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Alex Preda highlights the metaphors, narratives, and classifications which framed scientific hypotheses about the nature of the Cambridge University Press Bolero Ozon. This book examines the formation of scientific knowledge about the AIDS epidemic in the s and shows the broader cultural assumptions which grounded this knowledge. Alex Preda highlights the metaphors, narratives, and classifications which framed scientific hypotheses about the nature of the infectious agent and its transmission ways and compares these arguments with those used in the scientific knowledge about SARS.

Through detailed rhetorical analysis of biomedical publications, the author shows how knowledge about epidemics is shaped by cultural narratives and categories of social thought. Essays on the Reality of Science Studies. The Pasteurization of France. Latour, Bruno, and Steve Woolgar. The Construction of Scientific Facts, 2nd ed. Power, Action, and Belief. A New Sociology of Knowledge.

Gurak, Clare Gavon, and Cynthia Myntti. Gurak, Clare Gavon, and Cynthia Myntti eds. Frontiers of Social Theory: Communication in the Cold Fusion Saga. Risk and Danger [Risiko und Gefahr]. Science as Practice and Culture. Maasen, Sabine, and Peter Weingart. Metaphors and the Dynamics of Knowlegde. Statistics in Britain, — The Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge.

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Mane , Purnima , and Aggleton , Peter. A Place for Sociology. The Rhetoric of Economics. Knowledge and Persuasion in Economics.

AIDS, Rhetoric, and Medical Knowledge - Alex Preda (book review)

If You're So Smart. The Narratives of Economic Expertise. McGovern, Theresa, and Raymond Smith. Meyer-Bahlburg , Heino F. Natural Images in Scientific Thought: Inventing the Scientific Voice. Textual Dynamics of the Professions.

What is HIV and AIDS?

Texts in the Social Construction of Scientific Knowledge. The Wit of Persuasion. Nelkin , Dorothy , and Gilman , Sander. Constructing Knowledge in the History of Science. The Social Dimensions of Science. University of Notre Dame Press. What's Wrong with Postmodernism. Critical Theory and the Ends of Philosophy. Ochs , Elinor , and Capps , Lisa. The Making of a Chronic Disease. The Burdens of History.

The Truths of La Palice: The Intellectual as Stranger. The Discourses of Science. Perrow, Charles, and Mauro F. Peters , John Durham. Picart , Caroline Joan. The Benveniste-Maddox Counter Trials. The Mangle of Practice. Piot, Pierre, and Michael Mann. Wittgenstein and the Idea of a Critical Social Theory. A Problem for Sociological Research. New Frontiers in the Sociology of Knowledge. A Rhetoric of Science. University of South Carolina Press.

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Discourses of Control and Exclusion. A Plague of Paradoxes. Murphy and Suzanne Poirier eds. And the Band Played On: Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Vol. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Biological, Medical, Social and Legal Issues. Strong, Philip, and Virginia Berridge. Individual, Cultural and Policy Dimensions. English in Academic and Research Settings. How to Have Theory in an Epidemic.

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Urban, Greg, and Michael Silverstein eds. Natural Histories of Discourse. The Content of the Form: Narrative Discourse and Historical Representation.

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AIDS, Rhetoric, and Medical Knowledge

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First book to examine the cultural assumptions at the core of scientific knowledge about AIDS Compares scientific knowledge about AIDS with scientific knowledge about SARS Discusses the consequences of rhetoric for 'expert democracy' and policy-making. Log in to review.