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Pretty sure he is the one fucking me right now. I can feel the sweat dripping from my face and neck as I hold onto his shoulders and bounce with all that I've got. Christian's right hand flies out and makes contact with the door above my head. How he is even doing this astounds me.

I have just given him an intense orgasm and he is fucking me like he hasn't seen me in weeks. I'm vaguely aware that my back is sliding down the door and onto the floor with Christian's arms wrapped tightly around me. His hips jerk three more times and I feel him releasing his hot, white heat into me once more before we both fall limp and lifeless. I was a little too rough wasn't I? I lift my head and lay against his chest while we wait for our breathing to return to normal. I knew as soon as I looked at it, it would be too much.

It would seriously piss me off. The other one covered me up way more. It may have had a strip covering your midriff but it definitely did not cover you up. I could practically see your fucking tits in it. Because I can reload within a matter of seconds. Are you showering with me? I didn't see you complaining. Christian winks at me with a shit eating grin as he stalks towards the bathroom, leaving me naked and spent on the floor. I reach for a tissue off of the night stand and wipe in between my thighs the best I can, I'll shower later.

I hear my phone vibrating from the bottom of my purse just as I am stepping into a pair of sweatpants - Sans panties. I already know who is calling me before I even look. She's been calling me all day. I hit the reject button and toss my cell onto the bed, if she thinks I am talking to her she has another thing fucking coming.

What part of stay out of my life doesn't she understand? I pick up the dresses that are still laid on the bed and carry them to the closet, ignoring the second round of incessant vibrations sounding from the bedroom. If I do I will be dropping my panties and climbing in that shower faster than he can blink. I thought you were completely done with her? She wants for you to get worked up over this. When will she stop? If I do she will think that she can still control me and I don't want that.

This way your security will be increased and you will be more protected, just think of blocking your mother as an added bonus. I just don't know what else she needs to say to me. You cut her out of your life for a reason it's her problem not yours. Don't stress over it baby, okay? I honestly don't know what I would do if I didn't have him here to ground me, I would have no doubt answered the phone and allowed Carla to feed me yet another cock and bull story about how much she loves me and wants to be part of my life.

But now I see just how toxic that woman was for me and I refuse to be sucked in by her anymore. She just gets to me you know? Even now she still manages to get in my head. I'm not sad, I'm pissed off. How can my own mother have such a disturbing affect on me? I never realised I had that many issues until I started seeing a shrink. I never want to hear you calling yourself that ever again okay? You were just dealt a shitty mother and a shitty childhood that's all, none of this is down to you, baby.

Christian is the only good thing that has ever happened to me over the past twenty three years of my life. Besides, Ray of course. I swear I should have around the clock bruised lips with the amount of kisses this man gives me. I love you and I'm always here for you. If I could get away with dumping that demon woman's ass in the middle of the fucking Sahara Desert I would do it in a heartbeat.

I should have known that she would try and re-contact Ana despite her telling her that she wants nothing more to do with her, she's like a fucking boomerang always coming back for more. I hate how she makes Ana feel, she tries to stay strong but I know it kills her that little bit more every time she sees her name flashing across the screen of her phone.

This was the woman that gave birth to her, dragged her away from her home and her father and practically spoon fed her to that sick fuck for the best part of a year. And if that wasn't enough, she refused to build her broken daughter back together and essentially left her to raise herself. Once again I thank god for Raymond Steele, the thought of what could have happened to Ana if he wasn't there sickens me to my stomach.

She could have ended up getting involved with drugs or even worse prostitution, we deal with messed up teenagers all the time with the Coping Together Foundation and I can't even comprehend the thought of my baby being one of those kids without a stable future. I'll deal with Carla fucking Adams, or Morton or Wilkes or whatever the hell she's deciding to call herself this year. She needs to learn that her daughter has her own mind and it's pretty damn amazing at that, she doesn't want the woman in her life and that needs drilling through before I seriously start to get pissed off.

As for changing her cell phone number this situation has just made the timing all that more perfect. Ana isn't just a normal twenty-three year old who goes to work every day and lives a nine to five life anymore, she's a young, beautiful woman that happens to be dating a billionaire and she is vulnerable. Men and women around the state, hell around the world will target her to get to me and it fucking terrifies me. I will do whatever I can to protect her and if changing her number to a private line will help then I'm doing it.

