Manual List Building for Bloggers

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It all starts with getting readers to subscribe to your email list. Here are three ways you can grow your subscriber list through blogging. But blogs are home to massive amounts of content, so one link at the bottom of the website will be overlooked. An opt-in point can be something like a form that readers enter their email address into, links to a sign-up page, etc.

For example, the ShareThis Email List Builder allows you to create customized pop-ups on your website:.

And the CoSchedule blog uses graphics within the blog post content to offer freebies in exchange for joining their email list:. This ensures that people notice your email list. Lead magnets are one of the most important aspects of growing your email list. A lead magnet is basically an offer to attract people like a magnet to join your email list.

Mistake 2: Offering no bribes for your potential subscribers

Instead, offer something specific and valuable that gives someone incentive to sign up. For example, as shown above, ShareThis offers a newsletter with important industry news that publishers and brands need to stay on top of their game. As a popular food site, their recipes and opinions are trusted, and readers interested in food want their top recipes. Campaign Monitor created this infographic to help you attract new prospects and increase sales through email newsletters.

Finally, you can win more email subscribers from your blog posts with very personalized, resonating calls-to-action. How you design and describe your offer is the key to making readers stop and enter their email address. First, you need to design your call-to-action so that it stands out on your blog and is noticeable among all the other content. Secondly, you need to use interesting and direct copy to describe your lead magnet and make people want it. In the above example, ShareThis indicates that it is offering relevant industry news, instead of random updates.

The reason a big splash is different from a short burst is because there are usually months of time dedicated to the launch leading up to it. And by months, I mean upwards of 4 months for really big launches. Securing all the guest spots, interviews, affiliates, and making sure all the buzz goes live at the same time is no easy feat. But when a launch comes together, it really has the potential to drive so much traffic and grow your list like nothing else. One often overlooked strategy for list building is to step outside of your immediate market, and get known in new verticals. Take for example, my list building advice: You can actually choose any of the previous 3 strategies to go into new verticals, you could do a big launch in a new vertical or go the slow and steady route.

Someone who has done a great job of becoming known in many verticals is Chris Guillebeau , he sits at the intersection of many markets like travel, entrepreneurship, artists, and so on. I personally stumbled upon this idea with my different blogs and businesses in the raw food market, when I realized there was a lot of overlap and people would follow me from one topic to the next.

All of these are winning strategies, but which one are you committing to doing next? Leave a comment below, I want to know! Every week we talk with entrepreneurs. We talk about successes and failures. We spend time with complete newbies, seasoned veterans, and everything in between.

One topic that comes up over and over again with both groups is mistakes made in starting businesses. Newbies love to learn about mistakes so they can avoid them. Veterans love to talk about what they wish they had known when starting out. These conversations have been fascinating , so we compiled a list of the 10 mistakes we hear most often into a nifty lil' guide. Give it a share:. Nathalie, thanks for this great list!

3 ways to leverage blogging to build your email list

As of right now, I am on the slow and steady route. However, I plan on launching some products within the next few months which may alter my path a little. Hopefully that generates some buzz and new additions to my newsletter. That will in turn help out even more with the larger launch in the next few months.

I guess my point is, I am going to be using almost all of these at some point in the future. I think the combination will work out great and will also allow me to analyze which ones work best for my audience! Way to go Adam! Some simple, but super effective tactics! Will definitely put these into practice. Thanks for the good read! I mean, you nailed it: Hey Natalie, great and thorough post! I love the way you talk about combining disparate tactics into an overarching strategy — makes reaching the goal of gaining more subscribers seem less daunting. I plan on traffic building like crazy this winter.

Congrats on your upcoming ebook launch Matt! I say for your goals it makes sense to set a percentage of your current email list that feels attainable, and tweaking until you get there. Thanks for the list-building tips! I especially like your focus on short, focused bursts. We had an email challenge in Fizzle for the month of April, and it was really fun and fruitful. I just decided that October will be my next challenge. Ooh way to go on your new subscribers from TinyBuddha! I have been the slow and steady builder.

Thanks for your post although I would have loved more specifics like when you mention it takes a while and took you a while to build your list. How long did it take. Can you give some facts? Well to give you an idea of the slow and steady on my healthy eating blog, I got to about subscribers in 18 months or so. So think of it in terms of adding say new subscribers per day, based on the traffic of your site. Along with 1, 4 is very powerful to get a lot of otherwise untapped exposure to your business.

Make smart progress and avoid the worst pitfalls.

Most of the time, we are just chasing the same leads every single one of our competitors are. I absolutely enjoyed your examples of different strategies. Only72 looks very interesting — too bad I missed it. Another thing I wanted to add: Yes, it feels like most free things you find these days online are lead-ins to launches or pitches. Nothing wrong with launches and selling. I think that because people are getting more savvier with how internet marketing works, so being authentic and straightforward makes a difference.

Like you saying here that there is no pitching in this offer.

Thanks for a great post, you have given us some incredibly useful tips. I am mostly a slow and steady builder but I also do the occasional burst, mainly with solo ads but have also used PPC in the past. Great post — very helpful and useful. Is this an older post?

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Thanks for the post though! Way to go Adrian! I love the idea of short focused bursts like your 30 Day Challenge which gave me lots of great ideas, thanks!

4 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important and The Life Blood of Bloggers

However, I am considering strategy 4 as well so, will keep you posted how that goes! And always love seeing past 30 Day List Building Challengers kicking butt! Just came across your blog and you have a new loyal reader. I just subscribed and am starting to read 18 months, 2 blogs, 6 figures.

3 Ways to Leverage Blogging to Build Your Email List

Love that you have this available for free! I liked and attempted your Day Challenge, but was unable to dedicate the time to it that I wanted to. In the past, we have been unable to build on these attempts. Your fourth point about new verticals is a fantastic idea!

I am slow and steady right now but am planning a launch for Marie Forleo is a great example of how to launch. Thanks for your awesome advice. This is a great, easy-to-digest article. Thank you for this! I will bookmark this for future use though! Thanks so much ingraining this thought once again into my head. I think I remember reading your blog maybe once before when you were just getting started, crazy what happens in just a few year right? Keep on keeping on, and the world is your oyster.

I also think that the first one is going to be always there, from the beginning and till the end. You got it Damian! You never know what cool ideas for prizes you can come up with when you sit down to brainstorm. Today, I still use the first method slow and steady for my English lists, but I also get new subscribers when they buy some of my products. Wow I am in awe. You made it easier to understand and I think the short focused burst caught my attention and I would want to start on that.

I think lists definitely are the key to building a community out of your readership! Very happy to have found your post. Good info, I will be sharing in my network.

1. Build Your List The Slow & Steady Way

Good info for bloggers as well. Nathalie, You bring great insight to number 4. I will expand my content to verticals this year.