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Trisha Wolfe Goodreads Author. Jennifer Snyder Goodreads Author. Jeanette Grey Goodreads Author. Mandy Baggot Goodreads Author. Nicole Hill Goodreads Author. Isabelle Blanco Goodreads Author. Marianne Morea Goodreads Author. Christine Wenrick Goodreads Author. Natasha Hanova Goodreads Author. Mila Ferrera Goodreads Author. Summer Lane Goodreads Author.

Jus Accardo Goodreads Author. Selena Laurence Goodreads Author. Samantha Durante Goodreads Author. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Rate this book Clear rating 1 of 5 stars 2 of 5 stars 3 of 5 stars 4 of 5 stars 5 of 5 stars. They have to stand together against the impending peril—come what may. What Butler does perfectly in this book is subtlety, sexual tension and voice. The tension between these two is palpable. Also, in terms of paranormal elements, I love what Butler has done here.

So much more interesting and engaging than vampires and werewolves. She is warm and feisty, caring and inquisitive and downright hilarious. I laughed out loud several times while reading this book. It has been an incredibly long time since I read a book that thrilled me, fascinated me, made me laugh, made me cheer and made me all warm and fuzzy—all in one fabulous package. It has it all. I absolutely loved it!!! Even though it still falls into the New Adult genres it had a paranormal twist to it.

That twist is exactly what I needed to pull me out of my reading funk. Strength is told from the point of view of Rena Collins, feisty, strong, independent college junior. I loved Rena, sh 4. Rena and Wallace literally run right into each other, leaving Rena scared, nervous and bruised. When Wallace apologizes for the bruises he left on Rena during their accidental run, she sees the sincerity in him and that he is sad and angry with himself over hurting her.

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Needing to know how a simple run in could leave bruises on her body and wanting to make sure Wallace is okay while those awful noises are coming from his room, Rena sets out to find out the truth about the madman of Wilcox College. I completely fell in love with Wallace; he was big and extremely strong but such a softy on the inside. All he wanted was a normal life like everyone else at school but was out casted because of rumors.

He is so sweet and kind and gently to Rena while they become friends. Carrie Butler does a great job mixing suspense, mystery, drama and romance. Mark of Nexus is a great paranormal NA series. I received this book in exchange for and honest review. View all 6 comments. The beginning of this book starts out exactly like the blurb says, with Rena bumping head first into the chest of outcast and all round mysterious character, Wallace.

I must admit with all the nighttime going's on in his room I was thinking this book was going to take a completely different paranormal path, but I was pleasantly surprised.

STRENGTH (Mark of Nexus #1)

Through Rena's sleuthing, trying to get to the bottom of the puzzle that is Wallace, she finds herself unexplainable drawn to him. The more she digs, the more questions she has My favorite part about this book was Rena, I am a sucker for dry humor and wit and she had it in spades. She made the bits that could have dragged in this book funny and entertaining. It was well written, however, I didn't have any heart pounding moments and the actual bad guys at the end seemed a little anti climatic. I mean they were bad, but then were they?

You will understand when you read the book, as I don't want to give to much away,but everyone else seemed to feel differently about the circumstances than Rena. Me and Rena were on the same page and freaking out a bit about the future. Nothing really bad in the story that couldn't be read by a younger reader, so don't let the cover fool you. It will be interesting to see where this paranormal series goes. The powers they have and the development of the nexus bond between Wallace and Rena, has pricked my interest.

It was an original concept and as I stated at beginning of this review it was a pleasant surprise to have. I will look for the next book. View all 4 comments. Loved Wallace the best. Such a unique character. Love the world Carrie Butler created.

It's new and refreshing. Nicely done, Carrie Butler!! Strength This review and others can be found at http: It was different to other books of this genre that I have read and I loved that about it. The characters are great, the romance is sweet whilst also being incredibly steamy and the background to the story is very interesting. Rena is such a fiery, powerful character. Not many people would be able to remain as strong as Rena does during the things she goes through nor would they try to fight people that basically have super powers.

He is also mysterious and secretive with a dark past. Together Wallace and Rena make a couple that you just really want to be together and you root for their relationship. There are some very interesting secondary characters that I really want to read more about especially Cole. I detested him to start but I did grow to like him slightly and there seems to be lots of depth to his personality. I really loved the second half of the book as this is where the paranormal aspects starts to come into play and the action really gets going. The heat between the two main characters also becomes scorching.

