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As the Democratic presiden- tial candidate, McGovprn has two ways to get on tfclevision. The five-minute and the two- minute spots, which appear are proportionately costly. The other way is free. For a presidential candidate who is at a "critical point" in financing the campaign and admittedly needs large amounts Of money "fast" to keep up his television and radio conunlt- ments. Tom Perry, 50, Weston, Mass.

Nobody , knows pitching better than a catcher. So when Cincinnati newspaper carrier. Thousands farni unit General Conference in the Salt l. The addition of the assistants 10 me iwelve Brings that lx dy of General Authorities to 18, the larjjest number, ever McOtmKIe takes his' new'high- rankint; position in the church.

Directors Thursday he's thinking pf every.. Tickets may be purchii. The McContaes have nine children manac.. The moon is between its new- phase end first quartet- Hie morning stars are Venus,- Mars and Saturn. On this da]f in history: In , former British. For your car your home your life dnu your heatih State Farm is ail you need to know about insurance. Pride in accomp- lishment.

Sav- ings Bonds are one pf their favotite- -ways to -build that ''tomorrow fund," just as they are for their parents and millions of other Americans. Oedl-Anilru s' — df6isi6n to hold bacic 1. II comes just before'elections and. The governor's revenue projection was politically inspired also. It vras the product of a. The governor's projection took the decline and bottom as well as the more recent ascent of business activity into account.

If the budget cannot be balanced in any other, way, I would support the maintenance of he cutback rather than additional taxes to the people. Elach dam site would have to be looked at to see its relative benefits and costs. I do feel that any further development on the Shake should benefit the state more than in the past. I beUeve that the Snake River belongs to the whole state and not to just one private utility. It would be more satisfactory.

Hie citizens are becoming more Interested in the' affairs of the government and J think they are going to depiand more of a say in the type of services and their cost. The money gained by such a partnership should not be earmarked for any region or any special purpose, though. Reyenue sharing would provide for federal tax dollars to bC; funneled back into local communities in Idaho, which would be a fin. However, it behooves us all to take a realistic.

Christophe Lambert (jeunesse)

It's like taking money out of one pocket and putting It in the other. Don Fredericksen, D- Gooding, voted as a bloc' for the governor's tfSDA rather than in helping one giant, out-of-state oorporotiony. It Stands to reason that if the state spends more money than It has revenue it would be in trouble. One thing I was Impressed with — you fiave to weigh advantages against disadvantages. Therefore, local government can best. Demo conte hdf r education in Idaho today. What is your stance on gun control?

I consider hstving my name auen every ti me I buy. We must consider protection of the ecology and environment for future generations. I have always felt that our existing school, program should be adequately funded and that' volitional education should be stressed. It is no longer necessary to have a college degree to be a valuable and productive member of society.

It in k any work sportsman's right as well as the right ordvery. Honest citizens don 't need their guns controlled. I will work for'StriSle'r penalities for those who commit crimes wIBi flrearrns. But, if g'uns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Places: Lotharingen, Frankrijk

What do you see as thejirimary legislative needs of District 21? This is meat graded by U. It is the mOst popular grade of beef. Some coin fancy names for the lowter grades they sell. Nothing is left to chance in moking sure that the meat reaches you at Its peak of quality. The less tender end portion has beerr trimmed off to be sold at "a loWer prjce per pound. We're great believers m "smile-power". It must prosp er. S,— Army Infantry He' is presently at the U. TTiere will likely be marketing, tax, farm labor and environmental legislation proposed.

I was raised on a family farm -and understand the problems faced by I da h o a gr i c ul t u re. TTiat is why it Is hnpprtant'that a state 'senator be able to communlcito and listen fo each segment. Do you believe the welfare program should be revamped? It is far too costly now and the costs are getting higher all the time.

We need o make recipients take training or a job. Many young people with no job and supposedly low assets can qualify and receive stamps. This occurs in Communities where. I ttoh't wa nt to see the sta te ot Idaho or laejiatrhn-. They were driving a model car and dressedr neatly. As they started to leave, the man said to ills wife, 'do you still have the food stamps in your purse? Metzler, who com- pleted requirements for. Verkhoturye was founded in as a fortress -and ia the oldest town in the Syer 8ovsk region.

How do you ISow If a chaiige of climate will improve your health? It's wiser and cheaper to battle your problems at home," said Dr. W to 3a climate. Now, if you did move,- choose'' A mobile home Condominium? Retirement hotel'' Retir'ement vlUage? They say It shoufd give you shelter, security, privacy. In addition to the special housing section of the September issue of Harvest Years-Retirement Living, the magazine publishes three booklets that can be of help.

