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Take this nut and if you ever find yourself in trouble break it. Ninfa thanked the old man, and left, finally reaching the house where the wizard's father lived. She asked him if he knew where the Castle of Father was. The old man didn't know but said:. He has traveled much, perhaps he can tell you where the castle is.

I am going to give you another nut just as my son did. If you find yourself in trouble, break it and it will help you. Ninfa walked and walked and finally came to the house of the third wizard. He also didn't know here the castle was. However, he told her what to do:. Follow this road and soon you will come to her house. But be careful, the Moon may be angry. I am also going to give you a nut. If you find yourself in trouble, break it. The poor girl was very, very tired, but at last that night she arrived at the moon's house.

Magic Tales of Mexico: El Principe Oso

She knocked on the door and a little old lady, who was the moon's housekeeper, came out. Daughter, what are you doing here? When the moon comes, I will carelessly ask her if she know where the castle is. At dawn the moon came in, angry because she had stuck in her finger a thorn from a prickly pear.

The moon came into the kitchen and said, "Human flesh I smell here. Give it to me or on you I will feast. Just because there is a roast in the oven, you think it's human flesh. Sit down and eat so that you can go to bed. You are very tired.

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The moon sat down to eat and the old lady began to talk. She told me she had heard talk about the Castle of Faith. You, who know so many things, surely know where this castle is. The moon went to bed and the little old lady whispered to Ninfa, "Quickly, leave before the Moon wakes up. Go along this road and soon you will arrive at the house of the Sun. Ninfa left and she walked and walked, until finally she came to the Sun's house.

She knocked on the door and another little old lady answered. Ninfa began to cry, and between sobs told her story to the little old lady. They were both gloomily taking when the house suddenly filled with light and the Sun came in. She crossed herself and prepared to die. But the little old lady yelled. I could take you, but it is getting late and you know that I am not allowed to go out after dark.

Near here lives my good friend, El Aire, the Wind.

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He can take you. You walk along this path and when you get to El Aire's home, you tell him that it was I who sent you. Ninfa left and, after walking a good while, arrived at the Wind's house. She knocked and the Wind screamed, "Come in whoever it is!

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She told Senor Aire all that had adversely happened to her and that she wanted to go to the Castle of Faith. Ninfa straddled El Aire's back, and in less time than it takes to wink an eye, they arrived at the castle. The whole castle was brilliantly lit and the sound of violins and guitars could be heard everywhere. He just got married and now is dancing with the new princess. I have never seen such a magnificent baile. The servant told Ninfa, "I am going to let you come in, but one condition, that you be careful and not let the bride see you.

Since you have not been invited, the bride would be angry at seeing you here. Ninfa entered the castle and saw her husband, the prince, eating at a table and surrounded by his guests. She flattened herself against the wall. From there she began trying to attract the prince's attention. He kept on taking; he had not seen the poor girl. Ninfa tried so hard to get the prince's attention that the bride saw her. She was an evil witch who with her magic had blinded the prince and made him marry her.

The prince then saw Ninfa and recognized her immediately. He yelled at the servants. The servants were about to lay their hands on Ninfa when the girl broke one of the magic nuts the wizards had given her. In an instant Ninfa turned into a little rat which ran hither and yon. When the witch saw this, she turned into a huge cat which began to chase the rat. The rat sprang atop the prince's table, and onto his plate. There Ninfa broke another nut and turned into a grain of rice which became lost among many on the prince's plate. The cat also jumped on the table, turning instantly into a chicken which began to eat the rice.

Ninfa then was transformed back into human form to be reunited with the prince and both lived happily ever after. It was retold in the nineteenth century by Walter Pater in Marius the Epicurean. This classical form of the tale, however, does not represent the original form from which the modern European versions are derived. This version is even farther from the original, since it is actually a compilation of two entirely different types of stories, Aarne-Thompson's Types C and Up to the time the heroine finds her lost husband the story runs pretty true to form.

From them on, however, it becomes a cumulative tale of transformation. Ernst Tegethoff, in his Amor and Psyche , has traced the entire cycle. In this, the most complete study of "Cupid and Psyche," Tegethoff considers the real motif to be the disobedience of the wife and the subsequent interruption of the happy life of the heroine and her supernatural husband.

Tegethoff, however, thinks that, except in Italy, the literary treatments have had little or no influence on the oral.

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This tale is reported in every part of Europe. In the Western half, several countries have reported more than fifty versions. In Italy alone sixty one oral variants have been recorded. References to "Cupid and Psyche' tales are too numerous to mention here, the most important being the following: In the Near East and the Orient there are several variants. Keightley, in his Tales and Popular Fictions , London, , pp cites an interesting Sanskrit version of the "Cupid and Psyche" motif.

The same version later received much more scholarly treatment in Weber's Indische Studien , Vol. It has, however, been recorded from the French in Missouri and the negroes of Jamaica. In Spain alone A. Espnose reports eighty-three versions. In all, several hundred variants are known and available to the student. The hero is an enchanted prince who is a bear by day and a man by night. The marriage of the prince-bear and the heroine is solemnized by a priest. A nightly transformation of the bear into a prince takes place by his saying a magic rhyme.

The heroine gags and ties her husband instead of burning the bear skin to disenchant him. The heroine gets magic objects from three old wizards instead of an old woman or three old women. The husband does not suffer forgetfulness, but recognizes the heroine as soon as she arrives at his palace. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

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Una noche con un príncipe

Una Noche Con Un Principe: Description Pia Lumley, organizadora de bodas, se llevo un buen disgusto cuando el primer marido de la novia irrumpio en la ceremonia echandola a perder. Pero su malestar fue en aumento al fijarse en uno de los invitados al enlace: James Fielding, el hombre que le arrebato la virginidad tres anos antes y desaparecio robandole el corazon. Mas atractivo que nunca, aseguraba haber dejado atras sus anos de calavera. Esta vez ella se propuso no ser la seducida sino la seductorafi Pero no tardaria en descubrir algo que el habia estado ocultando todo ese tiempo