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The money was debited from many broker accounts at around 4 pm on the transaction day itself instead of 11 am on the next day.

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Stock brokers who had lent money to investors to buy shares, were compelled to demand repayment. Under the margin funding system, retail investors typically pay for 10 to 20 per cent of their purchases and brokers contribute the remaining amount. When the market slumps, the 10 per cent investment is wiped out. The financiers demand another cash deposit, known as a margin call, or sell their clients' remaining holdings to recoup losses.

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A whopping Rs 3,97, crore Rs 3, But he rejects the notion he should have known better. It was only when he needed cash last year and wanted to sell one of the REITs, that he realized his mistake: He was told he could only get back 4 percent of what he had invested.

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But it says it will defend itself against all claims. The good news is that investors appear to be wising up. They are also shifting more to so-called fee-only advisers who get a fixed cut of the money they oversee no matter what products they recommend. When her husband died, her son also got a settlement. Her broker recommended that she put his money in variable annuities. Her son was three years old at the time.

Now, the son has no choice but to tap his annuities to help his mom pay bills, even though more than a third of every dollar he takes out is going toward penalties and taxes, according to her financial planner, James Burns. Finding a reliable financial advisor.

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We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. To find out more, please click this link. Your real estate broker does not have a duty to represent you at a closing the way a real estate attorney does.

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If you had been at the closing, you could have addressed the shower issue. A real estate broker has an obligation to sell the listed home.


It appears that your broker was successful in this endeavor. If the broker breached her duties as a broker, failed to comply with the terms of the listing agreement, or lied or misrepresented information, you can report the broker to the state board or commission that regulates real estate brokers in your state. A couple of years ago, my mom placed me on the title with her on a property she co-owns with another person.

She lives in the front of the house and he lives in the back.

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  • I found out I was on the title when she decided to refinance the house and I had to sign off on the paperwork to do so. Is there some way to find out if I co-signed? Is there any recourse I have in this matter? My mom and I are not on good terms and I want out of this whole mess. You should have known what you were signing. Now that you have signed this document, whatever it is, it will be difficult for you to get out of the mess.