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And just to add to it, Rebuild of Evangelion has him saying that he's looking forward to meeting Shinji "this time". A Distant Neighborhood is about a middle-aged Salaryman who finds himself sent back in time into his year-old self. Hiroshi, much like the Trope Namer , returns to his older body with a new book dedicated to him by someone he heavily interacted with him in the past waiting for him at home.

Blue without Peggy Sue: Buddy Holly muse dies at 78 | Music | The Guardian

An Ordinary High-School Student from the real world falls down a set of stairs and wakes up in the body of Yamcha. At first he's excited at the prospect of dating Bulma, but when he remembers Yamcha's ignoble death during DBZ , he resolves to train and use his knowledge of DB canon to do things better than the original Yamcha.

He does well enough, but by the time Cell shows up he realizes that he won't be able to keep up any longer. In the end the whole thing turns out to be a "reincarnation game" being played by Beerus and Champa the latter who had another average guy reincarnated as Chiaotzu.

The first episode milks the hell out of this , with Yu reacting or underreacting to events leading up to the TV world in ways not possible in the game. He has all social stats maxed out, is more outgoing with his new friends, actively seeks out his Persona awakening, and annihilates hundreds of Shadows, along with everything within feet of himself, upon regaining Izanagi.

Of course, as Golden is an Updated Re-release , Yu ends up being caught off-guard by the existence of things that weren't present in the original game, such as Marie. The light novel I Am My Wife combines this with Gender Bender - the hero travels back in time to his school-days and turns into as a girl his former self still exists, however. In one strip of Nodwick , Nodwick touches a strange artifact in a dungeon our heroes are exploring.

After a bright flash of light Nodwick is now drastically altered in appearance now sporting combat scars, a hook for a hand and much more. He explains that after this event the party ends up battling against an apocalypse cult and that they repeatedly fail to stop said cult. Yeagar doesn't like the idea of Nodwick being better at their jobs than they are and Artax assures him that they'll erase Nodwick's memories as soon as they defeat the cult.

The trope namer, of course, though Peggy Sue Got Married is actually a subversion of the usual Set Right What Once Went Wrong aspects of the trope as Peggy Sue quickly realizes that she still doesn't have all of the answers and settles for adding some experiences she wished she'd had the first time around. Lola Rennt has elements of this: The second time, she flicks it off with practiced precision. Oddly for this sort of plot, it may extend to other characters. The security guard at the bank seems aware of the loop by the third iteration.

Which possibly makes sense if you consider the theory that he is the biological father of Lola, who is described as a "cuckoo's egg" i. In Stargate Continuum , Ba'al uses time travel to go back seventy years and make a huge number of changes, resulting in him becoming the leader of all the Goa'uld, with almost the entire galaxy enslaved, reinforcing his status as the most clever villain in the show. He subverts the Mental Time Travel aspect because he hasn't physically aged in that time and is thus able to kill and replace his younger self. The Butterfly Effect is a variation on the trope, which also deconstructs the hell out of the concept.

Also suffers from serious Fridge Logic , due to the main character's Genre Blindness. Next is a film where a character effectively has this or perhaps something more like Save Scumming due to possessing pre-cognition as a power. The ending though, is probably the film's best example of this trope. Biff has a pretty successful albeit short-lived run at this, through Physical Time Travel, by seeking out his younger self in Back to the Future Part II.

Having got into confrontations with Biff Tannen in , his grandson Griff in and Biff's ancestor Buford in , Marty is able to resist the urge to prove he's not a chicken when confronted back in In , the year-old ecologist Vincent Degan has a car accident on the soccer world cup night after a France defeat. After the impact, he's suddenly on the world cup night of with everybody yelling "We won.

His fiancee from has left him, and his lover appears to be more interested in Vincent's best friend, Ronny. The end plays the trope straight: Scott does this in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World after Gideon kills him but it turns out Scott has an extra life. In the original comic, Scott just came back to life, but in the movie, he essentially started over at the beginning of the last level so he could use his prior knowledge of what happens in order to be generally awesome.