I UK Seare ' N'oon till g p. Sears- BoLte Dally 9i30 a. Sunduy Vdih mi s pM. Sears — Caldwell Daily 9i30 a. The answer to such problems as these keeps the Twin Falls Humane Society busy nearly seven days a week, but there Is another side to the story Several times since the Twin Falls Humane Society was tormea jusi over a year afjo, officers have gone to court to are called at all ' hours to investigate such cases and — -while sorneTTF' TO QIi' r"to"T e false, where mistreatment knd neglect is verified the Humane Society is able to act to protect the defenseless animals.

It has provided care and. Socialy Shelter, a pet someone no longer want '. Linda Bowman, kit, w ha, man- ages the center is qualified to give the shots and is assisted by volunteer Chris Anderson. Charges of cruelty to animals have been filed by the society in several cases — rhbsl of them involving starvation of animals and cows were taken frjom a dry pasture where one had already died of starvation.

Medical care and feed provided by the society saved the others and with a court order they were sold to new owners with some of the racoons, porcupines, turtles, horses, cows and even two -MiLlr-ftt9 W h i c h tl i f 35mr proceeds helping pay for the feed while in the custody of the. Volunteers from the society thought were chinchilla, The family or individual. Dogs are available at for mixed breed puppies up to 8 for a large purebred dog. The outdoor pens include con- crete easy to clean runs with shelter from the weather. A good pet -must be the Tight size tod, so Lora decides the puppy.

The program will begin at S p. Louie Parks, Tynin Falls, serving. Tickets may be purchased tr a m a ny ai w t li a ry m e mhar. Janiboree prograins are traditionally donated to a community by making money available to. He' Is presently employed by the. During the spring semester, the couple plans to reside in- Pocatello where Jensen will be" doing graduate work In the field of psychology. Tickets are being sold In Tsin FUlla.

Further 1 n f o riri a t lo n concerning advance ticket sales may be obtained by calling Mrs. The event, sponsored by the Southern Idaho. IBring a friend in for. Before ahe was born he informed me he would not change diapers unless it was an emei-gency. Then tJj developed an infection and ran a IM fever: I could barely gfet myself out of bed, but he never changed one dlaf er. While I tried on clothes, he held the baby.

She started to cry so he put her on the fitting roonk floor. He has never volunteered. He never wants to hold her. If she spits up a little or soils a diaper be hands her to me and leaves the room. If you, have a. As an example of honors and awards he has earned during his 4-H career, this year he received purple He is also past president of the. He was sophomore class president, is a member of the National Honor Society, and. He'B"8'fe4r tall and weighs pounds, i Now be says he wiH neyer carry - h er agai n sp I slwuldn ' t -gst. It is affecting our. And any attempU pi that direction will aatagonlie him, and make hla feel guilty, wUcH will do more harm than good.

Bsvally lie daaghten of iathen who paid no attentioa to tkem when hey were imall. I Woold he have treated a wb this way? But U a man In his seventies or eigfatletr does-it, you. Aatf a yowg man who daea the aaaM to. Ify dentist has bad braath! Yn conld tett htm abnal a mosihwaih jwm have "discovered" aad ash Um to try It.

If that doen't iKgtateri yoB eoald "eooflde" hi hb mune. U It bothen yav. Barton Silversmiths introduce the third an nual ctTition of this unique scries of Christmas Plates in their sptxiaily patented, tend-craf red Damasctmc pieces. Each piece is serially numbered. In the popular 44 W inch boot length. Two color contrast itifcjh. Teen-age son or one ppproachlng teen-age is out. Almost any day It will be too late. And-he doesn't point to a It takes tlmi "is an individual and must be.

We "reserve theiia for the facts or life. Not according to Dr. The family doctor from Phoenix, Arb. Grobe, said most, doctors Dr. Shice his right side had , been operated on she wa; Tearful thai 1te woiild only be able to be a father to. Grobe, also a member of the President's Joint Commls- le for doctors like Dr, Grobe to talk' with the boys whose mothers request it.

He d that's a part of episodic r aus pi c v e iitlv e piatllce. Misinformation can be "What we ask John Is things like how he gets along' with girl. Or — e'John,' how do you feel about girls'. In preventive practice, you go for help, and checkups when you may not have something' screaming for attention right at that time. But practice medicine is golm;. When you are away iron home having lights on inside gives the impression that the house is lived in. Botli exterior hnd interior lights' can be - activated with timing devices and having lighti tiirn on and off automatically following yoiir regular routineis more reajistic than Just leavjng a light burning 'jgmeiyher a in th e houac.

