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National team fame, won the U20 National Outdoor Championship in Andy is the owner of Soccer Excellence Inc. In his vivid, unorthodox soccer book he describes the philosophies and methods that have led to the successes of the teams and individual players who play for the Kansas City Legends Soccer Club. Moving from topic to topic, in each segment he provides new thought-provoking insight on questionable youth coaching methods.

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He draws from the many strands of his experience, his passion for the game of soccer, his lifelong infatuation with the great players of each era, his study of physical development and leadership, his loyal credo, his adventures in competition with players of many different ages, abilities, classes and national backgrounds, plus the hard work, headaches and rewards of the soccer playing, promoting and coaching life. Plainspoken, wise and enormously original, here at last is a book that addresses past and present coaching abuses, forges new developmental pathways and expands future coaching horizons.

For further information on "Training Soccer Legends" opportunities i. Please contact Andy Barney at andy kclegendssoccer.

Coach Guidelines | Milton Soccer

Milton Soccer is committed to the continuous training and education of our coaches. Throughout the year coaches have several opportunities to enhance their knowledge of the game and learn how to run better practices, keep soccer fun while providing the best possible instruction. Looking for some extra tips? Look for email notifications early in the fall and spring seasons to see what courses are planned. This schedule lists not only Milton hosted courses but others in our area as well.

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  • Giants In The Land: The Coming Nephilim.
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Milton will reimburse you the course fee. Email your Certificate of Course Completion typically received about four weeks after the course is completed along with your address to our treasurer and we will send you a check. If registering for the course very close to the date, you may be directed to contact the course host directly to register. You will have to pay for the course in person during course check in. Be sure you are a Milton affiliated coach before attending or you will be charged the non-member fee.

Check with your program's registrar to confirm your membership status with Milton Soccer.

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Milton Soccer reimburses coaches for successfully completing coach licensing. A check will be sent out to you within two weeks.

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Travel program coaches conduct practices twice per week including player clinics. Practice times are set by coaches after teams are formed just before the season begins. Milton Soccer does not refund registration fees for a player's inability to meet team practice times.

They're always doing something with the ball or moving to a ball. The coach has organized games that teach skills. There are no "rote" drills.

Exchange Ball and Shoot Drill

Milton Soccer does not have a field reservations system. Rather, we give coaches fields and guidelines for who should use those fields and let them arrange amongst each other how the fields are shared. During practices, you need only half a field to practice on. If there is another team practicing, invite them to scrimmage with your team at the end of your practice. Note, make-up games take priorty over practices.

Referees in soccer are the only individuals who have the authority about the rules of the games at any match. In the BAYS league there is zero tolerance with regards to the conduct towards referees by coaches and spectators.

This is the most important aspect to be mindful of when interfacing with a referee. As a result there is a critical shortage of qualified youth soccer referees in Massachusetts.

Referees have cited repeatedly that the main reason for quitting refereeing is because of the abuse taken from parents, coaches and players. At Milton Travel Soccer MTS there are far more adolescents referees than adult referees with varying degrees of experience and maturity. Zero tolerance is in place to preserve the integrity of the match and protect the referee from unruly behavior. It does not preclude the coach or spectators from voicing their opinion or concern. It only attempts to prevent this from happening on the field of play. MTS is very invested in developing and retaining referees and feel that a partnership between coaches and the referee program is an important part of the success of the program.