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Their huey took a shot in the tail rotor and lost control on lift off.

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The pilots struggled the huey away from the troops on the ground before it dug itself into the ground. The infantry fought their way to the wreck, but only one man survived, and died before the medivac helo could make it.

So this song is personal. Billy Joel knows his history. The song captures the brotherhood of men fighting for the man next to him in the foxhole and shows that soldiers or marines can become "gung-ho to lay down their lives. Write about your feelings and thoughts about Goodnight Saigon Know what this song is about?

Billy Joel Goodnight Saigon Vietnam Tribute

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Goodnight Saigon by BILLY JOEL

The real tragedy is that too many focus on the loss of life instead of the value of the freedom it Parris island island surrounded by swamp is one of only More Billy Joel lyrics. We Didn't Start The Fire. Just The Way You Are. View 10 more explanations. Bold Italic Link Add an image new!

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The War Drags On Donovan. New Version or Translation. Submit address for download.