Garages should have lighting which Illuminates the entire area. Those certified so far- have had to take hours of approved ' course work — including seminars. Grobe said the new specialty now, has residencies established ih nlarti.

John npiight develop a personali- ty disorder bcdiuse he thinks something's wrong with sex. His parents never talk about it. He has questions and he's afraid to ask at home. He geU answers elsewhere. Well lighted grounds around a home mily deter poteiftial intruders. With the aim of projecting a ' "lived in" look, all weather You own needs will determlfie what is best for you. Helen Walker, home service representative, Idaho Power Co. Box 8, Twin Falls, Idaho He suspects that over: If you don't have a family doctor he siiggestpd you go to —.

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S Darrell ieren, Idaho Power Co. Keport of the auction sale will be given and plans made for the food caravan. All Shriners arc welcome. The Morning Star gr. The Rulh -group- will meet at Karen Fteinke's ' home for a silent auction. Grobe said he believes the family. He does not lielieve a specialist should be used on routine care. The pe d iatrician. Tor example, ougfil to be reserved for the big problems. The meeting was conducted by Mrs. LeRoy Arrlngton, extension coordinator, spoke on organizing new clubs.

Calvin Hoffman was topic mistress. The red pencil for table topi was won by Mrs. Ben Eldredge gave the lesson on education, and lexicology was given by Mrs. Her talk was evaluated by Mrs. TYiPS" - rgotng a new want to help was evaluated by Mrs. The traveling , , trophy, was wDn. Ben — Pr u t t, 7 33 , by Wednesday. Dinner will be at Oub State UiUvmsliy ll6ineconllng queen candidater'Siie is af- filialed with. Alpha CM ftoiega sorority. Re se matluia can 'bt obtained by contacting Mrs.

In this case the veterinarian comes to the shelter and ad- ministers a euthanasia shot resulting in 'Painlessr instant death. A special student mat- inee is scheduled at 2: The story begins with the tnett of a nair ton Of deadly nerve ga? There; are faults In Binary, and as I see ttasff' they '"are primarily geographical. All-new prestyled wi g-cQp less, Carefree, and a 9reot--boytetevercir'5liort styles to choose ' from in Dynel and Kanelfolon Modoer ylic. Pur nador propaoly needs some- ' thing.

Products of Holllston, Mass. Is made of plastic and holds a pair of jQ CO by loptheF ar. But heTakes a number of geographical lltiertles. Some streets are entirely fictitious, somb have wr onR"TirgHwav numbers, and some, ar? Anyone who is at all familiiu- with San Diego knows that there are no story apartments In the Alameda Street area, as it's strictly a one and two family residential area.

If you can overlook the geographical errors, and like fast paced action", I think yo will enjoy "Binary. The - dt ii i ii Like. Soiilli simply plays nui his iui' kinn iiiid ijui'i'M of. For men worried about thin ning ivair i for women worried "about the same prob- lem, there was. Now you try the acc. Support panty hose from Schiaparelli. Singleton, reception immedUtely arter the Kimberly, and the bridegroom- "remony at the church. The double ring ceremony was performed by Rev.

Morris before baskets of red and pbk gladioli accentd with large red bows. The bride, given In marriage -by -her - father,, w tore a- flo orr: The scooped necked bodice featured pearl buttons to the empire- styled waist. The long taperett' sleeves were also trimmed with pea l buttons. Her floor-length veil fell from a lace bow accented witfj-jmall bead pear4s. She carried ,a formal cascade bouquet of plhk XF Music Sunday.. The banquet size tables were decorated with red linen cloths and centered with snifters containing red roses. Bus YQung, Kimberly; Mrs. Robert Boyd, Twin Falls, and Mrs.

Anthony, assisted with the reception. Pam Remington was in charge of the guest book. Lakes Country dub will begin. Members pf the committee planning the danpe Include Mrs. Frank Acree and Mrs. Gibney, , or Mrs. Flower girl was Lisa Collins,, cousin of the bridegroom. The bride was honored at a kitchen shower ho.

The program portion of the dance wlIThonor two Twin Falls citizens who are' active in community affairs and music. Honk Houst Combo will provide the dance music. Buttars is librarian for the blind and handicapped at the Utah State Library. He has done pioneering worJ.