I have ensured that every one in my family has one so Ana will be no different, I'm just relieved that she didn't fight me on it. And I'm relieved that she didn't fight me on Caroline Acton either, all fucking day I have been preparing myself for a fight about it but surprisingly she didn't mind, maybe she does have an indulgent side inside her after all. When she tried on that bikini I lost it.

It was either storming out of the room pouting like a sullen teenager or fucking her brains out. So I fucked her brains out. The thought of her parading that delectable little ass in that scrap of material around my parent's house enraged me, only because I know what assholes will be there. Preppy little interns who work with my dad, preppy little interns who work with my mom. I love my brother and I know that he loves Kate but he has never been able to resist a woman with a good rack and Ana is the epitome of that woman.

He would be fucking drooling when he saw those babies coming out to play, shit just thinking about it now is pissing me off. Never will she wear anything like that. Over my dead fucking body. Mia called me this afternoon, she wants Kate and I to go over to Bellevue earlier on Saturday to get ready with her. Why are you pouting? Since when did the most trivial of things piss me off? Mia's also made it a 'boy free zone. Now I have to tolerate my girlfriend being away from me for the best part of the afternoon. Okay I really need a night with Elliot, some beer and man talk, I'm seriously starting to lose my balls.

Speaking of demanding Grey women calling today, she asked me to invite Taylor and Sawyer, Gail as well of course. Besides the fact that I will need to arrange separate security for the day and you have no idea how much that will piss Taylor off, I don't want to cross that line between professionalism and friendship, it can get messy. They are human beings as well as staff, Christian.

I think they will have a blast. Defiant little thing tonight isn't she? It's just not something that I've ever had to consider before, I blame you.

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Why do you want to invite her? Grey but you force the guy to sit in reception with her for eight hours every day so they're bound to get close. I think they make an adorable couple. He doesn't do girlfriends. So what if he doesn't do girlfriends? He would count his lucky stars to have a woman like Fran. I'll call her after dinner and invite her, I know it's short notice but hey ho, I should call Grace first though just to make sure she doesn't mind.

You will just have to get over your 'crossing the line between friendship and professionalism' issue because I think they could be amazing together. How the hell is he going to concentrate if he has his piece of ass within touching distance of him every day?

Although I don't know what the hell I'm worried about, if I know Luke Sawyer and I think I do, he will want nothing more than a quick fuck with this woman, I just won't tell Ana that. Don't over exert yourself, Elliot whatever you do. Why the fuck am I doing this when we pay people to do this shit? I think I'm gonna' head up there and see her. I kick my shoes off and leave them near the door knowing my Mom would have a fit if she saw me walking through the house with them on.

There's another five where that came from, as well as the flower arrangements and centre pieces. I can manage perfectly fine, Christian I'm not an invalid. Where are your shoes? What is it with these women forever rolling their eyes at me? My mother is the only person that can order me around like a school boy, I know that no matter how old I get she will always own me. I smile like the good little boy I am and make my way back outside, deciding to leave my shoes off. Considering he owns a company that requires heavy lifting, he is one lazy prick. Two minutes my ass. Once I have emptied the trays I jog back to the house and bolt through the kitchen and living room to the stairs before my Mom catches me, I feel like a kid who is trying to get out of doing the chores.

Mia's bedroom door is closed shut and I know better than to barge in on a group of half dressed women so I knock loudly three time and wait. Five seconds later my girlfriend opens the door and I almost fall over, she is still dressed in her boy shorts and cami top but her hair and make up is done and she looks so unbelievably beautiful. Her face looks flawless but it's her hair that bowls me over, she has it down in soft beach waves but she has the sides pinned up into a braid that is weaved and pinned to the back of her head.

Just needing to feel her, she whimpers and melts into my hold. Curling her fingers around my wrists that are holding her in place. I tried to sneak away earlier but Mia blew her top, she's rather insistent isn't she? I could just fuck her right here and now. I've left Elliot to finish everything off while I shower and change.

