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If you like the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, you'll probably like this. It's basically the same as BDB, but with immortals and demi-gods. I don't particularly like the BDB series, which probably explains my lack of enthusiasm. I doubt I will be continuing with this series. View all 16 comments.

Setta Jay does a superb job of building a world that is in equal measure intriguing and seductive. The paranormal aspect is wonderfully balanced with the romance, which is a huge plus for me. We have immortals, Greek gods, hell hounds, demons, dragons, shifters. You name it, and its in this book. And best of all, it never gives off the feeling of being overly crowded.

My inner whore was all over this! Overall, with a fabulous cast of secondary characters and some hot smexin, I really enjoyed this! Erotic PNR just got so much better! View all 34 comments. When I first heard about this series, I was told that ice was sorely needed for inflamed ovaries. Being the natural doubter that I am, I scoffed at all the warnings and dived head first into the first official book, having teased myself with the novella and lulling myself into a false sense of security.

Knowing what I now know, if I had a chance to do this all over again, I would definitely do this right here, straight at my ovaries. I'm not even going to play like I can be sensible in writing a review for this so I'll leave you all with three reasons why you should read this book. I will never ever get my fill of strong female characters, especially if they're total bad asses that will snap an enemy's neck to keep their strong hand, well, strong. Alexandra is definitely no stranger to the term BAMF, not only in terms of her own supernatural abilities, but also her fighting capabilities.

Reading about her in action is such a marvellous thing, and I was so overjoyed to see that she can more than hold her own with the guys. The struggle is real. Let me warn you of the fact that there be some straight up crazy mofos up in hurr. There are some confronting scenes to contend with and they are not pretty.

But as weird as this may sound, it added to my enjoyment because its real. The book doesn't pull it's punches with any of the bad stuff going on so that I found myself emotionally invested in the characters. It certainly made for a deeper connection, which allowed me to fully immerse myself in the world that Setta Jay was creating. And while I'm at it, lemme just mention that kinky kinks are hella kinky. Usually I like to be wined and dined before the kinks are sprung on me but with this book, I was so onboard with all the action, I found myself bloody steering the whole damn ship.

If you've reached this far and are still not convinced that you should read this book, then I can hardly fault you for your reasoning. After all, I did warn you that this review would hardly be sensible. Therefore, have yourself a coherent review by a mate of mine who convinced me to read this series. As for me, I'm still icing my ovaries as I gobbled up all four and a half books of the series so far in one go. View all 31 comments. Loved your review Penelope! And to hear that you are a "natural doubter" like myself LOL But y Jen wrote: LOL But your review, I thought was great, and didn't wound insensibl And awww, thank you lovely lady!

I am not sure how I feel about this book - even now. This book caused me quite a bit of RAGE. The prologue was a bit confusing - there was a huge info dumping session that almost left me reeling. We have the Greek pantheon again. Why is everyone so obsessed with the Greek Pantheon????!

Why not some Egyptian gods? They became stronger and cruel er and torturous. The tainted gods kidnap and perform experiments on the untainted gods and the Guardians - creating shapeshifters! We go from all of that to Urian - Uri - who is going out with his friend to a sex club. Uri and his friend often goes to these sex clubs to have public anonymous sex with humans. Humans gave them plenty of room, compressing their much smaller bodies back into the crowds as the two made their way past. Moving through the throng, they gained sultry looks from scantily clad females, those that thrilled at the aura of danger that came from their sheer size.

Having no idea just how much more beast than man the two were. That was part of the draw, the challenge of fucking more fragile beings without breaking them. I officially disliked the hero at that point. Doubt that was what the author was going for but that was what happened. There's also an additional layer of the sex club activities - Alex the heroine is often there stalking Uri watching him fuck the random nameless girl s of the night.

He often stares into her eyes as he bangs out the random nameless chick s. And this goes on for centuries. I curse a lot. You've been lusting after a woman for centuries and there she stands before you.

The Ecological History of Greater New York

You've never had the chance to speak to her before. What are the first words you utter to this woman? If you guessed "What are you doing here? And her centuries of lonely masturbation after being gang raped of her virginity.

