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What we didn't know entering this week was just how many Russian athletes would still be attending the Winter Olympics thanks to "special dispensation" from the IOC. Again, they won't be permitted to earn Russia any medals, and they'll also be required to compete in neutral uniforms , but more than athletes from Russia are set to compete in South Korea.

That total comes after the IOC rejected a request to allow 15 additional Russians, who were previously among more than 40 issued lifetime Olympic bans, to partake in this year's Games.

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Let's recap in simpler terms: Russia was caught cheating and they won't be represented as a nation at the Games, but they will be sending plenty of athletes, who will compete under neutral colors. Oh, and Vladimir Putin probably isn't happy. Technically, everyone else is headed to Pyeongchang, but that doesn't mean certain countries didn't consider staying home, and when we say "certain countries," we mean the United States. At one point, the U.

Lindsey Graham later said he was confident the U. In fact, those very geopolitical disputes are a big reason why Olympic ticket sales and travel interest were initially reported as being " very low. But South Korea is also doing its best to alleviate concerns, both uniting with its neighbor for the Opening Ceremony march, competing alongside North Korea in women's ice hockey and, of course, preparing for any unforeseen terrorist attacks with emergency defense drills and at least 5, armed troops worth of security.

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The real worrisome question, outside of whether a norovirus outbreak will wipe out more security guards , might be AccuWeather says Pyeongchang is the Earth's coldest location for its latitude, NBC News reports that hypothermia could set in after as few 45 minutes outside, and USA Today projects that single-digit temperatures could make the Winter Games the coldest, most wintry since , when Norway hosted the Olympics. Much to the chagrin of ice hockey fans worldwide, the NHL is, in fact, preventing its players from competing in Pyeongchang. Team USA and other international teams have been forced to craft rosters without the help of NHL talent after league commissioner Gary Bettman made it clear in April that his teams would not be permitted to send players overseas.

Convenience played a part in Bettman emphatically refusing to break up the NHL season and honor the wishes of Olympic enthusiasts like Alex Ovechkin and Connor McDavid, both of whom are still prominent faces of the league, but the ultimate deciding factor was, presumably, money:.

Winter Olympics: Everything you need to know

Simply put, paying for players to travel to South Korea and then compete in games that may result in injury and, thus, impact the NHL's own teams, all while a North American audience holds a rather lukewarm interest in the Pyeongchang Games, was too much of a financial gamble for league executives.

Finally, a question that allows us to look forward and embrace the Games: The fastest moving objects in sport.

Which countries REALLY win the Olympics?

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Double podium in women’s ski superpipe at Dew Tour

It combined students, young members of the left-wing parties and a lot of harbour workers who were against the Olympics too, because their jobs were being threatened. Kasiske says one of the big issues was the gentrification of the city, especially around the harbour.

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These people are sleeping in tents, and the politicians want to make a new velodrome? In Boston and Hamburg, small, well-organised protest movements faced down powerful political and corporate coalitions. In Hamburg, NOlympia overcame a bid backed by the mayor and the chamber of commerce.

Eventually it may come to a breaking point where the IOC has to make real reforms. In Monaco Bach introduced Agenda , a plan to reduce the barriers to bidding.

Olympic Games: Why cities are snubbing the 'greatest show on Earth' - BBC News

Dempsey suggests it is not enough. Maybe in the s it made sense but you are now in a world where Gaffney is more radical. And the best way to do that is to stop them.

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