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I can pick pocket him, but I don't wanna ruin a potential quest if I don't have to.

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Or if it's just a trick and I should steal my stuff. If anyone has any comments that would explain anything that would be great! From what I know, it's just a scam, I just killed them all with a shotgun. If you follow him but don't give up your stuff he attacks you. Analysis Results indicate possible spoiler content.

a pillar of society/of the community

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Depending on how the Sole Survivor handles the situation, Emogene can either be found by lockpicking the door inside of the private office, or the key can be taken from the leader's corpse after dealing with him and the rest of the cult. Outside of brutally murdering the entire cult, or sneaking Emogene out, the Sole Survivor also has the option to complete this quest by passing a high Charisma check, and convincing the leader that Emogene is not worth the trouble, in which he will then give the Sole Survivor the door's key.

Should the leader be killed before Emogene is rescued, as well as the other cultists, the leader will respawn, although the cultists will remain dead. The Pillars of the Community appears only in Fallout 4.

A Pillar of the Community

From The Vault - Fallout Wiki. Pillars of the Community members have fairly unimpressive gear, but as a group, they can still be a handful. Missionaries carry pipe guns, but Initiates are limited to a variety of simple melee weapons. If you choose to engage this group in combat, keep moving to avoid being surrounded as you thin their numbers. Factions in Fallout 4. Somewhere, in this vast planet of ours, in a poorly lit basement, there is a player that roleplays as a Pillar of the Community and spends all his game time with the folks in that theater.

I got a MILA quest right across the river from the amphitheater..

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