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At every turn these truths are eloquently taught, faithfully applied, and kindly offered as the subject of sweet spiritual meditaion. A wealth of Biblical meditations from Spurgeon with applications that are relevant for contemporary Christians. Christians young and old will find his words challenging and stimulating. You may also enjoy: Gospel Hope for Anxious Hearts: How would life be different if you could think, see, and do all things in light of the person and work of Jesus? Just an honest, no-spin relationship with a God who claims you as his own. Each day includes a Scripture reference and an inspirational original prayer, born from moments of great faith and times of crisis.

In a barren wilderness, L. Oswald Chambers was gifted with extracting the essence of biblical principles and condensing them into potent, thought-provoking, and life-changing devotions. Change that goes deeper than the surface of our lives happens over the long haul as we daily remember and connect the truths of the gospel to our lives. This devotional gives a daily reminder of these life-changing truths. We all think about heaven—or at least we wonder what will happen to us after we die. For the Christian, these should be comforting, exciting thoughts. In this beautiful devotional gift book, Joni Eareckson Tada has chosen short excerpts from her book, Heaven, and arranged them around common topics such as: Where is heaven and what is it like?

What will we do in heaven? Each inspiring and faith-filled meditation is paired with a verse of scripture and a heart-felt prayer. Do you want your daily devotional to have more substance? Then you will appreciate this one-year devotional from Navigator author Jerry Bridges. Each entry has been carefully selected from his best writings, connecting with you on a deeper level and encouraging personal discovery. This quick daily read is full of inspiration, commitment, and transformation for men and women to grow in spiritual maturity.

Clever stories and good moral lessons may entertain and even help children, but the gospel will transform children. The gospel is deep enough to keep the oldest and wisest parents learning and growing all their lives, yet simple enough to transform the heart of the first grader who has just begun to read. Ten minutes a day, five days a week is enough time to pass on the most valuable treasure the world has ever known. Two decades ago, Tim Keller began reading the entire Book of Psalms every month. The Songs of Jesus is based on his accumulated years of study, insight, and inspiration recorded in his prayer journals.

Kathy Keller came to reading the psalms as a support during an extended illness. Together they have distilled the meaning of each verse, inviting readers into the vast wisdom of the psalms. If you have no devotional life yet, this book is a wonderful way to start. In this daily devotional by highly acclaimed author John MacArthur, your hungry heart will be focused on God and His Word. With insights on the life of Jesus, thoughts to ponder, and wisdom gleaned from years of careful study, this devotional will feed your daily walk.

Have you read this before? With this approach we are sure to find ourselves in Jesus' footsteps who always referred to God's word in his sermons and talks even with the devil in the desert!

Devotions - yes but how?

A very helpful experience which lots of members of staff have already made is the following:. Personal experiences are more interesting than theory. If you want to explain some theory to the youths, none of them will listen. However if you give your best presenting a personal experience their ears will be attentively flapping. That is just as valid for a talk: What will the listener understand better, 1. The theological term of sin or 2. My experience as a shouted at a salesman? If your own personal experiences are presented it becomes interesting for the listener.

Paul often told about his encounter with Jesus! About his experiences in prison, the shipwreck To speak about personal experiences is always a bit intimate because you throw something personal down to a bunch of wild delinquent youths. However I have always had good experiences with it. What have the people experienced up until now?

July 93 Ingrid will take her first talk. She will present this with a puppet show. On the next day, Friday 23rd July, Petra does her first talk where she presents Jesus as a special person. She wants to let different people appear in a talk show to show that Jesus loved children, took care of the sick and helped people On the 24th July , a Saturday, I have the subject: How is the day planned?

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A peek in the camp timetable tells me: On the morning there is a big adventure game gold digging game , there is swimming at midday, Anja if offering body-painting and on the evening there is a playback show. My first talk is on the program at the very end: Jesus is God in person. The youths will probably accept that there is a God Ingrid ; they will also say that Jesus was surely a great person Petra!

But my talk is the first real blow: God came to earth and became a person - most won't swallow that! I consider what I really want to say! The result should be that not only was Jesus a great person but he was actual God and can still have an effect on my life and I can still have a relationship with him today. The good idea is missing - the hook. As I take a few peaceful moments a word comes to me which Jesus said to the storm:.