Blue without Peggy Sue: Buddy Holly muse dies at 78

The Devil allows Mrs. Jones to go back and live life as a slut, no repercussions since she's dead already. She ends up in Purgatory, always on the verge of, but never able to, come. The film If Only has the main character being sent back to yesterday to try and save his girlfriend from being killed in a car accident.

Tim does this deliberately and repeatedly to avoid embarrassment in About Time. Logan gets sent back to the 's this way in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Curiously, it is not his own life he needs to fix, but Xavier's; Logan is sent because the strain of being sent back so far would kill anyone who doesn't have a Healing Factor. It's About Time is about Fin Shepard travelling through time to stop the sharknadoes from devastating the world and save his friends and loved ones from their fates.

The epilogue of Stephen King's The Dark Tower Series, although it is not clear exactly how much of his knowledge he can take with him in this do-over. At the very least, he has made some spiritual progress in each iteration. The entirety of the novel Night Watch could be considered to fall under this trope. Although Night Watch slightly differs from most examples of the trope in that Vimes takes the place of his own mentor 30 years in the past before returning to the present , rather than reliving his own life, and that he's more or less trying to make things happen the same way he remembers though he's happy to try to "fix" things that he didn't personally experience.

In Going Postal the Patrician tells Moist a parable about how occasionally, when someone has truly screwed their life up beyond repair, an Angel will appear to them and offer to take them back to the point where it all went wrong so they can try one more time. At that point this is just Vetinari trying to make a point in his usual fashion, but then at the end of the book Moist once again finds himself at a metaphorical fork in the road, and Around the middle of the book Moist also winds up using it as a rhetorical device to convince someone to do what he wants, or at least confuse them sufficiently to keep listening.

Thief of Time showed Lu-Tze using this as a trick picked up from the Yeti, who had evolved the ability to save up their lives and try again if something goes wrong. In the Void Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton , the Void itself gives people the power to do this, at the cost of consuming the rest of the galaxy to provide the necessary energy.

Fred Saberhagen 's After the Fact has the main character taught to use his natural talent for this in a plan to secretly rescue Abraham Lincoln from his assassination. It comes in handy that, any time things go wrong, he can reset to a few minutes back and try again. The scene where he accidentally prevents the killing altogether becomes a CMOA for the president, who with a moment's warning singlehandedly clobbers John Wilkes Booth.

Unfortunately, that has to be reset, too, since the idea is to rescue Lincoln while still having him appear to be assassinated. There is one jump of many years that leaves him effectively trapped physically in the past, decades before he was born. Once there, he can short range Mental Time Travel at will. Shortly before dying Waylander goes back two decades before the first novel to prevent robbers from murdering his family. Which turned an ordinary military officer into an unstoppable Anti-Hero assassin in the first place.

Subverted in Kurt Vonnegut 's Timequake, in which the population of the Earth is suddenly thrown ten years into the past, with full knowledge of what would happen over that decade But without any free will: People find that they have no choice but to replay past events exactly as they happened the first time around, with the full knowledge of each disastrous mistake they are committing. In "White Tulip," a scientist goes back in time to save his dead fiancee from a car accident.

After Walter tells the man of the consequences of his own tampering, the scientist goes back in time to tell his fiancee that he loves her before dying with her. There was a Canadian show in the early-to-mid-'00's called Twice in a Lifetime , about flawed people who'd messed up their lives and died miserably being given a "reprieve" by a heavenly judge and who were sent back to Earth along with a spiritual guide to the most pivotal time in their lives, with three days to change the course of events for the better. They went back with their contemporary bodies, though like the Discworld example above , and spoke to their own past selves often.

The last season of Felicity. Or was it All Just a Dream? More importantly, who cares? In " Tapestry ", Picard is about to die due to events that happened in his past, and Q sends him back in time to relive his Academy days. Picard reacts to the situation which led to his death in a manner that negates his later death.

