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Under the pretense of a gentleman, he offers to pet sit Stephanie's dog, Pitts and promises to protect him with his life. But, lax in his responsibility, while walking Pitts, Jack and Pitts are struck by a bus and their spirits, due to circumstance and a promise, enter each other's body. Upon awaking, from the accident, Jack spirit finds himself in Stephanie's apartment -- but in Pitts' body. Jack then set out on a mission to reverse the crossover of spirits, fulfill his promise and save Stephanie's company and her life. Stephanie and Jack Forever??? For some of you, his story and resolve will be humorous and unjustified, to others ironic and well deserved.

Provided are two ending to Jack's story; be the judge and jury and vote for the ending you feel Jack deserves and you would like to see in the movie and email your answer to joev45 at gmail. After living years as a single dad through three marriages, and in between a series of serendipitous relationships, tragedy strikes Joe.

10 Proven Ways to Become a Movie Star

A motorcycle accident claims the life of his only child Joey, his clone - the sunshine of his life. After months of waiting, Joe receives seven responses that offer hope, heartbreak and tears of joy. But it is the seventh response, a strange letter from Europe, which may not only provide him with a daughter, but a chance at a new life and a complete family and the words, "Happy Father's Day. I met him when I was, as some would say, a precocious eleven. At eleven, I passed for fourteen.

I dressed the part. I had boobs, a nice butt, looked sexy for my age and really liked the attention I received.

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Between the ages of eleven and fifteen, Patrick showed me pictures of nude boys and girls, had me watch him have sex with other children, and he gave me my first orgasm, at the age of twelve. We were married when I was fifteen and he was thirty one.

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  • From the day we were married, he both physically and mentally abused me and got me hooked on Crack. The police constantly visited our home for domestic violence calls, until I killed him.

    While in awaiting trial, I prayed to Jesus to forgive me for what I had done. He must have heard my prayers, because he sent me Lisa Schreibersdorf a public defender. She showed that my defense was not "Battered Women's Syndrome," which in the past was connected to an insanity plea, but due to constant physical and mental abuse. Get into the industry first, and then go for the job you actually want.

    Gary Cooper was a stuntman. Telly Savalas was a top executive at ABC Television and stepped into a role when nobody more suitable could be found. In , Richard Arlen was a humble backstage hand at Paramount Pictures. While working at Paramount, he was struck by a company car and hospitalized with a broken leg.

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    • Studio executives decided to make it up to him by offering him a movie contract. Clara Bow won a national beauty competition in and one of the prizes was a role in a film. Ann Sheridan, a top star of the s, was entered secretly into a contest by her sister and ended up winning a five-week movie contract.

      Lew Ayres was a medical school dropout who took up acting and eventually became the first actor to play Dr.


      Kildare, hero of several medical dramas. Sometimes a magazine cover photo can lead to a Hollywood contract. Happily, at least one of those four could also act. You know the old story about the leading lady who breaks her ankle so that the chorus girl has to come out of nowhere to replace her and becomes a star? The story became famous in 42nd Street , with Bebe Daniels playing the injured actress and Ruby Keeler as the new star.

      When Haney fell ill, MacLaine took to the stage and the rest is history. A few years earlier, when Betty Hutton fell ill making the Broadway show Panama Hattie , she was replaced by her understudy June Allyson. Both Hutton and Allyson were eventually spotted by talent scouts at the show and were sent to Hollywood. The advice for aspirants is easy: Normally, you should be very careful with stalkers—but if you are desperate to be a star, you never know your luck.