Another reason to read the bible everyday! I know that will be my hook. The word moves me. Jesus has power over the elements, he must be God! He had the storm in his command with two words. Now I have an idea! I now want to find a couple of stories which build up to this.

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In each story Jesus should do great things with few words. I found three good stories. Jesus says "Follow me! Jesus can change people. The youth's conclusion will be that Jesus was a man with charisma, a man with a strong charm. Now I want to slowly build up! The second encounter Luke 5, Jesus says "stand up" to a poorly cripple and he jumps up and puts his bed under his arm and walks off. He says the same to a dead child Luke 8, In the third encounter, the story with the storm should come. Jesus must have been more than a human being then! I go through the building up of the talk in my head again and again usually when I lie in bed and pray for it.

I come across plays on words, formulations e. Once the youths have taken that on board I want to tell them what this has to so with them and that Jesus lives as God today and wants to have a relationship with them. I want to say what Jesus means in my life then they will listen.

With bible in hand and staring at the ceiling in bed at night the contents of the talk are growing. I am only missing a good introduction and a hook. An introduction comes to me while preparing the talk as I notice the babbling on the radio: That is exactly the right introduction for the talk. Their parent's babbling probably gets on the young people's nerves: Blah, blah, blah and the politicians: Blah, blah, blah and the teacher going on and on: If Jesus says something I can rely on him However at the moment the talk is just a lot of dry words.

There is nothing which sticks and as a think about things the idea with speech bubbles keeps coming back. Using these I could make the few, strong words from Jesus visible and lasting. So I get some cardboard and make 5 oversized speech bubbles. I want to start off with a bubble which says blah, blah, blah, I pray that God prepares the youths so that they have an open heart for this good news I time how long the talk takes. I might even record it onto tape. I talk it through with Petra and Ingrid and we pray together. I let myself be corrected The preparations for the talks have been done.

We have really made an effort. Whether you believe it or not, I am very nervous! If I botch everything up will they listen and will they understand what God has to say? I have read my notes through once again at lunchtime. You should take a step back from the program for the last 10 minutes. No more sketches, no playback numbers, no explaining games, Choose a couple of other members of staff and pray together! That is not over exaggeratedly devout! A special promise is made when 2 or 3 people ask together.

To know that others are praying for me is also a big help. I have often silently prayed for no one comes along after the talk but that in exchange, the youths take the words to heart. Even if this is not so easy for me, it is a thousand times more important. I say to God that I want him to use me as his tool so that he can talk through me.

To say it with a biblical picture: I ask God to place the words on my tongue. Something which has become important to me is: If something stands between myself and God, if I have just had an argument with someone, if I have sinned, then I try to clear it up before my talk service. I speak with God about it and ask for forgiveness and if necessary I even speak with the person who I disagreed with. Then I can serve God freely and he can have more effect through me I had to learn this!

After this prayer maybe I am not calmer but I have the knowledge that God is behind me. While you are outside sitting among the dunes and preparing yourself for the talk, the way is being paved for you in the recreation tent. The other members of staff now have the task of soothing and calming the participants down.

The program leader should therefore choose a song to sing which gradually becomes quieter. The first minute of your talk is probably the most important of all. If the kids listen for 30 seconds and it bores them, they will switch off! Catch them with the first sentences — with a gripping start. Here are a few stupid starts: Make sure that you are straight into it, that it starts off excitingly. How do I speak to the people?

An important question is how I speak to the listeners. There is no secret recipe. However each time it sounds a little bit different:. One should take more time for God! You should take more time for God! The group should take more time for God! We should take more time for God! I should take more time for God! Think about it beforehand how you want to speak to the youths. I personally believe that the best way is to put yourself in the shoes of the participants in your mind. God did the same as he became a person, Paul did this as he went to the Greeks It should come across as someone who is the same as them and someone who has already found what they are searching for: Peace with God through Jesus.