Changing his past however leads to a change in his personality, and Picard decides that he liked his life better the way it was before, even if he was about to die. Q, having made his point, brings Picard back to the present and saves his life. Unless it was All Just a Dream. While Sam normally leapt back to fix other people's lives, he got to do this for his teenage self in "The Leap Home, Part 1".

As the family problems he chooses to tackle aren't the things Al says he's supposed to change, his success isn't assured. In the second episode of the two-parter, he manages to save his brother, who was supposed to die in Vietnam. Unfortunately, this happens at the cost of leaving young Al in a POW camp instead of changing the timeline to rescue him.

Al doesn't warn him or try to change his mind and Sam doesn't realize he might have saved his friend instead until it's too late. Subverted in Eureka — after Carter receives his future self's memories to Set Right What Once Went Wrong , he intends to use his knowledge to reach his perfectly happy future with the girl he loves.

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But when little details turn out wrong and puts things off-track, he realizes he cannot rely on those "memories". He eventually has them wiped from his mind to prevent the inevitable anguish. The Twilight Zone The episode "Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville" has a business tycoon making a deal with Satan in order to relive his life again so he can use his knowledge of the future to build a bigger business empire than the one he has.

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Not surprisingly, it doesn't end well for him. The episode "Static" ends with a bitter, regret-filled old man living in a retirement home suddenly — and to his delight — back as his younger self in the s with the implication that he knows what to change in his life to make it better. The McReary Timereary spell in Wizards of Waverly Place creates a shorter term version of the trope, allowing the user to redo the last few seconds.

The Fear Itself episode "The Circle" had the beginning of a loop as its twist ending. In its sixth season, Lost portrayed flash-sideways of the main characters in a parallel universe, but in contrast to the emotional cripples they started out as in the prime timeline, all of them possess five seasons worth of character development, which allows them to come to terms with their severe psychological baggage.

It turns out it's an archetypal afterlife, crossing Christian purgatory with Vedic reincarnation, and this emotional maturity is what allows them to "move on". The series Hindsight had this as the whole premise of the show. The main character, Becca, travels back in time and uses this opportunity to correct what she sees as personal and professional mistakes. In Peanuts , Linus asks Charlie Brown what he would do if he got to live his life over again. Charlie Brown's reaction is to scream in terror. Granted, Charlie was told in this hypothetical situation, he would live it the same way he did the first time.

The song "I Know Now" from Snoopy!!! The Musical features Lucy, Sally and Peppermint Patty singing about how much better their lives would be if they had grown up already knowing the things that they'd learned throughout childhood. Muv-Luv Unlimited ends with humanity abandoning Earth to the invading aliens. Its sequel, Muv-Luv Alternative , starts with the main character back at the beginning of the original's plot, with all of his memories and physical training intact, determined to prevent the aliens from winning this time around. When They Cry the world is repeatedly reset to a time before the Cotton Drifting festival.

Though only Rika remembers what happened in each world. When They Cry , the story is always reset to October 4th, Although in the end, the entire series turns out to be the main character theorizing about what happened during that time on Rokkenjima. This is the essential premise of the Zero Escape series.

In Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors , Junpei is able to use his experiences in alternate timelines in order to connect the dots and figure out the key to the safe, which in turn provides him with the required combination to free Snake from the coffin. Virtue's Last Reward plays it straight, sending Sigma and Phi's consciousnesses to various points in various timelines to provide them with key information, such as the deactivation codes for the bombs.

Most video games in general.

Buddy Holly: the rocker next door – a classic profile by Mick Farren

You die, but you keep coming back armed with the knowledge you gained last time. You know all the traps and the surprise attacks, you know what strategy you should choose. This is also the principle behind Save Scumming. This is played with Undertale , as every time the fallen child dies, they are revived at the last save point thanks to determination, and the game notices this in many ways Particularly, if you, by any chance, kill Toriel by accident and then reload to spare her, Flowey will call you on this.

