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The Pianist Ronald Harwood. The Hours Philip Glass. Talk to Her Hable con ella. Nowhere in Africa Nirgendwo in Afrika. Spirited Away Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi. Adventure , Comedy , Family. The Count of Monte Cristo. Dewey Nicks director ; David H. Return to Never Land. Fantasy , Adventure , Family. All About the Benjamins.

Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Adventure , Family. Guillermo del Toro director ; David S. Jonathan Frakes director ; Rob Hedden , J. David Stem, David N. Sci-Fi , Comedy , Teen , Family. Sports , Drama , Family. Life or Something Like It. Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Action , Sci-Fi , Fantasy , Romance. Drama , Mystery , Thriller.

Stallion of the Cimarron. Adventure , Drama , Family. The Sum of All Fears. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. Sports , Romance , Comedy. Sci-Fi , Comedy , Family. Comedy , Drama , Family. Sports , Comedy , Fantasy.

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Action , Sci-Fi , Comedy. The Powerpuff Girls Movie. Action , Fantasy , Comedy , Adventure , Family. Austin Powers in Goldmember. Who is Cletis Tout? The Master of Disguise. The Island of Lost Dreams. Sci-Fi , Fantasy , Comedy , Family. The Adventures of Pluto Nash. McGinley , Tammy Blanchard. Wych Kaosayananda director ; Alan B. Drama , Family , Fantasy. Andy Tennant director ; C. Kevin Donovan director ; Michael J. Family , Comedy , Adventure. Fantasy , Action , Anime. The Rules of Attraction.

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  • 2002 in film.

The Truth About Charlie. Romance , Comedy , Mystery. Action , Sports , Thriller. Reilly , Henry Thomas , Jim Broadbent. The Wild Thornberrys Movie. Having never seen Gilmore Girls before, he watched all episodes of the original plus the four new installments of A Year in the Life.

You can read his hilarious stream-of-consciousness here. And I have to admit I was jealous. For me, the original show is now a distant and beloved memory. Oh, the joy of discovering it for the first time! I envy all of you who will watch as Lorelai Lauren Graham , her daughter Rory Alexis Bledel and family matriarch Emily the incomparable Kelly Bishop honestly portray three generations of strong women.

And the love stories! The show became a part of my life. And it will become a part of yours too. Its eight episodes set the lure early and reel one in by increments, until the truth bursts forth with stunning force. Last year, Documentary Now! Instead of merely parodying famous documentaries , they used each half-hour episode to quickly sketch recognizable and believable characters, focusing on their pain and humanity as much as their humor.

Murphy is a soldier-turned-ambitious kingpin of the Shelby crime family. Neill is the equally ruthless inspector out to dismantle his organization, who enlists a lovely mole Annabelle Wallis, also of Fleming to aid his campaign. Tom Hardy joins the cast in the second season. As the steely, azure-eyed Tommy Shelby, Murphy brings his trademark quiet intensity to a multidimensional antihero, one of several thoughtful characterizations in the Shelby clan.

Many classic sitcoms are paeans to blue-collar family life, but Frasier was the odd show that made cultural elites and eggheads somehow seem like lovable characters to a mass audience. Both Frasier and his brother Niles can be infuriatingly snobbish, but audiences soon found that when their petty jealousies were directed at each other, they could also be hilarious. Viewers waited a hell of a long time in particular for the long-teased relationship between Niles and Daphne to finally come to fruition seven full seasons.

Frasier, on the other hand, is never really lucky in love, but he was always better as a semi-depressed single, turning his probing mind on himself. Cheo Hodari Coker Stars: To say Luke Cage has upped its game in Season Two is putting it really mildly. The writing is so. Ham-handed conceits have been replaced with winking, sophisticated self-referentiality. Repetition has been replaced with extrapolation.

Luke Cage Season One seemed laden with untapped potential. It has in fact been tapped. Season Two is a hour mic drop. AKA the people running this great nation, who always seem to find themselves in the midst of a scandal. Based on real-life D. The characters are complicated and not always likable , but hey, so is love. Each episode approaches a Georgian you may not expect—be it a Trump-voting cop or a gay man struggling to come out of the closet—with open arms and willing ears. With plenty of specific, actionable tips made more general by the expertise of the five, the show still gives the big reveals and side-by-sides you need to scratch your self-improvement itch.