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Uri is the first man to ever bring her pleasure. And although we are told that Alex is a bad ass fighting goddess who has trained for centuries - she is weaker than But she is presented as a badass - a badass with major self confidence issues. Who can't have sex. Who can't protect herself. Who can't do anything, really. My God is there any reason for so much fucking rape????? Wait, that's not quite right. There's not just rape, there's consistent rape and humiliation of women.

What in the fuck. I thought I was reading a romance. There's rape, humiliation, biological experimentation, shifters, fated mates, Greek gods, kidnapping, ambushes, comas, menages mating menages, of course and so much sex that I started skipping it. Finally, after several months of putting it off, I finally skimmed to the end. I tried my best to read to the end but I would feel anxious and upset every time I tried. I finally gave up and skimmed - it's the only thing that let me finish. I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

And that first scene wasn't. But even though all the sex scenes were excruciatingly hot, it annoyed me that there was a menage with the main couple and another male. Because Uri g 3. Because Uri goes all possessive, growling "Mine", says this: Is that something you want to experience now? And this, in my opinion kinda lame explanation: Sirena and the others had explained over wine that things were a lot more… free here, than on Earth.

In Tetartos, lives were long, and the populations were very small, as even mated pairs had few births. The races sought pleasure in any incarnation they desired. A wild carnal retreat. So she's yours but you're willing to share her with your BFF because there's not many going about? I know it's a personal peeve and I know that most of you don't mind but it just grates me the wrong way when they share out of the mating bond.

For that matter I don't like it in contemporary romance either to be frank. If you don't mind and enjoy such scenes then definitely read this. Even though it bugged me I still enjoyed reading the scene, as I said before the sex in this book is seriously hot! The world building was excellent, the Realms, Guardians, Gods and Creators make for a very intriguing concept that I wanted to read more about.

Setta Jay also uses some Greek words to name a few things which I got a kick out of. I still have questions though regarding several occurrences and I don't know if they'll get answered in the later books or left vague as past events. Do I recommend it? If you don't have issues with the specific MFM like me then go for it!

It's an excellent addition to the PNR genre. It also contains something that could be a trigger for some but it's not mentioned in the footnote along with the menage. If you want to know view spoiler [it describes a rape scene,it's not a brutal,violent one but it's rape nevertheless. View all 10 comments. ARC received for review And I actually had already purchased this one. This is going to be a great series. Uri is seriously smoking hot, and Alex is strong and doesn't really see all of her potential.

They are amazing together. Plus Alex's brothers are hot and then there's all the other Guardians.. Gods, demi-gods, immortals, and a whole bunch of "other worldly" b ARC received for review And I actually had already purchased this one. Gods, demi-gods, immortals, and a whole bunch of "other worldly" beings. Oh, and a little Jennifer Ashley shifters thrown into the mix. I'm so excited to read the next book that is a really yummy Gregoire who we already got a glimpse of in a three-way.

Ecstasy Unbound

View all 3 comments. Info dump from hell. Maybe I'll try it again some other time. I settled in and really sunk into this story. I want to start off in saying that overall, I really liked this and will continue reading. The characters are great. However, there were two specific things that happen that I will be taking half a star away for.

It is written from start to finish, and as a person who finds erotica rape a turn off, it made me want to shelf this one. I think much could have been accomplished with a fade to black scene here. Some parts of my review may no longer apply- Taken from the authors post: Mar 06, J. Wow When I first started this book, I actually thought it was a hardcore erotic book I really loved the characters, especially Alex.

She was a very strong female lead and I loved the deep pull and attraction between her and Uri. I have to thank my Goodreads friend Pam, for introducing me to this series! I agree with some of the readers when they said the beginning was a little confusing. But don't give up Alex is a demi-goddess that is helping the Guardians fight against evil.

Established by Dark Angels: Unbound

She's strong, powerful, and sexy. But she is also insecure with herself and feels like a failure. He was sure he'd never encountered a more exceptional female in his long lifetime, and she was his. He also has a soft heart, but doesn't let anyone see it.

Liberating ideas

They were hungry for each other. Immortals cannot find mates easily so when one finds a mate, it is cherished like no other. But if you think to get away from me now, think again. And if you want me to show you just how 'mine' you are, I will gladly show you. Alex and Uri were attracted to each other for centuries, but it was forbidden for Alex to be with Uri because it would banish her to a different realm.