The sex scenes, well, almost-sex scenes, sizzle with lots of passion and sexual tension. This is a book I would definitely recommend and I think everyone should mark their calendars for its release in March. This first novel of the Mark of Nexus series was a refreshingly different story, and I really enjoyed it.

The characters weren't predictable, the plot twists kept me guessing, and there was a steamy romance building that had me swooning! Sassy Rena Collins had far more bravery than her small frame would imply, and I loved what a little spitfire she was. When Wallace crashed into her life, it opened her eyes not only to this strange world of the Dynari, but also to her own faults. This man is one This first novel of the Mark of Nexus series was a refreshingly different story, and I really enjoyed it. This man is one sexy enigma, and the mystery surrounding him catches the reader the moment he enters the story.

Rumors about the strange noises coming from his dorm room left everyone assuming the worst, but the more Rena saw of him the more she couldn't stay away. He had this brooding, sweet sexiness that drew her okay, and me! My heart broke for the pain he had to endure and the lonely life he'd lived, but here's hoping Rena will be the answer to all his problems as this series goes on!

The setup for this story is unique in that it reads like a NA novel until Wallace's secrets are revealed, at which point it shifts to an intense paranormal romance. This is also when their relationship shifts from guarded attraction to lustful passion, and I loved seeing Wallace finally give in to the idea of letting himself be happy with Rena. The build-up made their moment much more meaningful and deliciously steamy, and I loved what it meant for them. The chemistry between these characters is a powerful thing, and I'm looking forward to a lot more stolen moments for Rena and Wallace down the road.

There were so many twists and revelations as Strength wound down, that by the time it was done I was left craving so much more. The paranormal side of the story gets really amped up, and Carrie Butler's Dynari took on a whole new light. With many questions still left unanswered, the sequel is definitely on my "must buy" list, and I highly recommend this book to romance and fantasy fans!! Strength follows the story of Rena. A normal college student, who one day walks right into social outcast, Wallace.

It only takes one meeting with him to realize that everything she thought she knew about him was wrong. She desperately wants to know what's wrong with him and to prove the theories about him wrong. She soon finds out that there is so much more to Wallace than meets the eye and will have to decide if being with him is worth possibly risking her life Strength had me drawn in Strength follows the story of Rena. Strength had me drawn in from the first page. I liked the mystery surrounding Wallace and I enjoyed trying to figure out exactly what was going on with him.

I thought the pacing of the story worked out really well. I enjoyed Carrie Butler's take on paranormal romance. I think this book has something for everyone. There was some good action, suspense, mystery, twists, and romance. I actually like that the romance wasn't the main focus of this story.

Overall, I found this book to be very enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen next! Interesting take on the paranormal romance set in a college environment, a genre which has been overdone but this provided an fresh outlook. I liked every character especially Wallace, such a sweetheart. Also love Cole and his bad boy ways. Humour, drama and decent sexual tension between the main characters I will definitely read the next book. As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews! I am so glad that I did because Strength was a delightful surprise!

Rena is a college student, who until she runs into outcast Wallace, is pretty normal. Intrigued by his reputation for having psychotic breaks in his dorm room, Rena begins As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews! Intrigued by his reputation for having psychotic breaks in his dorm room, Rena begins to spend more time with Wallace. Wallace is reluctant to share the truth with a too-curious Rena, but as the two fall for each other, it becomes harder and harder to hide secrets. Soon Rena is swept into the dangerous world of Wallace's supernaturally-powered family and must fight with him to save his family from war.

I loved this book. It was extremely entertaining, so much so that I read it in one day. The plot, prose and relationships between the characters were fascinating. I could barely put it down to be productive. There was just something about it that drew me in and locked me there until the very end. Even then, I was sad that this first part of the journey the author's provides her audience was completed. And finding out there is no news on book two was heartbreaking because I am not ready to let go of these characters! Wallace and Rena were a great couple. They are both strong, brave sometimes irrational characters.

Easily relatable and realistic interactions made for a smooth progression of the story. Rena is one of my favorite female leads for this line alone, "'Feels like I'm going to kick you in the face if you don't stop bugging me about it. He's a bit of a typical character, minus the sleeping around, but he was sexy and sweet and swoon-worthy times ten. These characters were just awesome. While I cared most about Wallace and Rena, I really liked the way the minor characters were involved.