But what makes this iteration of the series truly great is the camaraderie between the five and each subject they work with. Every episode may necessitate tissues. Ron Howard , Jason Katims Stars: Nelson, Tyree Brown Network: Parenthood has always been a good drama, but this season it became a great one. The NBC series is palpably real. The Bravermans are us. Family dramas are the hardest type of one-hour programming—they must keep viewers engaged without a weekly patient to cure, crime to solve or case to litigate.

But what Parenthood has done with the Kristina Monica Potter story arc this season has been profound. The series thrives when it demonstrates the minutia of life. So often on TV, a disease will befall a character only to be wrapped up in one or two episodes after a few requisite maudlin moments. But Kristina is living with cancer and Potter is giving the performance of her career.

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She evokes empathy from the viewer while never allowing the viewer to pity Kristina. Parenthood has quietly become one of the best shows on TV. Bell, Sinbad, Jada Pinkett Network: This Cosby Show spin-off had a rocky start, but after writing out Denise Huxtable and hiring Debbie Allen to oversee it before the second season, it turned into one of the most distinct sitcoms in TV history. Instead of focusing on one member of a beloved TV family in a new setting, it refocused on the setting itself, a historically black college called Hillman that was a fictional stand-in for Howard University.

Turns out, we might also have a crush on The Guild itself. It was recently announced that the show is done after three series of three episodes each though apparently there will be a feature film , and that length seems perfect. Also, Alice Morgan is one of the coolest criminals in any detective show. Daniel and Meg, the ecology-minded dumpster-divers preparing a meal for their friends from the leftovers of the neighborhood garbage. Peter and Nance, the cooing lovebirds asking about the precise provenance of their local chicken dish right down to the diet and plot of land over a dinner date.

Critically acclaimed, but with the tags left on. Up-and-coming, but with a wink and a nod. This is all very Portland. One Day at a Time. Covering everything from LGBTQ rights and immigration to dating and depression, the series is anchored by the two extraordinary women at its center: Rita Moreno and Justina Machado, whose chemistry as mother and daughter find fullest in expression in two wrenching late-season entries. There are probably times in most of our lives when we see our technological world as more of a dystopia than a utopia.

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The way it curbs our freedom, diminishes our privacy, and subjects us to anonymous attacks can feel like an unforgivable violation. The title is nearly perfect, as explained by creator Charlie Brooker: Mystery Science Theater From the depths of Minneapolis public access TV came MST3K , the show that forever changed how comedians and comedy audiences viewed the act of watching bad movies.

At its creative peak during both the Hodgson and Michael J. The Return , which has one season in the tank and another on the way. The Returned Les Revenants. Based on a sublimely creepy film of the same name, Les Revenants hones its focus on one small town in France where a gaggle of formerly dead people return, alive and… mostly well. Creator Fabrice Gobert does the right thing with this adaptation by simultaneously narrowing its focus and expanding the ideas behind the story over the course of its two seasons.

It opened up a world of possibilities but he and his writers exercised remarkable restraint while also assuring viewers that they were going to see a story unlike any they had seen before. Glenn Kessler, Todd A. Kessler, and Daniel Zelman Stars: Just when you thought Patty was pure evil, she would reveal her more vulnerable side.

The first season follows the class action case against Arthur Frobisher Ted Danson , who has bilked his employees out of their life savings.

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But Damages pioneered this narrative device, simultaneously confusing viewers and allowing them to put together the puzzle. For its final two seasons, the series moved to DirecTV, but now you can binge all five seasons on Netflix. Just stay away from Statue of Liberty bookends. Creator and showrunner Elizabeth Meriwether and her writing staff keep stepping up their game. While even the best network programs are susceptible to lulls in quality due to the demanding plus-episode order, almost every New Girl episode plays like a spirited, comedic gem, with Meriwether and Co.