I believe this is the only way they will listen with an open heart! Because this is a seminar from staff member to staff member, we can be totally truthful. Yes, it is true that it is fun to hold a talk. It is nice but totally unimportant if people come along afterwards and say that it was a good talk. You can get used to this role. Everyone is listening to me. I am the centre of attention. At this point the first problem can arise:. What happens if everyone is looking up at you in admiration and you have placed yourself at the centre of attention and then something goes badly wrong?

A friend of mine told me about his first talk where the rector came to him to say that he was the best scholar in the school. He really meant it well because he wanted to point out that he was grateful to God for the fact but it came across quite differently to the participants: Another mistake which can quickly happen is that we use the wrong language.

In devout circles this is called the language of Canaan but in our language it means: As Christians we use vocabulary which no else uses anymore. Who say things like: With these types of bible words which quickly fall on our lips as a fan of the Luther translations we scare the youths away. According to them you are totally nuts and you have a speech problem! An absolute cracker is something with which I wrecked my first talk with however it did fit in well with the fringe program: At the end of the talk, we have said everyone important which we wanted to say and now? We start to repeat everything.

This is a fact which seems obvious but it can totally bury your worthiness if it happens. Be truthful at all cost! If you make a claim and someone finds out that it is not true then you are completely unworthy from now on. What effect will this have if someone sees you smoking cigarette later on? Here are a few simple things which damage a talk which are:.

Do not use complicated words to cover things up! Jesus spoke in simple words which every educated fisherman could understand!

Make sure that background noises do not disturb your talk. What will the other staff members do during the talk? Do they finally have 10 minutes break? You will never get through it without these staff members! They make sure that the group remains quiet and are ready for the talk! Some will help you prepare and perform with a play, a puppet theatre or a string puppet play etc. Before the talk you will need friends who you can pray with! And when the talk starts with will sit among the youths. If the staff members are chatting none of the youths will listen you are role models.

20 of the Best Daily Devotional Books

Every member of staff should look forwards at the talker and listen because this is what we want from the participants. If you notice that the participants are not taking any notice it is your task to make sure that they do not disturb the talk. They depend on freelance writers to provide hundreds upon hundreds of fresh, insightful new ones. Writers of devotionals should have a pure heart James 3: You also need a focused mind Ps. A succinct and powerful message must be distilled to words. And you must have a burning desire Jeremiah God is the Alpha, but He is also the Omega.

He knows what hurts and needs people will have in the future, and He can use you to prepare materials today to help people during hard times tomorrow. You can revise and resell your print devotionals as radio devotionals for about the same rate of pay. And you can collect your devotionals and publish them as a book, receiving an advance and royalties. But beyond payment, you may also enjoy the deep gratification of readers telling you your words changed a mind about an abortion, a suicide, or a divorce.

People turn to devotionals to meet deep needs. Some have lost friendships, been divorced, suffered from criticism, betrayal, or the death of a loved one. Others seek intimacy with God. Their prayer lives are lax, their testimonies weak, and their church attendance sporadic.

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They need to find their way back to Jesus. Some just want to grow spiritually or to discover a better way to share their faith. Your devotional may be their only connection to the Bible all day. When you settle on a passage of Scripture as your anchor text, read it in different translations. Your reader is giving you a few minutes, and in exchange you must provide an engaging piece of writing that offers new insights. Be genuine and honest, not grandiose or admonishing.

Keep your style appropriate to your audience. Writing devotionals for teens is not the same as writing for seniors.

1. The Jesus Training

Although your anecdotes and illustrations should be drawn from your life , the lesson should always be drawn from Scripture. Be specific, yet precise. Make each word count. Use visual nouns, punchy verbs , short sentences, and the active voice. Draw on personal experiences and use anecdotes to teach valuable lessons. Often such devotionals begin with:. Real names may be used with permission, or changed, as long as the story is true. Report on something you learned from a friend, coworker, or family member. Begin with a phrase such as:. Use a tangible object to parallel an event or circumstance.

Jesus often used this format, employing such things as a mustard seed, a Roman coin, a lamp and a bushel, or a tower as metaphors. Object lesson devotionals quickly make readers see the parallel between the object and the lesson. People who come to church each Sunday and occupy a pew but do nothing all week to share their faith are like these trees.