Manual The Meerkats Of Summer Farm: The True Story of Two Orphaned Meerkats and the Family Who Saved Them

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The Meerkats Of Summer Farm

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He is also the author of the memoir I'm the Man. Mar 06, Leila rated it liked it Shelves: I began this little book this morning and finished it now. It's a very easy read and would suit youngsters interested in animals. It is a true story and apparently you can visit this animal sanctuary in Devon. The title says it all. It would be suitable to read to young children also. View all 4 comments. We discovered Axe Valley just after the birth of our daughter. She is now 2, and in the last two years we have been members of the park and visited so many times 3 times in a week one summer!

This is the story of how our favourite place began, how dreams became reality and the story of two meerkats who survived and became part of the family. A lovely read and wonderful to find out how the park was set up! Well worth a read and certainly worth a visit if you are in the area!

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Mar 02, Louise Bartlett rated it really liked it. Feb 25, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Anyone who knows me, will know of my love of Meerkats and when I saw this I had to give it a chance. I have to say it was fantastic. It's only a small book of pages and it only took the evening.

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I probably spent most of the time looking at the pictures in the centre of the book. The reader gets a feeling that they are getting a faithful narrative. I can only hope that the s Anyone who knows me, will know of my love of Meerkats and when I saw this I had to give it a chance. I can only hope that the sale of this book will increase their visitor numbers! Jan 06, Fiona rated it liked it.

Quirky little story of a couple whose dream was to set up a bird sanctury at their home, in the process of doing so they rescued Wren and Rascal two babies born to the Meerkats they already had but whose mother rejected them. They hand reared the babies and the tale covers their young lives and antics as well as the other animals they had at the sanctury. Not a taxing read, easy to pick up and put down and a bit of a feel good factor with it. Oct 12, da-wildchildz rated it liked it. Last line from The Meerkats of Summer Farm. Made me want to set up an animal park with monkeys, tigers, polar bears and maybe an owl twit-twoo!

This was a totally heart warming true story about a family who set up an animal park. I read this book in one day and found it absolutely delightful.

The Meerkats of Summer Farm: The True Story of Two Orphaned Meerkats and the Family Who Saved Them

I would love to visit the animal park if ever in the local area and meet Wren and Rascal for myself. I would definitely recommend this book. Jun 23, Evangeline rated it really liked it Shelves: A lovely account of how one family managed to fulfill their dream of expanding their own menagerie to share with others. They seemed like genuinely nice people and I'm glad pictures were included!

Amy B rated it really liked it Aug 15, Erin Whiley rated it really liked it Jan 05, Wendy rated it it was amazing Dec 19,