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Puma (brand) - Wikipedia

Helmut Fischer remembers why: While the first PUMA logo of did not quite reflect this agility, a more fashionable combined word and picture logo was introduced in Backes was offered a cent of every PUMA item sold with his logo, but decided to charge the company marks for this job. In addition, he got a pair of shoes and a sports bag.

What can I do to prevent this in the future?

The eye and nuzzle are gone and the ears are more pronounced today. Today we can look back on more than 20 models and more than 24, Puma vehicles.

The Sibling Rivalry Behind Adidas Versus Puma

From to cars were built with DKW technology. For a long time the sport coupes and convertibles that were created in collaboration with Volkswagen do Brazil dominated the streets of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. The cat as we know it today takes a leap.

Puma (brand)

Nuremberg cartoonist Lutz Backes creates our memorable trademark and one of the most famous trademarks worldwide. Reflecting that, the PUMA product range is extended to also include sportswear, and the logo begins to appear more frequently on PUMA products such as performance apparel and bags. The innovative brush soles have 68 small, only 4mm long bristles in the front area of the foot.

Just a few weeks prior to the games in Mexico, new world records are set by the athletes sporting them. A short-lived triumph, as the shoe is deemed "too dangerous" and banned by the association. All athletes wearing the shoe have their world records withdrawn — a fact that has not been rectified till this day. Still, we saw history in the making. No wonder — nothing could kick him out of his boots. Its flat structure made it lighter, while kangaroo leather is used for the very first time in order to increase softness and comfort.

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Off the court with his signature colorful style. So, when he asked for a custom-made pair of Suedes, we were game.

PUMA History

Frazier's iconic Clyde combination: The Dutch national team sports the orange jerseys featuring three stripes of a different supplier — all but one. Team captain Johan Cruyff dominates the field of the final match in a custom-made PUMA kit and shoes, feeling so connected to us that he couldn't play in anything else. The custom jersey and shorts bear only two stripes. He writes football history and bags the "Player of the Tournament", and "European Footballer of the Year" title the second time in a row.

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The world famous "No. The puma takes its leap across the upper right corner of the word logo.

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  • Only minor changes have been made over the years: Tennis becomes an all-time popular sports and PUMA is right in the middle of it. With two successful contracted players and a pair of shoes that up the notch of the game. For Becker, it's a whole serving of firsts: He works closely with PUMA to develop his signature shoes, which prevents ankle turning, therefore encouraging more risk-taking on the court.

    Also a member of the tennis roster: In the world of football, one player dominates the headlines: Maradona played every minute of every game — and he had played them in KINGs. Faster lacing on faster shoes. It features clear rubber hexagon cells which collapse and expand to provide cushioning, flexibility, and stability. Launched in , the Disc is the first laceless sports shoe with a system of internal wires that tighten the upper for a perfect fit.

    The Beginnings

    Jochen Zeitz is appointed CEO at the age of 30, becoming the youngest chairman in German history to head a public company. Zeitz spearheads the restructuring of PUMA, in financial difficulties at the time, and manages to turn it from a low-price brand into the premium sport-lifestyle company and one of the top three brands in the sporting goods industry it is today. He appears wearing contact lenses that overlay his pupils with the PUMA cat, displaying his spirit for all to see. Our contact lens campaign later becomes a symbol for innovative marketing, not only in the sports industry but far beyond.

    Lifestyle versions of the KING and the running shoe Easy Rider are launched in close collaboration and become desired fashion sneakers.