Fancy scrubbing my back? She lowers her gaze and runs her hands over my bare chest. Why do you ask? I fight the urge to grin. I grab her ass and yank her closer to me, tilting her chin up with my thumb and finger. I could have sworn that they were claws coming out for a second there. Her fingers trace my lips softly making my dick harder. We have plenty of time for that later. Shove off, Christian we still have work to do. Just to mess with her one last time I spin us around so that Ana's back is facing her and I bury my face in her neck, wagging my eyebrow at Mia as I palm Ana's ass.

Mia scrunches her face up in disgust. You are disgusting, Christian Grey! Pissing that girl off is way too fucking easy. God, I love that woman. One hundred percent that one. Not the shorter dress? She looks beautiful in her high-waisted shorts and off the shoulder floral shirt. Surprisingly understated for Kate but beautiful none the less. You'll without a doubt be the most covered up woman out there today. Is that a bad thing? I don't like this constant pressure.

TMZ usually print an online article about it. Shall we go down? When I hit the second landing I see Christian and Elliot standing by the bottom steps talking. Holy shit balls he looks so hot, Christian is wearing his trade mark white shirt, minus a tie and he has the top three buttons undone paired with a light pair of khaki coloured pants that swing from his hips so perfectly I have to literally clamp my jaw shut. How does he make everything look so unbelievably sexy? Sensing my presence he glances up, doing a double take when he sees me waiting on the top of the staircase.

See a Problem?

He pauses mid sentence and fixes his stare onto me. I take a deep breath and smile at him, silently praying that he likes the dress. He turns to face me and fists his hands in his pockets, his eyes widen slightly but he doesn't say anything. Mia and Kate move past me and make their way down the stairs leaving Christian and I in our own little world.

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Eventually, he smiles a slow smile that makes my insides melt. Taking two steps forward, he places one foot on the step next to him and holds his hand out beckoning for me to walk down. I grasp the bottom of my dress and make my way down the stairs slowly. Ten minutes or so.

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The Grey's entire garden has been transformed and it looks incredible. The marquee is situated at the far end of the lawn and I can see from here that it is decorated similar to how it was for Christian's event not even three months ago, only this time the tables are made out of wood and the centre pieces are a lot less formal. The pool has been prepared for later this afternoon, low rise sun loungers in the style of beds have been dotted around the pool with white parasols opened out.

A make shift bar is in full swing beside the pool and there are various tables and white leather seats dotted around the garden, how Grace manages to do this time and time again astounds me, it must be beyond exhausting. Christian tells me that the gates have just opened so guests will be filing through at any minute. Now that I'm out here I feel surprisingly calm, I don't know if it's because Christian likes my dress or due to the amazing atmosphere but I no longer feel under pressure. Having this beautiful man by my side plays a part of course.

Christian plucks two cucumber sangrias from a passing waiter and hands me one. Will your little guest be coming?

Any minute actually, that I cannot wait for. They'll hit it off though I can just tell. We join Elliot and Kate on one of the tables near the marquee and sit down, apparently things don't kick off properly for another twenty minutes or so. I place my hand on his thigh and squeeze knowing exactly where this is going. Mia told us while we were getting ready that she has invited the guy she has been dating for the past month or so, safe to say that neither Elliot or Christian know about him. These two are something else. Where did they meet? What does he do? How old is he? Anyone would think that Mia was thirteen and bringing her first boyfriend home by the way these two are behaving.

Grow the hell up. Both idiots wisely shut the hell up.

Wild Child

Leave these two eighteenth century asses to it. She would have known that this would happen having brothers like those clowns. He's hot and she sounds hot, what's the worse that could happen? I think he's just being a kill joy, they just need a little nudge in the right direction. Why doesn't that surprise me? Of course I would never cheat on Elliot. I love the stupid idiot. Just then I see, Taylor, Sawyer and Gail walking through the patio doors and down the steps. I nearly do a double take. The men are dressed in smart pants and shirts, much like Christian and Elliot are and Gail is wearing a beautiful full length skirt with a tight fitting blouse.