No one felt out of place, or forced. Though, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that I wanted to punch Cole in the junk several times. This was definitely an original tale. From what I've read thus far, new adult novels have not impressed me. Strength helped turn that around though, because while it was directed for an older age group, it was not focused on sex, or outrageous stereotypes. Most of the other new adult novels I've read have been extremely sexual, to the point where I was annoyed rather than intrigued.

There are some minor religious themes in this. Normally, I am turned off by stories that really incorporate religion, but I found that in Strength , the story was actually enhanced by it. Though I must be honest and admit, there was one scene where I noted annoyance. Overall, Strength is a good read for fans of paranormal new adult novels. Fun and sexy, this was an excellent debut. I am eagerly anticipating the sequel! Also, yay for another story set in Ohio. I received an e-copy of this novel for my honest opinion and review from the author.

I loved it and the ending was splendid! Full Review To Come Sep 07, A. It was all I could do to suppress a shiver as the warmth of his breath danced over my skin, his scent clouding the air between us. God, it smelled so familiar, like the air before a downpour. The word around campus is that Wallace Blake is a madman. And if the strange noises that come from his room each night are any indication then those rumours are true.

But when Rena Collins runs into Wallace in the hall she is shocked to see that he is incredibly gorgeous, as well as considerate and carin It was all I could do to suppress a shiver as the warmth of his breath danced over my skin, his scent clouding the air between us. But when Rena Collins runs into Wallace in the hall she is shocked to see that he is incredibly gorgeous, as well as considerate and caring.

So Rena sets out to find out a bit more about Wallace. In the process she discovers that not only are the rumours about Wallace completely crazy, but she really enjoys his company and finds herself opening up to him as they spend more time together. But Rena learns that Wallace has secrets.

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For one, why does he clam up whenever there is a mention of his twin brother Cole? After overhearing a conversation between the brothers, Rena becomes embroiled in the supernatural world that she never imagined actually existed!! I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this book. Everything flowed so perfectly. There was the exact right amount of romance, heat, supernatural, mystery and Humour. She is gutsy, spirited witty and outspoken about what she believes in.

But she also had moments of vulnerability. She is compassionate and caring and I think once she cares about you, she is in for the long haul. I loved the relationship that she had with her roommate Gabby. They were hysterical together!! There were quite a few times that I laughed so hard that I had tears rolling down my cheeks. Wallace is such a complex character. He has, and continues to endure so much. There were times that my heart ached for him and what he has gone without throughout his life.

He carries a heavy burden on his shoulders and keeps people at arms length. But he didn't count on Rena's determination and the extent of the feelings that they share for each other. So help me, as long as I live, I'll never get tired of seeing that man shirtless. I adored the romance between Rena and Wallace. There was no instant love but a relationship built on friendship first.

But when things heat up between the two of them, boy do they heat up!!! The moments that they shared together were wonderful. Bt there are plenty of obstacles for them to overcome. I also have to make mention of the book cover and title of the book. They were another perfect aspect of the whole reading experience. They just fit the story to a tee. But to be honest I really can't find fault with anything related to Strength. It was a near flawless read for me. I was anything but happy the few times that I had to put it down and stick my head into the real world.

It's definitely a book that I will read again and cannot wait for the next book!!! This story had the elements I love about a supernatural world. The flow of the story was so incredible that I could not put the book down once I started reading it. I first came across the book doing the cover reveal and then it was released on my son's birthday. Rena is your average college girl. She is loving school and her classes and friends.

Then one day she is not paying attention and runs right into the schools mysterious bad boy Wallace AKA Wall. He is all muscles and all sorts of yummies to the tummie! At first Rena is like OMG because she has heard all the rumors surrounding Wall but as she gets to know him she is intrigued by him because he is nothing like what they say he is. He is kind and sweet and protective of Rena.

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She can't understand why he spends his time alone because he is everything she wants in a man and more. But Wall is the way he is for a reason and Rena will soon find out. Wall just wants to be left alone to go to school and try and have a normal life. But you can't have a normal life when you have the gifts or curse how ever you look at it that Wall does. SO when he and Rena start to get close he knows it is a bad idea but he can't seem to pull away. Then his family comes meddling and Wall has no choice but to save and protect Rena from them. A storm is brewing within Wall's family and a battle is eminent and Rena is caught in the middle of it.

