, and as it so happens, "The Beast Without" is one of my favorites in this book.

Each story begins a bit of background in which we learn that Newman wanted to explore a certain character's life, or that it was written with a certain theme in mind. I do enjoy this glimpses into the writing process, and each one adds to its short story.

Death before Compline by Sharan Newman

Death Before Compline will appeal to all: In fact, these short stories are an excellent introduction to the series, so if you're an historical mystery lover who's thinking of trying Sharan Newman's books for the first time, this would be a good place to start. If someone had mentioned that this book had were folk and the like, I wouldn't have paid the admittedly low kindle price.

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Craze really has gone on much too long. Each of the seven short stories in this collection is set in the 12th century in Europe. And each story provides a window into daily life during the medieval period for people as diverse as nobles, scholars, nuns, Jews, merchants, and children.

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This compilation of short stories was a fun way to see little vignettes of the lives of my favorite characters. I have loved every book in this series. The only problem with this book was that it was seriously in need of copyediting, and that repeatedly took me out of the flow of the story. I think that Death Before Compline will only be of interest to those who are familiar with the Catherine LeVendeur series.

These are short stories involving the characters who populate the Newman's novels. As someone who is a fan of the series, I enjoyed reading these anecdotal pieces. I hope the author finds a way to get them together. Apr 01, Rachel rated it it was amazing. I had forgotten how good Sharan Newman's books were. It made me want to read all of them again. Lori rated it really liked it Sep 25, N rated it really liked it Dec 05, Tara rated it liked it Nov 10, Suzanne Sheppard rated it liked it Sep 30, Patricia rated it it was ok May 19, Brenda rated it really liked it Jul 08, Justin rated it liked it May 14, Arielibra rated it really liked it Jan 08, Anthea rated it did not like it Sep 14, Teri rated it liked it Aug 16, Jaime Ponseti rated it really liked it Jun 17, Laura Roesener rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Beatrice rated it liked it Jan 15, Dperry rated it liked it Sep 01, Eunan Carr rated it it was amazing May 30, Dana Stabenow rated it liked it Oct 21, Toth rated it it was amazing Sep 04, Kenneth McIntosh rated it liked it Aug 28, Becky rated it liked it Apr 28, Laura Andersen rated it liked it Mar 29, Each of these provides a springboard for its own short story.

Death Before Compline

We see her solving mysteries both at home and abroad, as a young woman, as a lay sister, and later as a mother. Seven short stories, an introduction, a collection of medieval recipes, and a bibliography spread out over only pages make for a quick read. Newman is an obvious master of the 12 th -century medieval setting. She knows her stuff and she knows her characters. Period Early Medieval to Reviewed by Justin M.

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Death Before Compline: Short Stories by Sharan Newman

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