They look so normal. Who would have thought they could scrub up just like the rest of us. She's right though, I don't think I have ever seen Luke or Jason wearing anything other than suits so it's a shock to see them looking so casual, I actually can't stop staring. Grace greets them and they stand chatting for several minutes. Sawyer is even smiling, smiling! Every so often I catch Christian watching me as Kate and I mingle with the guests, I tip my glass and flash him a grin provoking a sexy as fuck wink from him.

He's talking with Carrick and Elliot and I can only presume that they are discussing Mia and Brad judging by Elliot's constant hair pulling. So far I have met three of Graces' colleagues that work with her on the Paediatric Wing, more of Christian's associates than I care to count and several of the therapists that work alongside Dr. West for the charity. I could fucking kill my boyfriend for choosing now to pull his protective big brother bull shit, thank god I have Kate here with me otherwise I would look like the worlds biggest dumb ass, I'll be the first to admit that I haven't got the first idea who half of these people are, especially the benefactors and contacts for GEH, they're all spouting figures and percentages and it's making my head spin.

Although I know that they are only doing it to try and impress me, this will be the first time that they have had to suck up to the boss' girlfriend and it is oozing off of them in spades, I just want to tell them that I am the last person they need to suck up to but I don't, so instead I nod my head, sip my drink and throw in the odd ' Oh really? I think I'm blagging it. Her hair is pinned to the top of her head in a messy bun and she has large sunglasses framing her face. Her long sleeved, floor length lace dress completes the bohemian style perfectly. This will be so easy. This place is something else!

I've already met Mrs. Grey she's such a doll, did she do all of this by herself? All of a sudden her hand lands on my arm and she freezes. Maybe I should have warned her before hand? I would have never been able to carry this off by myself. He's just…Okay to talk to. Here comes the Dutch courage. I automatically lean into him. It's getting bright out here now.

Can he be any more perfect? He spends most of the day cluttering up my reception area more than anything. This is just too adorable. His touch has an affect on me no matter where we are it's almost embarrassing. Carrick has the obscenely large grill set up on the far side of the yard, no doubt so that the smoke doesn't choke the guests half to death.

This is what I love about Christian's parents, when it boils down to it they are so laid back and relaxed. The main benefit that they hold is beautiful and unbelievably grand but Christian wasn't kidding when he said this is the less formal version, the atmosphere is electric. You know that no one likes to be the first ones in. How did Grace manage to even raise these baboons? Christian slides closer to me and rests his hand on the seat behind my back. What could he actually do about it? Lock me away in his bedroom for being a naughty girl?

The thought is actually arousing. I dread to think what she thinks of Kate's potty mouth, I can curse like a Sailor at the best of times but I try to control it around my boyfriend's mother. Not that she's stuck up because she's anything but, I just think there is a time and a place. The thought of it to me is nauseating. Trust me he won't be able to take his eyes off of you. He must be inside. Give me a break. How you managed to get girlfriends I'll never know. Keep it clean okay. Remember this is a charity event and there are young children running around. He's just as much of a horn dog as I am!

Horn dog would be right. How does he even know that I've brought one with me? I spy Olivia near the marquee talking with Carrick so I make a beeline for her before dashing up to Mia's room to change. I look to the side and seen none other than Emily fucking Harrison walking towards us. Not that she does though. Flicking her bleached blonde mane over her shoulder, she sits down on the spare white, leather cube chair next to me. Jesus Christ this is all I need. I am knocking him the fuck out later. I'm sure people wouldn't mind if we just happened to slip off. Her eyes find mine and even from here I can see the ire burning in her beautiful blue orbs.

I can hear Emily babbling some mundane bull shit next to me but all I can focus on is my clearly pissed off girlfriend who is now stripping down to her bikini. Without breaking eye contact, she crosses her arms and pulls her top up and over her head, revealing her outrageous body. The tight fit of the suit accentuates her incredible curves, showcasing her hips, tits and as and believe me when I say my dick just woke the fuck up. She folds her cover up neatly and lays it over the sun lounge, still looking at me with what I can only describe as distain. Baby Talk, Book 2. The Wrong Side of the Tracks, Book 2.

Blind Scorpion, Book 3. Blind Scorpion, Book 2.

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