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She just stalked him from afar, watching him take other lovers at sex clubs. Uri enjoyed having the demi-goddess watching, but he was yearning for her. Each time he saw her, it was harder for him not to chase her. When they finally touched each other, it was like a bomb went off. They're love making was scorching hot from then on. But the story isn't just about them. There is a war going on. So be ready for some good fighting scenes! I enjoyed reading about the moments where Alex was kicking ass. Although she is insecure about her powers, everyone can see that she is not to be messed with.

I can't wait to continue the series!!! There is some rape. And there are some menage scenes. As with all new series there has to be world building done, it's not my favourite part but is necessary, but the author adds in some hot sex to keep it fun. Alex and her brothers live on earth and are Demi-gods and kick ass, literally they are highly skilled at helping others, which is good as the Guardians are unable to inflict pain on others, if they do they'll feel it a lot more. Uri is a guardian, his a very sexual being as are all the guardians, his always felt the presence of another and relished it, even if while pleasuring another!

Circumstances happen, another person is kidnapped and due to complications Alex need Uri's help, what could possibly happen when they get near one another. I also have to mention Vane and Eric, Alex's brothers they have a really warm, caring relationship, did I mention there hot too! Uri is an alpha male that likes to be in control, that doesn't change but he becomes a lot more when Alex enters his life, they both have a lot to learn and adjust to quickly. If you are looking for an erotic paranormal read with lots of action of all sorts!

I'm really looking forward to book 2 in this series. I'm awarding this book 4. This is going on my favorites and re-reads lists. I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of this paranormal story, the steamy hot love scenes and the possessive alpha men! I'm thrilled to know there are 7 more books in this series already published and waiting for me to read.

The ending of book one is a prelude into book two and all I can say is wow! ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. View all 6 comments. This is a paranormal erotica book and the author is focused on this two parts! The story is full of mythical creatures and fantasy. On the other hand, the setting of this world had to be prepared and Ms.

Jay tried her best to do so. The writing is ok and few time kind of repetitive. Please support our new book soon so we can crack on with it. Established has done very well. It's even appeared inaudio form via Audible. Thank you all for supporting it and helping us bring it into the world. Now we're just embarking on the follow-up - 'Dark Angels On Writing. In the Dark Angels way it's a collective book….

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For what seemed like a long time, but was only a few months, the twelve Dark Angels authors worked in parallel streams: So it was with some relief that we reached our funding target in November and started on the production process. Our chapters were finished and handed…. Thank you to all supporters of the Dark Angels book 'Established'. It was a remarkable effort by more than Dark Angels supporters to fund what will be a beautiful and entertaining book.

As a bonus, we think it will also be useful! How does one establish the founding moment of any business? Was it a flash-in-the-pan, for example, when the founder or founders first had that random spark of inspiration, triggered by some chance observation or thought; or alternatively the solution to some long-chewed-over problem suddenly presented….

The etched words framed by four ancient copper rivets, each the size of a walnut. Photo and story by Elen Lewis, author of the chapter: Custard pies, Kitty the Suffragette and a boat called Big Love: First day of the summer holidays. Rosie 9 is quiet, locked into the red-streaked…. Dark Angels is a tiny organisation of writers. We were 'established in ', just a blink away in historical time. So why are we writing this book about the world's oldest companies?

Perhaps it has something to do with a writer's relationship with history, a belief that writers can be the best connections between history and a story. Mark Watkins, author of the chapter on the Australian Agricultural Company, established It is May and I am in Stroud, near Gloucester. To all intents and purposes an English village, named after its west country counterpart, only this one is a few hours north of Sydney, Australia. I have come here to uncover the roots of the company I am writing about — the Australian Agricultural….

I open Google Maps. The squiggly lines and text show a 1. Founded by a Fife blacksmith in , the weighing machine…. The broad bellied, the flat chested, the small, the large. My Star Wars obsessed, nine year old son has recently discovered Star Trek. Delighted to have fallen into a black hole of endless hours of space travel, he did eventually come up for air long enough to…. Why does this book matter?

The world will certainly go on without it. But books can make a difference, and perhaps this is the right book at the right time to make at least a small difference. Here are twelve companies that, not least because of their age, have great stories.