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She was very quick to fall in love with Ghost, despite Ghost not wanting any part of this.

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He, like Toast, also has nightmares of Aimee to this day. Oh, you're so cute," and then, some words that resemble "your name Zviggles" or something. The feelings don't seem to be mutual, though, as he responds, "Oh, you're like a chew toy, you just keep squeaking. Stop being an idiot.

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This is confirmed when she fights over him with Josh while he robs another bank. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: Why am I a ghost? Replace this with a bestseller or give us back your advance. Some slaved over their books for six or more years before being rejected.

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More than a few, for the sake of survival, are turning into ghosts. A different variation on the ghost syndrome applies to young authors who, just a few years ago, would have been published by caring editors at major presses and hailed by book reviewers across the country as brilliant new voices on the literary scene. Today most of those critics have been laid off by dying newspapers and magazines, and the brilliant new voices are lucky to find a home at a small press that turns out several hundred copies of books that ought to be published in the thousands.

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  5. Many resort to self-publishing which, in the eyes of the mainstream publishing industry and most serious readers, renders them invisible. Ghosts also have been routinely used as technicians to craft the stories and ideas of politicians, celebrities, and executives who have neither the time nor the ability no secret that Sarah Palin would need a ghost to Go Rogue to write their own books; that tradition has never fooled anybody.

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    But the current explosion of mainstream ghostwriting is duping a segment of adult society that used to know better. Years ago I worked with a woman who ghost-wrote essays and theses for high school and college students. At the time I was appalled. Today, even MFA students dare to hire ghostwriters.

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    Woe to any of my students who try this! Why, you might ask, would an aspiring writer even consider hiring someone else to write for her? Well, why not, when ghostwritten authors like Tom Clancy and James Patterson are treated by the publishing industry as heroes! It might seem a paradox that even as more published books are written by ghosts, more budding writers are defending their creative voices through personal blogs and websites. But are these bloggers really writing their own stuff, or are they cutting and pasting the work of others?

    Are they even who they say they are? How can anyone know? Jones are just some of the recent writers who, in effect, have ghost-written their own books by concealing their true identities and distorting their true stories.

    Olivia Rose’s Ghost, by Aimee Henkel

    Writing as a ghost, I have to admit, can be as liberating as acting. Ghostwriting can be played like a game against the unsuspecting reader. Or it can be practiced like a mechanical skill, as impersonal as auto repair or computer assembly.

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    In my ghost guise I am an identity technician. But one fundamental feature of good writing has always been its authenticity.