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And I have 2 basic arguments for that.

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First, when in Rome. Imagine you are in the US of A and attending a sporting event.

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Almost certainly you too will rise and stand throughout the anthem. This when this is not your country and not your anthem. So basically patriotism is out of the picture. You do it because it is the process. If you can do it for a country which is not India, you can do it for India as well. Second, by casually not standing for the anthem you lose an opportunity to make a statement.

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This act of not standing for the anthem is powerful enough to make headlines worldwide and start a discussion. An acoustic section allows McIlrath to unleash his inner singer-songwriter, with stirring, slightly earnest anthems reminiscent of an American Noel Gallagher. Although punk is never short of straight edge — vegan singers who sing, shout and scream about the rights of both humans and animals — McIlrath is more philosophical than most.

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In song, he never lets up, raging about the planet on Ready to Fall and urging humans to control our baser urges in The Violence. Perhaps that young musician who just wanted to shout at the world about how he was feeling was on to something after all.

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    General Comment Yeah I love this song too. Although Anthems of Rebellion isn't as good as Wages of Sin.

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    Anyway, I think "Stereotype Fools Playing the game Nothing unique They all look the same" means the crappy music that's been playing everywhere in the world. Basically everything from MTV. And they all look the same..