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Other guests will include. Put H can save money. Miai Sizes 7 , 9, Fabulous bonus choose a FREE pattern. It's ribbed on the surface, smooth next to yon. She also has illustrated a' book, "Journey Through a flentury,' Ethyln Walkington. Peck is a member of the Art Magic Valley which she served as secretary in and as president in Dawn of Henieinb ered basn't dreamed ol sailing across the open sea with no ;care3 or commitlmenta? Cossacks and known and respected snaKes au of his life to Interweave fact dnd folklore and yoa hiive a master collection of talcs and poems. Or- Years Alone" tradition and the soc-ialism of by Joseph P.

We' see — thie new society. She haa-a-atudto in her bomc—J at Poplar Ave. Avoid eye injuries as well as hand; injuries. Children and adults should wear safety goggles to protect the eyes from flying bits of wood, nails or whatever. What would-be sailor "Soul catcher" by Prank -dudions of ' druyvttigs.

Electric heat GROWS Plant now for a warm winter here's something about sun- shine clean, sunshine warm elecme heat that spoils a person. You'll never again be satisfied with an outmoded fofisil fuel sys- tem. Electric heat is so quiet and even- temperatured you almost forget it's there. And, since you pay for it as part of your regular electric service; — at the lower end of Idaho Rower's St: Albert Allen, left, and Mrs.

The full-length opero-is-se3 for Nov. L a t ry Curtis is in chqrge. A slightly altered litu-ary schedule has been set for faQ ni i d winter. Fridays; and 9 —a. He is currently serving in- the U. Air Force, stationed in Texas. The couple was mafi'led in Newton, Kan. They have 14 grandchildren and 23 great-grandchildren. Kegistration should be completed before the Anthony ; Garfield; nrod.

Adult non-fiction includes O'D e U ' w a s a ' fa tni e i — and — a t t e n d t lie l e c e p tto ii T cattleman until his retirement Hansen club meets B. Various nredia wHl be explored including clay modeling; painting, drawing, printmaking and collage, with emphasis placed on self- expression at each child 's level. A wttddine shower at fhe Austen iHiHh. Idalio, ViJ-sbM, extension 'iuy. Over into quilts for the migrant camp. Articles should be brought to the Oct. Freida Owens and Mrs. Prizes were won by Mrs.

Earl Baker, Mrs, Austen' Mrs. So never sQltle for a dull diamond. A fine diamond Wi l l glowwil h f iie. To live up to youf IffetTrne love. AnlK iir"Salin Drapery Fabrio. Sunday Nonn till S. Satufday till 6 p. Sunday Noon lOf 5 p. S cari — Twin Fail ;. Stinday No6n Ifll 5 p. The ' faecembfer me eting yM. It will be at the home olJSra. Raymond Butler and Mrs. Don Rilborti and cards were signed for Mr. Melvin Switzer and J. The club will meet Oct. IS, Emmett Bauer, Mrs. Devem Fuller Is hostess Onb Thurday. The luncheon is set at" 7 J? Fvrs'h'ions for the entire f amity will be.

A while elephant will be charged for gdmissidn. Hill la the son of Mivand Mrs. Edward Hill, Twin Falls. The bride to be is a. Loren McQueen, 6 feet -three, and pounds. Is king of the mountains— 33 In fact. He erects radio antennas and then leases his lots to government agencies such as the highway patrol, the weather bureau and the Coast Guard.

IrKkslcrs in your family to a ll'alloween parly. B vitamins, xalnum, phniptinnix'and Uon. Ihcn Irl h i ni figure oirt the rest. A good Time to meet your own requirement is when most of the family is gone: Two' slices of liver sausage in your sand- wich will provide almost ont-lhud of the iron you need.

Oliserve Indian Summer by fea- turing com, the liidian's staple, in jj i sulumn-mchu. Bate at degrees f or 15 to 20 mimites. With strength selector, sfgnol light, pop- up basket. Model AP 7 99 rag. Itooster variety" heat se-, lector and regular color selector for;toasl! Bon Mar- che s. Eas- ily portable, 4 heat settings, large air volume, has own carrying case.

Row any texture hair con look the way it should. Lightweight, easy- to-use with. The Mustangs, ripped for two touchdowns In the first nine minutes by Boise, twice came from behind in the fourth period " to nail "down th'e upset. In that one,, he pitched out to Rich Bobbins who started wide, then threw Into the end zone where. Amos tucked It away. Boise jState looked like an easy winner in the first quarter. It took the opening kickoff and quickly polled downfield. With third and three at the Poly 14,.

