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Email sent by Summit Direct Mail.


Included variable data in the email along with a personalized URL landing page. PURL hand a continue button which linked to a promotional membership application. Reminder email sent to people who had not opened email on Friday, August 1. Promotion runs from Tuesday, July 29 — Friday, August 1, end of day. A control email was sent to the exact same audience.

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The control email received a. For additional case studies or to learn how Summit Direct Mail can help you and your company, please contact us. Personalized and Integrated Marketing Really Works! To begin, BMD sought to use online tools to acquire valuable data on an individual and cohort basis. Acquire email addresses organically; 2. Secure online donations; 3. Capture valuable information to drive future communications; and 4. Provide access to their Profile and local Sheriff.

Initially, once the member logged on to their personalized microsite, we asked them to provide their email address and offered a free VSI license plate frame as a backend premium. In the second edition, we called on the member to answer a Survey. In particular, we discovered the issues most important to the membership: More statistics at a glance: The two Newsletter PURL campaigns were so well received that numerous members contacted headquarters with detailed comments and to say have they have bookmarked their personalized page in anticipation of future content. The average donation was higher through the PURL than the responses that were submitted traditionally and donors acquired through the purl also donate more than traditional donors on an annual basis.

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Making Direct Response Interactive http: Interesting results from Stephen. PURLing is really effective in helping you understand your clients and also helps you understand the value of your marketing money and what is being effective to drive you results. This bias is called. People act in order to gain a positive outcome or to avoid a negative one.

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The most powerful outcomes in motivating or altering our behaviour are those who are immediate and certain. While major donors share most of the motivations of individual donors e. The effectiveness of these principles is based on human psychology rather than specific channel characteristics. I can only answer for the effectiveness of fundraising messages that use behavioural science. Some cultures may be more or less susceptible to a certain bias. Hence, if that bias is used in a fundraising message it will be more or less effective for that population.

Ideas , applications , tools , processes , and case studies of break-through solutions in fundraising , including:.

Print is Big The Bottom Line — Direct mail has the greatest impact because it offers a tangible experience for the customer. Canon Solutions America Targeting customers on a 1: DMA The Bottom Line — People are even more likely to respond to a marketing message when it feels like it was written just for them.

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FireSnap It can take up to touchpoints to reach a customer for the first time. Compu-Mail The average number of mediums used by marketers is 3. Wishpond The Bottom Line — Direct mail response rate can be difficult to track, because not everyone calls in right away. Invesp It can cost as much as X more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing customer. Small Business Trends The average response rate for direct mail pieces sent to former customers of a given brand is DMA The Bottom Line — Use direct mail to nurture existing interest, keeping current customers and prospects engaged and delighted.