What will Wall do to save Rena and will Rena sacrifice to be with Wall? This is a must read book! If you love supernatural and swoon then this is the book to read! I need book two like ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! Rena, like everyone else, has always thought of Wallace Blake as the campus resident psychopath - the strange noises coming from his room have led to rumours getting out of control. But when she meets him, he seems like a normal guy. I loved all the characters. From that point on, I was hooked and had to know what was going on! I thought this was an original spin on the paranormal genre!

The emotions are strong and kept me rooting for the characters. View all 5 comments. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I couldn't figure out why this book had such good reviews. I guess it's just me. I had too many issues with it, as you can see down below.

I couldn't stand Rena. She was like this tiny, annoying gnat that kept flying around my face and wouldn't go away. After befriending Wallace, she feels like she has the right to get more involved in his life. It's strange because she doesn't seem that involved in any of her other friends' lives. What did Wallace see in her?

I have no clue. Maybe considering he I couldn't figure out why this book had such good reviews. Maybe considering he didn't really have many friends, she was the most attractive of the females? I honestly don't know. To me, it was one bitchy comment or stupid moment after another.

I so wanted something bad to happen to her. What can be said about him? He seemed kinda boring to me. Yes, he was the sweet, hot boy next door kinda character, but All she does is flirt and ends up in bed with people. She's studying to become a doctor? How are sweatpants and yoga pants in the same category? Sweatpants are usually baggy and make you look bigger by hiding your figure. After the fire alarm is pulled, everyone is outside.

Smashwords – Mark of Nexus–a Series by Carrie Butler

Rena is wandering around or something, I honestly have no clue what she was doing. This was after she talked with Gabby and Aiden. Well, Wallace makes a comment behind her, and she's getting ready for a fight. Not her room because Gabby and Maverick were going there. So, "I pushed back on the bar, and the door swung open I flew out into the night.

So how does she end up with ice shards and stones cutting into her hands? It was obvious that Rena was attracted to Wallace, but at the same time, had no issues with Gabby going after him. I understand that to a degree. Wallace is the 'crazy guy', it's fine to like him as a friend but nothing more.

The part I don't get is that if Gabby did end up sleeping with him, would his and Rena's friendship be the same? I'm pretty the answer is no. How was Wallace, maybe only a year older than Rena? He'd already received his associate's degree. Rena sounded as though she jumped right into college after high school. Plus, why would he be living in a dorm?

Yes, we know Rena was short.

But how was it that when they're all doing laundry, Gabby's on the floor, Rena's on the bench, yet, she's able to turn and look Gabby at 'eye level'? What kind of bench was that? Cole, Wallace, and Rena. That was where I had a major issue with Rena. For some unknown reason, she felt as though she had the right to find out what the brothers were fighting about.

Again, they've only been friends for what? Makes sense to me. Considering she doesn't know anything about Cole or Wallace's family at that point, she still ends up basically thinking Wallace was cold because of the way he acted towards his brother. Angry, wounded, too stubborn to accept anyone's help. IF you know the story on both sides or have been friends for more than a few weeks! It was funny how she thought it better to find out Cole's side of the story, the unknown brother, rather than trying harder with Wallace.

Just because you're friends, doesn't mean you have to tell the other person everything. If anything, I was going out of my way to help a friend. I've never had a flat tire before, and even I knew what happened with Rena's car. Just another negative on her part. When Wallace arrives to 'save Rena' from his brother For some reason, the author wanted her falling out of a bed to seem very traumatic.

Moving on, how can Rena actually get mad when she realizes that Wallace must have been in the area? Or hadn't told her that he'd killed someone? Why would she be crying over it? Wallace shouldn't have to tell her why he'd killed someone. Considering Cole had already told her the story, I just don't get it. She acted like Wallace had killed someone she knew or something. You could have spared us both a lot of grief. I can't believe she'd actually say that to Wallace when the whole fighting brothers thing didn't even involve her.

With Wallace's 'clusters', how does he not always look like he's been beaten up? Rena and Wallace are 'getting close' at his grandma's house. He stands up trying to distance himself from Rena. Now, if a guy is trying to seem uninterested sexually in a girl, why stand up when you have a boner? He could have tried to hide it but nope.

