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Does that make sense?

Basic Drawing in Still Life

So when you draw or paint, flick your eyes back and forth and never let them rest for too long in one place. If you can see a problem early on, your finished drawing will have it too. Once the line drawing is done, start filling in the darkest shadows first. Remember to look for areas of reflected light on the shadow sides of objects. Almost everything reflects light at least a little bit, and leaving those areas lighter will make your drawings much more three-dimensional.

After your dark shadows are done, begin to work on the lighter tones all the way up to white. At this point I was nearing the end of my drawing, so I wanted to make sure that the darkest shadow area was pure black, and the brightest highlight was white.

Drawing Proportions Correctly in Your Drawings | ogozoqosolym.tk

When the drawing is almost finished, I usually take a breather, walk around, and then come back to finish it. Fix those, and at the same time use your eraser to pick out the brightest highlights in your drawing. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial; it was fun for me to just use pencils for a change, instead of my normal oil paints. I know that I learned to paint fairly easily simply because I already had a strong foundation in drawing. Setting Up a New Drawing: Subscribe to our totally free weekly newsletter for artists. We're an online artist community sharing ways to create and sell art.

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Try one of our easy websites for artists or just browse around and enjoy! How to Draw what you See: Oil Paint Color Mixing Tips: How to mix colors more accurately when oil painting.

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  5. Learn to Draw from Life: This sometimes gives the paintings a slightly quirky feel, but I enjoy that. I usually paint in quite a fine and detailed style, so I take care at the early stages to make sure I am happy with the colours and composition. If you can refrain from blazing ahead too soon, it will usually help the painting in the long run.

    Project by Lucy McKie — www. With the arrangement in place, I made a simple pencil sketch to establish that I had the correct proportions and composition.

    Drawing Proportions Correctly

    Once I was happy with the balance, I transferred the sketch to my canvas. I introduced a dash of Titanium White for opacity so I could build up solid colour later. I softened the edges and sketched lines before leaving this layer to dry. I indicated the pear stalks with a little Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber.

    Proportional Widths of Objects

    I also dashed in a thin, neutral grey mix on the tablecloth to suggest the shadows of the pears falling on to it. I kept this super loose, ready to focus on detail later. I prefer to use a smaller brush for this as it allows me to easily control both the background and the subtle gradation of the light tones to the darker ones.

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