Add in memorable turns from supporting players Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone as well as the hilarious antics of Max Greenfield as breakout character Schmidt and the return of Damon Wayans as Coach, and New Girl has officially become a new standard for excellence in the sitcom community Mark Rozeman. Laura Ricciardi, Moira Demos Network: He sued law enforcement, and while in the middle of that suit, he became the suspect of a brand new crime. A less acclaimed follow-up debuted in October Take the hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold archetype, replace the hooker with a rough-around-the-edges bike club set in the ironically named town of Charming, Calif.

Generally speaking, we like our comedies and our comedians to be funny. Sometimes you laugh so as not to wince, or just to keep yourself from shedding tears in front of your friends or in front of your own damn self. The character development of Dexter Morgan over eight seasons was fascinating to follow. His moral code might be a world away from ours, but he often does a better job adhering to it than the rest of us. In addition to the constant edge-of-your-seat plot twists, each season gave us incredible guest stars as allies and antagonists, including Jimmy Smits, John C.

I love seeing shows by a theater company and watching the same actors take on new roles with each production: You witness their range and their ability to assume new identities. American Crime is a repertory theater company brought to the small screen. And unlike American Horror Story , which is all flash and gore, American Crime is rooted in harsh realities.

The first season tackled an Army veteran killed during a home invasion. Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton play his grieving parents. From these starting points the series fans out to tackle a wide array of social, racial and socio-economic issues and to show how our lives, no matter what our circumstances, are interconnected. There are never easy answers or pat resolutions. Little did we know that this was only the beginning of a tragic, hilarious and epic tale that would start to take on the scope of an epic Russian novel.

The original series was pioneering. Deep Space Nine and Voyager had their moments. Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, J. Rectify has a simple enough premise: A man sent to rot on Death Row is released from prison after 19 years. Daniel Holden, arrested for the rape and murder of his girlfriend, finds himself back in his hometown, greeted by constant life-threatening hostility. Superbly acted, the program successfully meshes the best bits of a TV show together, managing to be at times heartbreaking and suspenseful, while also beautifully incorporating moments of effortless humor.

Rectify is thought-provoking and will make you care about the future of its characters—like all the best shows do. Halt and Catch Fire. Christopher Cantwell, Christopher C. By the time Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C.

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Stop for a moment and consider those implications: We live in a country that has become so geeky on average, that an hour-long zombie drama can sometimes get more viewership than Sunday Night Football. In terms of quality, the quest of the Grimes Gang to survive has been up and down, but the production values have always been impeccable.

Marvel and DC have both tried to leverage their movie dominance onto the small screen many times over, but for a while, the only beloved recent TV show based on a comic book came from indie publisher Image with The Walking Dead. That started to change with the first season of Daredevil. Both Fisk and Murdoch want to clean up the city, and will go to great lengths to do it. The difference between hero and villain is just a matter of ends-justify-the-means degrees. Not since Rick Grimes tangled with the Governor or Walter White went up against Gus Fring has there been a protracted battle this gripping on television.

peters fraser & dunlop

One popular line of criticism has it that Narcos romanticizes the violence and degradation associated with the Colombian drug wars—and drug culture in general—and I would agree that the excellent Wagner Moura plays kingpin Pablo Escobar so engagingly that he becomes a sort of Walt White-esque antihero. Nevertheless, this valid criticism misses the important point that we are watching a work of fiction based on historical figures—not a real documentary. And when viewed that way, Narcos was one of the most successful new shows on TV, in how it managed to flesh out some very dark characters and tell a complicated story with such urgency and clarity.

Justice Smith, Herizen F. Whether a function of its interest in the origins of hip-hop or the spirited optimism of its protagonists, determined to escape, or transform, the South Bronx, The Get Down is buoyed by its kinetic energies, even as it strains to bring its sprawling cast and sociopolitical interests into sharper relief.

Throughout the first few episodes, the camera combats the intermittent sluggishness of the writing, zooming, swooping, circling and retreating before cycling back to the beginning, painted all the while in bright swatches of color. The music is the story.