However, this is painfully deconstructed in the Kill Them All route, where the game will not allow you to go back and regret what you have done, because "you think you are above consequences". It's possible to unlock Alpha Guy and Alpha Cody i. Guy and Cody as they appear in the Street Fighter Alpha series as secret characters in the game, and when playing as them, their dialog shows that the whole experience is a Peggy Sue moment for them, though there isn't really a whole lot to change.

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Please try again later. Just really liked that writing style, learned some new stuff about music at that time, really brought back some memories, after reading the book, I ordered the 3disc CD set of Buddy Holley's greatest hits. This book really takes me back, to the very beginning of rock and roll. I always wondered what had become of Peggy Sue, and now I know.

Peggy Sue Gerron's reminiscences about her young adulthood and friendship with the 'young man in a hurry' as Buddy has become known is a gentle, loving portrait of their lives and times in Lubbock, Texas in the 's. No scalding exposes here regarding Buddy. Peggy Sue's story contains some revelations--particularly that Buddy was planning to file for divorce of Maria Elena--and gently hints that Peggy Sue was his real love all along. Maria Elena has achieved a tough-as-nails reputation, even going as far as trying to prevent the publication of this memoir. And, it is widely questioned whether or not she really was pregnant when Buddy was killed in that plane crash.

This book resonates with a sound of truth, and is a gentle look at another side of a man whose life and music impacted -- and directed -- music as knew it back then, as well as today. Immensely personal and highly enjoyable, this book is definitely on the must read list for any fan of Buddy Holly's, as well as Peggy Sue's. I'm so glad she wrote this one!!! It's hard to know where to begin with this 'memoir'. There have been many persons who have had their 15 minutes of fame. I don't know any person-and that includes Kato Kaelin, Heather Mills McCartney, Snooki Polizzi or Heidi and Spencer Pratt who have milked their name being used in a song for a full time cottage career?

The book itself is so full of it. I'd love to sit down with Jerry Allison and the Holley brothers or anyone else still alive to read this book. Especially Maria Elena Holly. Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Peggy Sue--is not.

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  7. I've never seen such a plain jane who is so full of herself. Un huh, no white teenager in Lubbock in the 's was gonna have records by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters. They were considered 'dirty music' and I even doubt the record stores in Lubbock stocked these. She is sent to Catholic girls school in California because 'her parents are fighting and it's upsetting her.

    She admitted she smoked Viceroys she seems proud of the fact that she smokes such a harsh cigarette and she drinks. Figure it out again--no one is sent off from Lubbock to California out of her hometown high school because she is a good girl. Jerry Allison, I feel sorry for. She denigrates him and admits she used him to get out and into the group, hoping for a music business career. She says over and over 'our music', like she contributed to the sessions. None of her so-called private conversations with Buddy can be documented or verified. It's all hear say. Why would Holly meet her a few times, Have about 30 minutes of talks with her and then fall in love with her?

    He never contacted her back after the so-called elevator speech. She's clearly making all this up to enhance her story--which she's told so long it's real to her. If Jerry Allison was so bad, why did she elope with him? Good girls didn't elope. Why did she stay with him 8 years.

    Buddy Holly's muse Peggy Sue dies aged 78

    It's because Peggy Sue Gerron was a user, a hanger on. I truly doubt Buddy even paid attention to her except to be polite. It's also well documented by Joe B. Gerron is fortunate it was Peggy Sue. If you want to read this book for entertainment, it's entertaining. She dishes on people who cannot comment back, she loves Norman Petty and Vi who cheated Buddy out of millions and she claims she practically inspired the whole city of Lubbock.

    I'd love to see her so-called journals. Bet they were written later. If you're a Buddy Holly fanatic like myself, this is a quick enjoyable read. Neither individual escape without a severe taint. Peggy Sue drops a bombshell or two along the way, including Holly's plans to divorce his new bride of a few months.