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The Preamble and Mission of the Constitution is an intellectual history of the six essential phrases of the Preamble of the U.

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This book examines the writings of the Framers, as well as the various works that inspired their ideas and the abstract concepts they studied. Rassismus als Ideologie der Ausgrenzung funktioniert transnational, interkulturell, global. Biogeographischer Rassismus geht nicht selten mit Antisemitismus, Antifeminismus oder neuerdings Rechtspopulismus enge Verbindungen ein. This book sets out to explore the questions how democracies decide which lives should be protected, how these lives are defended, and how they are distinguished from the lives that can be lost without mourning. The author analyzes through a range of political and philosophical issues the contemporary just war literature.

She emphasizes the problem of human rights, the biopolitics of democratic welfare regimes, and the relationship between the aesthetic value of the visual world and the discursive value of democratic politics. In doing so, the book questions standard conventions about the right to kill in warfare, and challenges some of our basic assumptions about the justice of democratic welfare regimes.

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This book is the first monograph that provides a wholesome overview of the history of Antisemitism in Poland. The author critically analyzes the Polish manifestation of the gruesome phenomenon against the backdrop of historical events in all Europe, as she traces the formation of the ideology and its difference from Judeophobia.

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Most importantly, she does not end with the historical perspective but uses her studies to shed light on the events permeating in the thirty years of the recent Polish history as an independent country. Die Dynamik von Inklusion und Exklusion ist in vielen gesellschaftlichen Bereichen wirksam. Here you can find all Crossref-listed publications in which this article is cited.

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Volume 35 Issue 6 Dec , pp. Indem sie die strukturellen Ungleichheiten, die systematisch durch das Marktsystem produziert werden, in Hinblick auf " Exklusion " umdeuten, vermeiden sie jede Form von struktureller Analyse von deren Ursachen und weichen damit der grundlegenden Frage aus, was getan werden muss, um sie direkt anzugehen.

The problem in "actually existing liberal democracies " is not their ideals, but the fact that those ideals are not put into practice. Here too, history is called upon as a conglomeration of symbolic and cultural exclusion, and of economic exploitation.

Exclusion - this mode is similar to the Difference mode, but the resulting colors are less contrasting. He reveals clearly the inanity of our conception of citizenship where the inclusion roads are crossing the ones of exclusion.