All because she didn't know what they wanted to drink? Or better yet, when it's mentioned the new waitress was starring at Wallace Rena whispers to him, "I'm protective of my friends. That darn waitress certainly seemed fishy and up to no good. When Rena was with Cole, he ended up cutting her neck.

A week later, she still has a bandage on it? If it would have been deep, then stitches would have been needed, but there were no stitches Another bitchy moment for Rena: It was a reflex I don't know why you don't. Again, why was she surprised he'd never had a girlfriend? Does she listen to anything he tells her? Rena's father is retired military and works as a Walmart Greeter? How old is he? Gabby has a questionable stain on her blanket. She's washed her sheets but not said blanket. After waking up, Rena sees Wallace and Cole talking. They look over at her and the first thought that comes to her tiny, unintelligent brain is, "What?

Were they going to tag-team me? What in the hell would make her even think that? Again, back to how Rena is way too pushy, wanting to get into everything and anything Wallace is involved with. His problems are mine now. She's tiny, with no powers, and would only get in the way. Even after Wallace calls to tell her that she's out of her league, she's still clueless.

Again, again, again with the stupidity! She gets to Wallace in the woods and it's so obvious that his cousin is controlling him, but, of course, Rena has no idea what's even going on. She assumes that Wallace is randomly being mean and hurting her. Why is it, that even after Faye tried to kill Wallace, he goes on to say, "She's too analytical to kill us without understanding the threat we posed in that vision. Originally posted at http: When college student Rena Collins finds herself nose-to-chest with the campus outcast, her rumor-laced notions are shattered.

Of course, there are a few setbacks along the way: When Rena ends up caught in their crossfire, Wallace has no choice but to save her by using his powers. Set in the present, we are introduced to Rena Collins as she stalks the college campus madman Wallace Blake. Curious as to all the rumors of his insanity, she soon learns he is not insane. In fact, to her disappointment, he is rather normal and explanations are given for his seemingly violent behavior.

Rena and Wallace form a tentative friendship which leads to some amazing and dangerous revelations. Revelations that could spell disaster and possibly death for Rena. Strength made me laugh. A heavy character driven paranormal new adult that has all the potential to be an entertaining series. Action, suspense, intrigue, humor, snark, romance, and two engaging protagonists whose witty banter and sexual tension will keep you on your toes. Fast pacing made this story a fun to read. Butler finds just the right tone to keep the story flowing and keep her readers entertained.

Geez, that was really comforting. I eyed her, setting the glass don. She knew, that sneaky old woman knew. He is my grandson after all. Even with Wallace blowing hot and cold on her, she gives as good as she gets and watching them bicker is fun. She is attracted to Wallace but also has a healthy fear of him. She makes no apologies for her fear. She has a realistic attitude and her reactions are spot on when it comes to certain situations.

Wallace is a fantastic beta hero. Condemned by students for certain situations over which he has no control, he generally keeps to himself. Buried deep inside him is deep vein of pain, both physical and emotional, and guilt that we learn stems from an incident that occurred in his childhood. His vulnerability is made even more heartbreaking when highlighted by his physical attributes.

Meeting Rena opens a new emotional pathway for Wallace. Her unflagging support and friendship allows him to see himself through her eyes. Not as the monster he feels like, but an attractive man whose friendship is valued. He, in turn, supports her when she feels vulnerable and offers a strong support to stand at her back. Draw from that what you will, my friends. I will add that while the sexual tension is high, the actual physical aspects never go beyond second base. There is a good reason for this. I did like her curiously concerning it all. She asked a multitude of questions that spoke well of her intelligence.

The premise is interesting and unique in makeup though I did have problems with the overall execution. We are only given the story in the present, so some aspects left me confused. I also found some scenes and characters were given too much scrutiny, only to fade away. Perhaps they will be brought back and further explored in book two.

A cast of appealing and well developed secondary characters rounds out the story. Each one a strong presence and able to carry their own story. I look forward to reading more in depth about Cade Ass Cade-giggle , Gabby and the rest of the cast and see where their personal stories led. Strength offers a different look for New Adult which is greatly appreciated by this reader when the majority of them are unbearably alike.

I am certainly looking forward to reading more from Ms. Butler and her Nexus in the future.