Autele faked a back into the line and then hit Marshall for the Tbkichdown with 4: On the next play AutelelSassed to Riley for 17 yards and , the second score. UCLA scored in between the: But at the start of thfi second Labrador Christy brought them In. Nine minutes later, theJ3tli- xankfid Bruins put" on. Gorham kicking a yard, field. Johnson yards rushing for a UCLA single game record. The first three limes Arizona. Jieafl booted field goals "for Landry scooped up a fumbled Texas. The Junior slgnadl caller' also threw -a SS-yard touchdowii p'aas U Bill Berry only two mlnutas Into the second half and five minutes later scored himself on Cal Poly's control grew through the third period and on the last play Amos returned a BSC punt 27 yards to the Bfbnco The Mustanas struck, to the ground and plays later Thomas dived over the m iddl e for th e s econd Poly touchdown.

Larkin then made a fine one-on-one tackle to stop Thomas Juot-ahort of the end. McKlnney got 23 "yards and a first down at the Poly 23 and Stevens hit for four. But on the next play Wilson made his Interception and Bayard run to set up the last minute itrug'gle: He threw a yard pass to flanker Frank ll. Reggie Lecmard s'effriia b6th' Colorado State touchdowns on short runs. McAshan fought five yards for Tech's first touchdown late in the first quarter, breaking one tackle and falling over the ' end zone with two Tiger defenders holding on.

I really like it. I'm not really sure whether I'm in favor of Uor not. One thing I dolcnow.

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In his playoff against Murtaugh, Coach Matthews won both flips. He went different waygrThe' flrst jline ho chose. Murtaugh, without scoring In three downs, tried a field goal. It missed but- It gives one pausa to consider the disadvantages of having the ball first. Vou have to go for the six points and the- win — probaljly even the twP: Since superintendents hve in a little world untouched by everyone, includlng-school boards for the. Adarns completed 26 of 41 passes for the night for yards, but couldn't get the a r ew development In the Magic Valley Conference-Fifth District conference football playoffs.

TWi year everything appeared set for a replay. Then Idaho Stale had a new fiQe. Coach Johnson of Murtaugh llkea the system — but acknowledges the ramifications. Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen. Los Angeles Times Book Prize finalist. Gladstone History Book Award. The German Bestseller in the 20th Century. Lotharingen, Frankrijk Places by cover 1—7 of 66 next show all. Parent — not in English Common Knowledge. Annales de l'Est — not in English Common Knowledge. Hall — not in English Common Knowledge. Le Drame de Varennes, Juin Lenotre — not in English Common Knowledge. Field of Death by Lester M.

Schulman — not in English Common Knowledge. German Strategy and the Path to Verdun: Foley — not in English Common Knowledge. Im Zeichen der Muschel: Auf den Wegen der Jakobspilger. Hamiltonian Dynamical Systems And Applications. Halal Food, Fun And Laughter. Hafiz Al-asad Of Syria. Handbook Of Automotive Engineering Braess. Hand Deburring Increasing Shop Productivity. Half Life Problems With Answers. Halg2 Homework Answers Teacherweb.

Handbook Of Data Compression 5th Edition. Handbook Of Creativity 1st Edition. Halloween Worksheets For Kids Wallpapers. Hamlet Discussion Questions And Answers. Handbook Of Adhesion 2nd Edition. Handbook Of Effective Psychotherapy. Handbag Heaven Wholesale Jordans List. Handbook Of Batteries 3rd Edition Malestrom. Handbook For Indian Writers 1st Edition. Hamlet Lesson 6 Handout 12 Answers. Handbook Of Emotions, Third Edition. Hambley Electrical Engineering Solutions Manual. Hamilton Beach Scovill Food Processor. Handbook For Total Quality Assurance.

Halliday Physics Solutions Manual 9th. Handbook Of Aromatic Plants. Habitat And Niches Answers. Hades Lord Of The Dead. Hammond Power Solutions Distribution. Handbook For Today's Catholic Children. Handbook Of Cerebrovascular Diseases. Hand Pallet Truck Inspection. Hack Slash Omnibus Tim Seeley.

Handbook Of Antisocial Behavior. Hamlet Research Paper Example. Halliday And Resnick 9th Edition Solutions. Hadoop Essentials A Quantitative Approach. Half Broken Things Morag Joss. Handbook Of Chemical Process Development. Half The Human Experience 8th Edition. Hampson Electrical Trade Principles 3rd Edition.

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